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November 22, 2011

Ocean View Centerpiece

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, gorgeous island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the twenty-second day of November, 2011, a beauty on tap for New England all day, as the sun is out in full force with little to no wind, a far cry of what it will be like in the next forty eight hours, as a large low pressure system that is spinning out in the Midwest will eventually bring snows to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, with heavy rains hitting us down here on Cape Cod and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, just in time for turkey day, although, apart from traveling, is not really all that big a deal, it’s simply rain, a mere meteorological event…  The criticism of our police forces around the nation is now raining down from on high, as the backlash of what happened this past weekend on the University of California at Davis campus, where police in riot gear pepper sprayed, point blank, students who were as threatening as the kitty pictures this reporter tends to put on the site from time to time.  Lt. John Pike, of the U.C. Davis police brute brigade was the man, if you Google ‘UC Davis student pepper sprayed‘, who did most of the damage, as he boastfully, and bravely told a few of the students that if they did not move, he would, ‘kill them’, as he pointed a gun at one of their heads, a gun with rubber bullets in it, and then, according to a student eye witness, another officer said, ‘don’t worry about it, I’ll dust ‘em’, meaning, he would, as he did, take a large canister out, filled with the chemicals that blind, cause intense pain, and, sometimes, even death, point it directly at peaceful babies, and blast away, grinning while he is doing it, blasting away, sometimes from behind, literally painting the faces of these children some kind of orange color, going up and down the line, not once, not twice, but three times, hitting all of them with the spray again and again, leaving them all of their faces discolored as the police thugs arrested the students now screaming out in agony.  It was the single creepiest event thus far from all of the ‘Occupy’ footage this reporter has seen…absolutely HORRIFIC!!!  One of the students who was pepper sprayed appeared on ‘The ED SHOW’, only on MSNBC, last night, his name David Buscho, and he gave a detailed description of what I just relayed to you, offering chilling details of the nature of the officer and his almost uncanny like ‘duck to water’ take to the use of pepper spray, it was if he ENJOYED it.  Said Buscho, “I wish I could have asked him why he did it, I think we need a psychological analysis of this officer…” Nathan Brown, a U.C. Davis professor said this of the brave student protesters, ‘they are my heroes…’. According to Brown, this is nothing new, as in 2009, students were beaten, some badly by police, as they peacefully protested the continued tuition hikes that are crippling students with massive debt, debt they can’t repay because there are NO JOBS out there, thanks to the new global plutocratic economy that serves that one percent, while it takes a massive dump on the rest of the population.  The OCCUPY beat goes on… Meanwhile, back at the bat cave, I mean, back in Washington D.C., the ’super, duper, dumpster baby committee’ failed the American population, not a surprise, due mostly because of what Alan Simpson called, ‘the most powerful man in America today’, Grover Norquist and his blood pledge of ‘no new taxes…’, a pledge that keeps republican law makers in check, by gun point, disallowing any new taxes, and if they do, they will be primaried, but good, destroyed by the republican money machine, thanks to Citizens United, bringing down more good men and women who truly do want to make a difference in their communities, the country and the world at large.  It was comical this morning to get a read on the corporate owned airwaves, CURRENT TV excluded, and for the most part MSNBC as well, but when I heard the ‘phone it in’ Joe Scarborough, a host on “Morning Joe”, take on the failure of the debt committee to do anything, as they were steered way off track with most republicans thinking it was a ‘tax cutting committee’, to tackle our budget woes, moreover, when he began defending the ‘man with the plan’, and I quote Mr. Scarborough, ‘Grover Norquist is a straw man, he has no power…’ , this reporter was left speechless.  Now I know that Joe parties with Norquist on Nantucket, so it is not all that surprising he would defend his conservative pal on national television.  However, it takes something away from your ever growing credibility Joe, come on brother, you are better than that!  Grover Norquist has a different agenda than your average compassionate human being, namely to bring this country back, all the way back to the eighties, not the 1980’s, but the 1880’s, where women had little to NO rights, minorities were treated like scum, and the old people were (as Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said of Social Security, ’seniors were no longer left out in the cold’) left out in that cold, as in old Grover’s new old world, throwing those seniors back out into the snow bank, left to die alone, cold and without dignity.  If Grove had his way, there would be no Medicare for those seniors either, leaving them to the Emergency room for their high blood pressure medication?  No money for roads, bridges, high speed rail either, you can suck it China, we, the United States of Grover and the plutocrats he reports to, are heading back to the stone ages, where we drag our women around by the hair and carry around a big stick to pound our opponents to bits.  “Me John, big tree!” (credit the classic film, AIRPLANE!)  So the beat goes on, as we listen to ‘men’ like Newt Gingrich spew his many lies, looking more like Saruman from the J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy, “The Lord of the Rings”, where his voice, even though it seems plausible and non-threatening, is actually passive aggressive and mean spirited, filled with hypocrisy that rises up to Heaven and is rejected outright, leaving old Newt looking more like a washed up used car salesmen than a plausible candidate for the highest office in the land.  Last, but certainly not least, see that, I buried the lead, Keith Olbermann, of ‘Countdown, with Keith Olbermann’, airing every weeknight at eight p.m., EDT, only on, Current TV had, as his guest, none other than Debra Winger, the great actress, as well as the film maker Josh Fox, creator of an HBO original ‘Gas Land’, an enormously important film about the explosion of hydraulic fracturing of shale rock in 34 states now, soon to be at New York City’s doorstep, as Halliburton, Koch and the like have big plans for the Delaware River Gap, the Delaware River basin in particular, where a giant shale formation has been discovered.  However, the big plans to drill, baby drill have been put on hold, for the moment, as President Obama’s input may put it either out of reach for the giant polluters, or within, depending upon his mood I guess, come ON OBAMA!  It is rare that seacapecod.net gets ‘all up in your grill’, but seriously, like the XL Keystone Pipeline, the horrible tar sands from Canada project to doom our world, ‘if it goes through it’s lights out for the environment’ (credit every real, worth his or her salt, environmental scientist on the planet), yes, this Dick Cheney special (Google Halliburton loophole of 2005) will destroy our drinking water, our farmland, our wildlife and our people, as it is not safe, as advertised, and moreover, not regulated AT ALL, for the giant, powerful polluters won’t allow inspections, because the EPA is now toothless, of the over 596 deadly chemicals put into our MOTHER EARTH, with it’s impact on the environment being irreversible, meaning, our clean, GOD GIVEN water will be soiled forever, just so these a$$holes can make money off, hand over fist, off of raping and pillaging OUR lands, making everyone sick and dying in the process! This is an OUTRAGE and will not be tolerated! WAKE UP AMERICA! Please Google ‘Delaware River Basin’, and see what we are talking about here, please, New York City residents, do your part!  and God Bless you all~   Have a nice day folks, as I will return tomorrow, same bat time, same bat station, not to be confused with the bat $hit crazy stations all across the country carrying Rupert, ‘arrrrrrgggghhhhh matie’, Murdoch’s FOX NEWS’ flag, as they take one more dump on the collective ‘American people’s’ head.  We love you Mitch!!!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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