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March 13, 2021

Nuremberg 2.0!

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen)

Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the windy, wild, wacky, clear, sunny, saturated island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a rare Saturday morning, The Thirteenth Day of March, 2021, cold air descending and very blustery on this little sand bar shaped like like a hook, an arm, an escape from the madness this world has devolved into…

Men and Women W.H.O. cannot, or willfully ignorantly, will not SEA the forest for the TREE…

Is this thing still on, we were LIVE?

I still gotta pee!


Mighty brotherly!

Sun blazing brightly outside this ‘humble’ ‘reporter’s’ window, with March’s wild temperature swings, it always was a volatile weather month of radical change.

Nothing new under the sun or to report on the fraudulent ‘presidency’ in rat infested ‘DC’, straight out of a comic book, what, with Nazi, “90 proof”, Pelosi, Chuck, “first we take Georgia, then we turn the world red”, Schumer, being the lead actors in this sick, twisted play that is now killing people for real with a cunning, slick, deceptive ADE backdoor pathogen delivery envelope, lo, a  Luciferance laced, nanobot led high tech medical procedure leaving more and more dead people every minute now in it’s evil, malicious, mad mRNA wake.

“My people suffer from lack of Knowledge”.


They sure do.

VAERS is an acronym I will leave you to look up for yourself.

It stands for vaccine adverse event reporting system, to wit less than 1% of ‘CON’VID-19(84) “vaccines” ADR’s are reported to this government agency, and for the governments sake, it’s a good thing that is so.

For the number of cardiac arrests following the Moderna, Pfizer ‘jab’ is sky rocketing world wide, especially in the U.S., indeed, young people, say 24 year old male, takes the Moderna first dose,

dead the next day.

The list is staggering and growing longer by the second.

“Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with Nature.”

(credit: Georgia Guidestones, “Kill” Gates, Father, ‘Fast Eddy’, Anthony Fauci, and many, many others to be named, identified and indicted with abhorrent crimes against humanity, all to be named at Nuremberg 2.0 baby!)

Yet, all one can do is shake their heads and pray.  For God gave us all free will, but most are easily fooled by what their five senses tell them, programmed from birth to OBEY AUTHORITY, follow ‘SCIENCE!’, and go to your grave like a good boy or girl, or whatever the insane ‘woke’ crowd of nut jobs call themselves these DAZE.

“Shana, they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into, I say,

let ‘em crash!”

(credit: a 1976 SNL ‘point/counter point’ skit)

Have a groovy week end folks, please keep calling your MOM and DAD, cause I lost mine both in 2019, cherish them, and please tune into FOX’ tonight for not only the fine Jesse Watters, one of the few remaining good men out there reading what he must on a script but going off the reservation often enough, that you still know there is a good man in that suit, not a robot , indeed join in for all the fun of the “Four Pillars of CONTROL, at 8 p.m. sharp, “Watters World”, followed up by “GUTFELD!”, whose new show debuts Monday night at 11 p.m., an evolution from tonight’s last Saturday 10 p.m. show to wit Greg promises a great one!  As this shameless plug is given freely from the heart, pro bono, offered with love and genuine concern for the fellow citizens of this once great, proud nation (only a year ago mate!), world and Universe at large, i.e. the CCP coup de tat in slow motion of the “United States” of America, Inc., (insolvent, bankrupt), one must conclude these two aforementioned television programs are worth a look SEA!

For there ain’t nothing else worth watching at that late hour on a mysterious big “Black Mirror” the kids call the “TV”!

It’s the way to be!


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