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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 10, 2010

North Truro Polar

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning, the tenth day of December, 2010, and as we look to the “NORTH STAR” for guidance, we can all take a deep breath and realize that this President of ours, Mr. Barack Obama, has struck the very best deal he could with a SYSTEM that is fatally flawed.  What else would you have done, save breaking down the entire corrupt tax code and start from scratch?  When we look at what is really happening here in the good ‘ole USA, we are living in denial if we don’t really SEE the major problems that are headed our way.  CLIMATE CHANGE being the largest and most evident.  As China, India, Brazil, Germany, Russia, among other progressive countries blow past us on all kinds of fronts, while we toil and whine about this or that, without getting to the guts of it, i.e. EDUCATION, we will watch as this great nation falls by the wayside and becomes just another stop on the corporate train ride to hell, as they continue to decimate and destroy the land, people, air, water, food supply and morality that WE have collectively fought for, for over 235 years.  WE as a people need to WAKE THE f#$k up and join in the ever growing chorus of discontent and disillusionment.  When the last Polar bear is gone, the gig is up, and, marking that with a quote by the late, great George Burns from the classic film with John Denver, “Oh God!”… “you want to try and make a fish, you can’t and when the last one is gone, it’s over, 86, over and out!”… you may get the point, or, you may just want to keep this in mind–that, being, the next time you hear a politician like our ‘pal’ James Inhofe of Oklahoma, famous for saying “global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the American People”, you might just want to take that brainwashing anti-venom, a anti-Kool Aid, if you will, for it may wake you and yours up to the fact that corporations are destroying this country, and indeed world, one soul at a time, all in the name of PROFIT OVER PEOPLE–not your people, theirs…the top one percent.  Have a nice day everybody!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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