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February 27, 2009

No Dogs Allowed

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The late great Charles Schultz made dogs even more lovable than they already are when he drew an animated special on Snoopy’s trip somewhere North, to the Yukon say, when he was looking for food and shelter.  The menacing sign looming in large black lettering above the door said, “No Dogs Allowed.”  I think about Charles all the time now, as I’m working with several publishers on my first novel, “Fog Happened–Nantucket”, coming soon to an independent book store in the New England area–perhaps even all the way to the west coast, who knows?  The characters in his comic strip the “Peanuts”, gives rise to all of the doubts and fears we all face as little children in this big bad world.  However, via dialogue that occurs between the characters like Linus and Charlie Brown seem to get through the red tape, that we adults have so much difficulty with, and find a common solution.  Schultz admitted that all of the characters in his comic strip were him, to some degree, and perhaps it was that honesty and humanNESS, that made him such a beloved artist. I know that’s why I loved him as a kid and still do.  I look at the challenges facing this country and I wonder what Charlie Brown would have done?  He Probably would have appointed Linus as the “decision maker”, although he would have undoubtedly felt uncomfortable with a title like that. Linus and the word ego were never synonymous. Snoopy would have been a good defense secretary, Lucy in state and Schroeder as the VP, a Bach playing VP.  The warring party, or the party that is in need of a good scrubbing, would attempt to slow down the progress of essential elements to a decent society, such as Health care and Education–the 2 most vital aspects of our nation,  The same people who exploit the uneducated, poor and ignorant and entice them to go to a foreign land to kill people that they have not even met and told that they are the “Enemy”, yes those same people want to deny even the poor boys and girls who fought that insane war the decent medical care that they deserve more than anyone in this country!  They also do not seem to think that anyone else who makes under a certain amount of money should have access to the most sophisticated and life saving medicine on the planet, leaving over 50 million of your neighbors without any kind of health care insurance.  I was inside the health care industry, for 17 years, at an executive level.  I worked in the John Hancock Tower for the largest brokerage firms in the world, the largest Marsh, Inc.  I got out in 2003 and yet I still feel the effects of the sickness that prevailed in most HMO’s, or health care maintenance organizations, or profit centers as I like to call them.  “Pre-existing conditions” is a list of any ailment that would put you on a denial list for health care and is standard for most insurance companies.  According to this list, no one would be covered, almost no one as the list continues to grow.  What puzzles me, with all of this dirty money passing hands in Washington DC, is why we must give another 20 billion on top of the 140 billion that we already gave one of these corrupt insurance companies, AIG.  AIG was one of the “insurance carriers” I used for my clients, ABC company, etc., and the one thing I noticed in my tenure with the industry was this constant fact–the promise that the premium would not go up would inevitably be followed up the next year with a 25% increase in their overall premiums.  With the financial industry being bailed out first, does it not follow that the help from said industry would begin to change it’s tune on univeral health care?  Who are these monsters in Washington who would put out an elderly woman on the streets of LA, after she was booted out of the UCLA medical center, one of the richest hospitals in the country, and leave her there in her hospital gown wandering around because she was so doped up, she was confused as to where she was…Before the English attained universal health care, they had some problems, but nothing like ours in the US.  This very bright man stated the obvious, “a dictatorship like the one in the US was built on 3 factors to make that so, number 1, keep the masses poor, the poorer the better, 2. Keep them in fear, use terrorism and other tactics to maintain a psychological threat, such as “terror alerts” and a constant bombardment of bad news by the corporate media, like my buddy Brian Williams who does the Spam commercials on NBC, and the final nail in the coffin is demoralization.  If you can effectively keep a country or a person for that matter, demoralized, in fear and poor, they will be so grateful for any minimum wage job and will not rock the boat with alot of free thinking, free thinking unfettered from the likes of Carl Rove and Dick Chenney, who dictated the agenda in this country for 8 long horrible years.  There is no denying the FACT that if the election had not been stolen by thugs and corrupt men at the top and Al Gore would have been our President for the past 8 years, there would have been no 911, no global financial meltdown and no one’s mom out on the street in Los Angeles, looking for someone to take her home.  If this country does nothing about healthcare, it is no longer a country, it is a company whose writing is already on the “Subway” walls.  Peace M

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