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April 25, 2012

Ocean Kayak

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, calm, cool island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Wednesday morning, the 25th day of April, 2012, another show stopper of a day on Cape, if you are into that whole 60 plus degree, sun splashed, little to no wind kind of beach day (with on one around), the perfect kind of day–so come on down and visit US, we will, as always, leave the LIGHT on for ya!  Yesterday, the republican nominee for the highest office in the land, Mitt Romney, solidified that assumption with primary wins in New York, Connecticut, Delaware and some other state no one is paying attention to, whereupon a little later on that evening he gave a ‘victory’ speech blasting our excellent President, employing a Yoda like jujitsu on a national stage using the words FAIRNESS and ‘the American People’ in the same sentence.  The job of republican strategists, such as Karl Rove of American Crossroads and Crossroads/GPS (GOP super pacs), is to confuse the American electorate at large by using their opponents strengths against them, ridiculously stating that President Barack Obama is somehow not the candidate who will bring real fair play into the equation, rather, it is he, Mitt Romney, that will, a neat trick that may just gain a few million of independents out there who are still on the fence as to who is truly working for ALL Americans and who is working for the .001 percent, the plutocrats who wish to bring this country back to the dark ages of the 19th century, where women had little to no rights, minorities were in the back of the bus and the concept of a feudal state of governance is not just another horrible movie trailer for some block buster coming out this summer.  Let US be clear about several issues right off the bat.  Number one, “President” Romney is the poster child of that .001 percent, or, if you please, several hundred individuals who will end up giving 80 percent of the billions that will go into this pivotal election.  Think about that for just one moment.  Do you really believe ‘ole Mitt is going to be FAIR and balanced, like his favorite news station FOX claims to be?  If you consider destroying our social safety nets, the department of education, critical women’s health programs such as Planned Parenthood, Wall Street reform (Dodd-Frank), the EPA (allowing big corporate polluters to continue raping and pillaging our natural resources for their PROFIT, while people by the score get sick and die, not to mention the abundant wildlife and plant life that adorns this great nation), head start for kids, ah, the list goes on infinitum, yes, if you consider all of that ‘fair play’, then Mitt is most definitely your man.  It stands to reason though.  For here in this day and age of greed, deception, fraud and a five minute attention spans, a candidate who flashes a resume (a private equity shark) like Romney’s will play well to those already wealthy, as well as those on the fence who watch propaganda ‘news’ stations like FOX; taking US back to the economic and international policies of then President George W. Bush–who ran this country into the ground–while our boys and girls in uniform bled on the streets of Baghdad and Kabul, fighting wars that made and make no sense for anyone involved…  Make no mistake about this slick republican offering, for Madison Avenue wizards are hard at work trying to pull that wool over ‘all of the people’s eyes’, and they will stop at nothing in this epic power struggle for controlling this nations’ vision for the future, leaving TRUTH at the door as they LIE and cheat to get what they really want–cheap labor, no regulations, and forced birth all in a rigged system from the Supreme Court, to the Congress and now, to the Executive, effectively putting that stake deep within the chest cavity of ‘the American People’; destroying the experiment of democracy with a little ‘d’ forever (credit Mitch, ‘are you sure you want to be a late night comic?’, McConnell, R-KY), leaving 311 million souls, less several thousand plutocrats, that much poorer, that much more confused and that much more disillusioned, as they, the .001 percent, laugh all the way to the bank, a bank they OWN as well.  Something stinks in Denmark alright and it is not that very likable President Barack Obama who visited the University of Colorado yesterday, visiting some of my old haunts, such as famous CU bar on ‘the hill’, ‘The Sink’, where a group of America’s future leaders make up their own minds about who champions FAIRNESS for all (in his heart) and who is full of proverbial, plutocratic horse$hit! Have a nice day folks and keep on dodging those wooden nickles offered from the likes of Rupert Murdoch’s, ‘arrrrghhhh matie’, News Corporation, an organization that prides itself on bribery, phone hacking and political manipulation of the highest order!   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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