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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 8, 2021

‘Old Man’ Winner!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the Winter Wonderland snow laden, cold, clear, calm, golden dawn glowing island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you, broadcasting once again LIVE from a postcard picture perfect Cape Cod Winter’s day, here on Ocean Street in lovely, historic Hyannis, after a healthy dose of “Old Man Winner”, proving that ‘global warming’ is a man made construct like ‘time’;


7 is a lucky number, especially for the NFL’s greatest quarterback of all time, Mr. Tom Brady, who just notched his 7th Super Bowl win in Super Bowl LV, and at the young age of 43, his eyes showing 7, he has a lot of football left to play. Congratulations Tom, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

Great performances, now lets all go to Disneyland and get our VAXX!

And how about that half time show huh?

Good wholesome family entertainment.  55 is the number of super bowls that have been played thus far in what could be called “America’s new past time”, and once upon a time half time shows had marching bands and perhaps a Neil Diamond, but who the hell was that guy singing? And what in God’s name was he actually saying, hard to concentrate with all the devils in the background playing satanic violins, in what looked like a city of isolated people all getting wasted on Bud Light, Jack Daniels, crack and Oxycontin!

“I loved you Man!”

What the…

Nothing to SEA here folks, just some good ‘ole fashion Illuminate symbolism, chalk full of devil white full on horror inducing zombies in red and black tuxedos!  Yikes! All centered around another man in a red and black glittering suit, “Abel Tesfaye”, prancing about looking into the camera with no ‘face mask’, yet all the crazy, perhaps a thousand, white full face masked dancers first meeting this mysterious ‘artist’ in some bizarre house of mirrors, bumping into each, with strange Luciferian Luciferance bioluminescence, hinting of mass masked CHAOS, confusion and culling, as the scene shifts to the stadium itself, filled to the brim with a few thousand real human spectators kept company by eerie cut outs of people whom will forever remain forgotten in this satanic show that never let up on the new normal up is down, down is up, good is bad;

bad is good group think.

The strange homage paid to our new dark lord and ’savior’ mirrored other Super Bowl half time shows of the past, only this ‘time’ it’s crescendo came when all the dummies dancing like devils in disguise fell to ground as if poisoned by something?

lying motionless on the field of battle,

dead as a doorknob…

Oy vey!

Perhaps my favorite Madison Avenue Wizard Ad this year were all the Bud Light beer bongs, indeed, that ever dumbing down of America, the alcohol push. Check out it’s newest gem, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, a tired old cliche and ‘group think yuppy land’s’ favorite new poison, to go along with the life saving “CON”VID-19(84) mRNA back door pathogen delivery system coming in the form of a tiny, high tech Frankenstein concoction, indeed that life threatening/ending jab.  Staying apart keeps US together! So grab a 30 pack of Bud Light, settle in with all your pals on Zoom and get ripped!

Stay in perpetual ignorance and FEAR! Keep grandma safe and stay at home, and please, stay drunk all the ‘time’,

…stay safe, stay sane, stay sanitized!

“Don’t think meat, it will just hurt the ball club”.

(credit: Kevin Costner in the 1988 film, “Bull Durham”)

That’ll show ‘em!

Go back to sleep sheep, we will give you some more circuses and cake soon, and before ‘the real’ big game we will ease up a bit before locking you down for another five years, but be good slaves and don’t complain, put on your three masks, get in line for your first deadly, DNA altering/destroying ADE high tech pathogen delivery system so that we turn you into a patented, owned and operated GMO baby!

Say it with me three times and then repeat, rinse and repeat…

“Transhumanism is awesome!”

I love this New World Order!

Because of these two major smokescreens (the fake ‘Rona and faux “climate change”), lockdowns have caused alcoholism to go through the roof, with suicides, drug overdoses and mass depression the ugly by products of Herr Klaus Schwab, “Davos, Switzerland’s Man About Town!”, and Company of ‘men behind the curtain’, via ‘zee World Economic Forum “New World Order” of wealthy Oligarchy.  Schwabby’s ‘COVID-19/The Great Reset’, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” books, to dovetail with the UN’s 17 ’sustainable’ development goals, blueprints to usher in of a top down, total lockstep, rule by the Elite.

A brutal technocracy, a corporatocracy, a CCP style communism for the masses, ruled with an iron AI mad “scientist” fist!

“Resistance is futile!”

“Seig Heil!”

George Orwell’s dystopian nightmare from his novel “1984” post WWII in 1949, not too long ago, coming to fruition right before our collective super bowl watching EYES!

Why did all the masked dancers in red and black satanic attire fall to the ground motionless at the end of this bizarre, disturbing, demonic demonstration of man’s greatness?

Was it designed to inspire hope?

Good Lord!


Have a powerful, pioneering, prosperous, insightful, peaceful, fulfilling, loving, laughing, light hearted week ahead folks, remembering that those in power are LYING to you and yours…

And certainly do not have your best interests in mind.

If Nazi, “90 proof”, Pelosi is out of booze, it’s best not to cross her, don’t mention her dentures and in the name of Lucifer, please never utter the name Trump, that will send her into a blind, raging tizzy you don’t want to witness, i assure you.


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