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November 25, 2013

November Chill

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sun drenched, frozen, now calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this November 25th, 2013, a Monday morning here on the east coast as the nation wakes up to Thanksgiving week and some rather nasty weather across the south, with that deep low pressure system taking aim at our shores soon; heavy rains expected for the busy holiday travel over the next few days.  Today the sun is out however and it is very, very cold, more like a January day, so the yo-yo pattern of our weather world wide continues… So do the politics.  On Friday it was announced U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry struck a tentative deal with Iran to eliminate enriched uranium needed to produce a nuclear bomb as well as daily inspections in exchange for the west’s easing of the crippling economic sanctions Iran has suffered through for the past decade or so.  The deal is limited in scope, extending out only six months, however, it brings US that much closer to a deal that would eliminate a nuclear threat from Iran, stabilizing the region and bringing the world closer to destroying all “weapons of mass destruction”.  Israel sees the deal as a mistake and so do many on the right “wingers” here in the U.S., but Kerry remains defiant, stating that this is a far better position to be in than doing nothing at all, leaving the Iranians more time to play with their centrifuges and enrich more uranium–getting that much closer to a weapon most of the world knows they should not possess.  We shall see what happens.  Of course, on the home front, the song remains the same, “defund Obamcare” and keep on obstructing at the detriment of our society as a whole.  But something happened this past 48 hours or so as well to perhaps change that up a bit.  Harry Reid, the majority leader in the U.S. Senate, hailing from the great state of Nevada, Searchlight, Nevada, elected to invoke the so called ‘nuclear option’, eliminating the filibuster (invoked roughly 168 times in our nation’s history, with 82 coming under the Obama Administration; originally used by the minority, now abused, in order to block bills and nominees, both judicial and executive) rule from the Senate, enraging republicans vowing revenge in the ‘next life’.  Now it only takes a majority on the floor and we shall see if this new rule makes it’s way down to ordinary bills that are meant to improve the American way of life for everyone, not just the chosen few, who, most of the time were not chosen at all, but were born into money and thus, it seems sworn to uphold.  I wonder what the word “Thanksgiving” means to a typical tea party republican?  Let’s take a gander into a random republican governor’s Thanksgiving day table as he bows his head and prays, “…dear little white baby Jesus, thank you for this food provided by ADM, supermarket to the world, as well as Monsanto, thank you for “fracking”, extolling natural gas via 596 deadly chemicals being poured into the earth in our state; even though it is poisoning the water and the air, giving people cancer, the money was just too good to pass up. Thank you for eliminating Planned Parenthood offices across the state, thank you for making global warming a big ‘ole hoax, as you steered that ‘twister away from my ranch.  Thank you for creating the tea party with all of it’s insanity and violent tendencies, it’s just what the doctor ordered for this no good, dead beat country of ours, with a bunch of those dead beats eating food and all from government handouts.  Thank you for the NRA and the plenitude of guns and ammo, not to mention all those violent video games the kids love so much.  And most of all I want to thank you for the gift of me not having a conscience and all, for my policies would be a little hard to swallow if I had one.  In your corporate name baby Jesus, Amen.”   Courtesy of Bill Maher, the great host of “Real Time, with Bill Maher”, only on HBO, I thought I would pass on some of his suggestions for the perfect reader on your Christmas list…such as Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing St. Nick”, Paula Deen’s “The Extremely White Christmas”, Chris Christie’s “12 Days of Thanksgiving”, the NSA’s “We See You When You Are Sleeping”, Mayor Rob Ford’s “Christmas is for sharing, so give me some of your crack”, Barack Obama’s “If you like your present, then you can keep your present”, Alec Baldwin’s “Merry Christmas, you c@ck sucking fa@got!, Holiday memories from a Long Island childhood”, John Boehner’s “The Little Drama Boy”, and George Zimmerman’s “There’s a suspicious person in my chimney.”  Have a great week folks and keep on praying for this country, for we should all be grateful that we still have some men and women in service who actually care about the BIG PICTURE, a picture that does not just involve the corporate bottom line as the Dow breaks another record…  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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