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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 9, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this glorious day here on Cape, as I just returned home from Dowses Beach to witness yet another incredible sunrise.  You know that feeling of anticipation, as the orange glow begins to grow brighter, emerging from the darkness of pre-dawn purples and deep blues, until the sun begins to peak over the horizon, and as soon as it does, it seems to rise rather quickly into the sky.  Proving that the old saying is true–it’s always the darkest right before the dawn… That is where we all are in this “here country of ours”, sitting in the darkness of the purple and deep blue light, “Waiting for Superman”, and as we listen to the politicians mostly LIE about where they wish to take this country, back to the stone age policies of George W. Bush and his boss, “Dick” Cheney and the corporate puppet masters therein, we all wonder what the November election results will bring.  For if the republican tea party gains control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate, we will see a dismantling of social programs, passed with the blood, sweat and tears of previous leaders coursing back to 1939, a continued push for deregulation and the complete takeover of this country for the exclusive benefit of multi-national corporations and the “owners” of “small businesses”, you know the small businesses that John, “billy bob”, Boehner (R-OH) works so hard at defending, those “small corporations” include Koch Industries, the Chicago Tribune and Bechtel Corporation, multi-billion dollar companies that, because of yet another loop hole in the tax code, designed to reward the rich, are defined as “pass through” companies allowing them to gain a tax status as a small business, they call “S corporations”, while the billionaire “owners”, (S Corps defined by how many owners they do have), avoid U.S. taxes by shifting their wealth to off shore accounts–this all happening simultaneously with the U.S Chamber of Commerce squashing the real small businesses out there by soliciting foreign funds to keep the plutocratic machine running full tilt.  Meanwhile, the hypocritical republicans continue to stonewall real small business loans, along with a bill to provide write offs of 100 percent for research and development/building of new plants that, because of their favorite word, “no”, has stalled in congress, all while, astoundingly, stumping on the campaign trails, “that they are FOR small businesses” and the creation of “new jobs”, really?–the question is what small businesses are they speaking of?  Anyone with half a brain can see where this is all going.  The RTP, and more to the point, their handlers, the multi-national corporations, the real “man behind the curtain”, do not want the United States of America, it’s people, animals or even it’s precious wilderness, to succeed.  Their main reason for a “limited government” is to limit taxes for the wealthiest among us and to make corporations feel more comfortable doing business (taxes, regulation) with the few elite that still DO business, and if you are on the outside of that equation, you are out of luck.  For the best example that I can think of when it comes to this ‘David and Goliath’ fight on our hands, real US small business vs. multi-national slave owners, is the case of Walmart and how that horror show of a company single handily took the small mom and pop stores all over this country and threw them in the dumpster.  Now, we live with that horrible advertisement in our collective heads, “Live better, Walmart”…tell that to the millions of small business owners in between Lexington, Kentucky and Newport Beach, California, or Bar Harbor, Maine to Northville, Michigan where they cannot afford to stay in business when competing with a company that is deep in the covers with Chinese manufacturers’ selling products that Americans don’t need, yet are forced into buying via the constant barrage of commercial brainwashing and the fact that they can’t get their basic supplies from anywhere else, you know, from their neighbor who happens to own the local grocery store whose sales help that local economy, helping the overall economy and so on.  The bottom line is that the republicans, the republican “hell no” tea party, with the emphasis on the word hell, or just as$holes in cheap suits, have no intention of helping the 300 million “American People”, well, not all of them anyway, 98 percent of them being “out of the Halliburton loophole”, as they continue to parade around as the heroes of said “American People”, all while they scheme behind their backs, making deals with the once honorable US Chamber of Commerce, who used to care about the little guy, who in turn, makes deals with Bahrain, China and Russia, gaining millions of dollars that they can use for political ads, swaying campaigns and thus, buy the elections and the result of what they are after, all brought to you buy a suspect US Supreme Court, the Roberts court, who opened up Pandora’s box with the Citizens United ruling in January that allows corporations, even foreign ones it turns out, to contribute unlimited amounts of cash into those campaigns, effectively “big-footing” the competition.  You know that commercial where various campers “mess with bigfoot”?  Well, that is what we need right now, a grouping of powerful citizens in this country who KNOW what is going on and begin the process of messing with the Sasquatches big time–calling them out on ALL of their hypocritical bull$hit–Sasquatches like Boehner, McConnell, Palin, Miller, “Angle”, O’Donnell, and the most recent Jackass of the month, Art, “I’m a fine scientist”, Robinson, a man who is running for a congressional seat in the state of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon to be precise.  This guy was on the Rachel Maddow Show, airing every week night at 9 and midnight, EST, only on MSNBC, recently and as I listened to his “angry old man yelling at cloud” banter, claiming that global warming is a hoax, just like our pal James, “she’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes” Inhofe (R-OK) who once said not too long ago that, “global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the American people,” I realized that WE have been, just as Rachel was banging her head on her desk DURING the interview, we have been banging our head against a wall of ignorance, flat out stupidity and arrogance, coupled with a lust for power and money, that defines these “politicians” from the now far right wing (nut) extremism that they REALLY ARE.  Make no mistake about it, if you are not part of a country club, own a boat or own a multi-million dollar home, you and your family are not welcome to the party.  The republicans have made their deal with the devil and their time of reckoning with the man they claim as their own, Jesus Christ, is nigh.  So, sit back and enjoy the show, don’t worry about these scumbags, men like Boehner and McConnell, the “tiny minded wipers of other peoples” bottoms (a.k.a. Koch industries and the like), credit Monty Python’s Flying Circus, for, as John Lennon once said, “time wounds all heels.”  Have a wonderful day everyone!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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