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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 11, 2013

October’s Red Dawning…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, breezy, rather mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Friday afternoon, ’round 1 p.m. eastern, the 11th day of October, 2013, Columbus Day week end, as most seasonal hot spots, including the dock here at the famous “Baxter’s Fish and Chips”, close for the season Monday night…not to worry, they will be back next spring!  Of course, this was not due to the government shut down, now in it’s 11th day of ‘operation’, as many are beginning to feel the pain of this manufactured nonsense brought to you by the Koch brothers’ influence (and other shady billionaire operatives) over 30 to 40 congressmen and women who represent the “tea party” nut job wing of the ever popular republican party whose approval rating hovers at an historic low, unprecedented low, of 28 percent.  Yes, that’s right!  28 percent! Couple that FACT with 70 percent of the American electorate frowning on this republican shut down of the federal government, hurting children, seniors, military personnel and their families, tourism and it’s economic boon to various private companies who service those folks in most regions of the country, via U.S. monuments, parks and seashores, along with countless other tales of hardship brought on by the furloughs of at least 800,000 federal workers from sea to shining sea.  The republican establishment seems to be running for the exit door when the word tea party is brought up.  Yes, there does seem to be a real shift happening as I write these very words.  Ironically, your friends and mine, billionaires David and Charles Koch, of Koch Industries are sailing a yacht as far from the shores of Senator Ted Cruz and the rest of the manufactured tea party (funded and secretly run by the Kochs who funnel monies into said ‘grassroots’ organization via fronts like “Americans for Prosperity” or “Freedom Works” to the tune of 236 million dollars just since the inauguration of President Barack Obama–January of this year–instructing their minions and puppets in congress to do what they ARE doing right now) as they can.  Noted publicly yesterday when granted an interview to Reuters, an exclusive interview, here on Cape Cod where they own a big ‘ole mansion(s) and lots of stuff!, “…..Ahhh, ummmmm, errrrrr, we here at Koch Industries know nothing of what you speak of when you say we would want to default on our national debt, and certainly embrace the fact that we can’t do a damn thing about “Obamacare”.  We did not instruct people like U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to, not to mention the other help, I mean, elected representatives from both the House and the Senate, yes, we did not instruct those good folks to effectively shut down the government and are quite outraged at the insinuation that we have.  I, David Koch, along with my brother Charles did not have secret meetings in Palm Springs early this year to do everything we could to defund and repeal every word of the Affordable Care Act, now a LAW, while simultaneously doing the same to the EPA, the Department of Education, the SEC and any other agency that stands in the way of OUR profits!  This all while we turn Social Security into a privatized system, gut Medicare and virtually eliminate Medicaid.  We will also, I mean we would not have been talking about ridding the “American People” of the S.N.A.P. program of food stamps, take away the W.I.C.K. program to feed underprivileged babies the nourishment they need, as well as any other government program (such as “Head Start” for kids). Never, ever, doing anything to hurt or disrupt programs designed to help the ‘least of US’.  All while embracing the new Citizens United 2.0 where our friends can donate as much money as they want to the candidate of their choice.  You know, my pals at the club(s) in Osterville, Palm Beach and Aspen.  We do have a heart you know!”    So as our plutocratic pals partake in staying out of the limelight, leaving that dirty job to their employees in the House and Senate, the stalemate continues with some light at the end of the tunnel as the markets force these clowns into submission before they push U.S. all over that fiscal cliff.  God help US for it is truly now a world economy as WE ALL begin to SEA we are in this together–from dollars and SENSE to the fragile climate that is not the property of Exxon-Mobile.  Although you would never know it as the big polluters continue to spew filth into the atmosphere, raking in record profits.  Indeed using said biosphere for a wide open toilet that is killing thousands of species of plant and animal, soon to be man, as the seas continue to rise… Fight back America! Don’t turn on FOX “NEWS”, side effects still include, but not limited to, brain damage, loss of vision, nausea, stupidity, ignorance, false sense of self, grandiosity, intolerance, bigotry and partial loss of the soul.  Have a nice week end folks and be safe out there ‘amongst the English! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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