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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 28, 2010

Ocean’s Innocence

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  A rather humid morning here on the Cape, as I just returned from Nantucket Sound and Dowses Beach, where the golden sand will be filled today with little ones, like the two you see above–the innocence of their being reflected in every wave, bird and dolphin swimming in the big, blue sea…  I pray you had a good week end, and with Monday arriving right “on time”, I thought I might share my experience yesterday combing through the Sunday news shows for information, any information, that may be worth writing down as it pertains to TRUTH and the reality of what is really going on in this crazy world of ours.  After watching, agonizingly watching, “This Week”, with Jake Tapper, slogging through the whole Afghanistan “issue”, as it has reached the level of “longest American war” and is now front and center in light of the recent McChrystal firing, with General Petraeus taking the reigns in what appears to be an unwinnable war.  Most of the show was dedicated to an interview with Leon Panetta, Director of the CIA, who tried to put the war in the “best light”, but failed to convince, selling a path that has no direction, unless lost is a direction.  Not one word was added during the show, with arch-conservative “pundit” George Will, giving his opinion on everything, but offering nothing (save on baseball and good grooming habits), about the horrific environmental crime of the millennium–the Deep Water Horizon (bp) explosion, sinking and subsequent gushing of millions of barrels of oil into one of the most pristine and fragile wet lands on planet earth… When Panetta was asked what is the most threatening, or biggest threat to the U.S., the CIA chief responded with, “nuclear proliferation and cyber attacks”–credible, but missing the real mark completely.  The biggest threat to mankind, his stewardship and responsibility, caring for MOTHER EARTH, is encapsulated in two little words that no one wants to utter–GLOBAL WARMING.  Just ask the folks at Virginia Beach, VA this past week end, they’ll tell YA!  Three straight days of 100 plus degree temperatures, too hot for even the beach.  Our vision in this country has become limited and foggy.  As special interests, i.e., multi-national corporations, gain even more foothold over common decency, common sense, a real protection of the common good, along with a common goal for all of mankind, you will begin to witness more “plutocratic” control over the “small” and insignificant “rabble” (credit to Mr. Potter-”It’s a wonderful Life”).  These scenes will play out and echo the sentiments of George Orwell, from his visionary film and cult classic, “1984″, where “citizens” live in constant fear of “big brother”, that increasingly is made up of a brutal corporate plutocracy fueled by eternal war, mind control, torture and the darkest of mankind’s intentions.  Again, not one word on the Gulf spill, not ONE WORD. Tuning to NBC around 10:30 a.m., EST, I turned on “Meet the Press”, as I always do on a lazy Sunday morning, hoping David Gregory would at least mention the Gulf “spill”–nothing to see here folks, only more talk about the war in Afghanistan with power brokers from the right including Tom Ricks, senior fellow at the “Center for a New American Security.”  Mr. Ricks was asked by Gregory, “when does the war in Afghanistan end?”  He responded, “I don’t think it does, we have landed in the middle of the middle east, for better or worse, like no one expected us to do (except Dick Cheney of course).  I think the war in Afghanistan was made much worse by the distracting war in Iraq that should have never happened.  But, ah, er, we are dealing with a phenomenon in the middle east that is going to be crucial to this country as long as we are dependent on middle east oil, so the best exit strategy I can think of is emphasize alternative fuels.”  He then received an Amen, literally, from the rest of the round table.  A first I assure you.  Now, if he can only get the rest of his right wing buddies to go along with that empirical common sense statement.  Ironic, is it not, that after watching 2 hours of prime time wrap up of the week’s news events, adding some critical thinking, along with a healthy dose of ego, we learned that the national (corporate owned) media is consumed by an illogical debate over a useless war (where we are putting our young men and women at risk), a war that was designed to begin with–KEEPING us in the middle east, strategically, for the grand chess game to come–a game called “peak oil”.  A deadly game, to be sure, of possession and defense of the dwindling supply of the world’s favorite source of energy–fossil fuel.  This fact is far more relevant to the discussion, if we are discussing the TRUTH.  It is more relevant than “fighting Al Qaida” (a tired old cliche based on less than one hundred, according to Panetta, members living in that country), and my favorite, “maintaining our national security”–at least for the politicians who are only interested in big oil.  This proven by their (p.o.h.n., “the party of hell no”, with the emphasis on “hell”) actions in the Gulf and the insanity of drilling before we know what we are doing to “The American People”, as they so often like to hear themselves say, and so really could care less about the “small people” that could be “attacked” by a country of cave dwellers who call themselves “Al Qaida”.  This is a smoke screen for the real reason we are in Afghanistan, for if we truly cared about our own people, we would sh#t can this war, pull our men and women out of harms way and place them on the Gulf where we could truly tackle this very real national emergency called the Deep Water Horizon oil “spill”, that is destroying the south land.  As even our “news” outlets fail to mention, NOT ONE SENTENCE, about this environmental catastrophe that big oil has inflicted upon our country, at least the TRUTH is out there… along with the Knowledge that something much greater than “man” is watching this on some “universal remote”–offering us clues through creative intelligence to save us from ourselves before it’s too late.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the people, sea creatures, Brown Pelicans and marsh lands therein….. May you have a blessed week!   Peace~M

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