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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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August 22, 2014

–New (soft & dirty) Money–

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again sunny, comfortable and very stylish island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Friday morning, 7 a.m. sharp, the 22nd day of August, 2014, just returning from a kayak trip to Hyannis Port’s marsh lands, as the sun just began to rise over the myriad of American flags that dot this grand landscape, one that should be seen before it is all under water, say, 100 years from now…

But what does that matter to ‘the Brother’s Koch‘? Not to be confused with “The Brother’s Grimm” who brought fear to the hearts of young children back in the 19th century with tales of witches luring youngsters into her ‘gingerbread’ house with ’shiny objects’ and highly processed “food”, devoid of that FACT she planned to bake them into a pie!  The new powerful soft money being poured into the upcoming Midterm U.S. elections this year, pivotal to keeping this 238 year old experiment of a real democracy alive one more century, has replaced the old local, state and federal political parties/powers, as plutocrats like David and Charles Koch of Koch Industries, ‘bringing you earth killing chemical pollution since 1927′ introduce–via their new recruits, young “volunteers”–POLICIES designed to keep the status quo alive and well.  Lo, to increase their hold on the process of making laws in this nation and thus controlling the POWER over the people and her will, “…can someone say Americans for the KOCH BROTHERS’ Prosperity? Sure, I knew that you could!”.

That’s right Fred Rogers it ain’t your neighborhood anymore, them Koch boys have done bought up all the land and put up fracking wells, who else do you have on the show today?  “Well, we were going to talk to the Koch Brother’s about all of those chemicals in the fracking process, along with all of the other pollution for profit policies, but they informed me that I should just stay in ‘the magic kingdom’ because clean air, water and soil in the new United States of ExxonMobil (please Google ‘The Heartland Institute’ and ‘Americans for Prosperity’), is going to be in short supply soon, so Fred, you and your show are best served by keeping your mouth shut.”

In fact, why don’t we all just watch some more mind numbing and rather  patronizing/insulting ABC News, with Diane Sawyer? Yes, by all means, let US get brainwashed and fooled (”…fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, well, you, ah, um, well, you just can’t get fooled again…”, credit the deep, devout 43rd President of the United States of America, George W. Bush), all over again regarding the Middle East.  In particular, Iraq, yes that Iraq!  For the LOVE of GOD, let us jump right back into that 2003 nightmare–coming in the form of an ISIL trap.

Mission Creep combined with the Military Industrial Complex, (President Eisenhower warned us of 54 years ago), is all I need today, what’s that?  There’s more?  Diane is going to tell us all about the Ebola outbreak? Installing that fear as we go to commercial break?  That’s right, we are going to make you sit through one Madison Avenue wizardry trick after another!  Lot of bright and confusing lights, really loud, hypnotic, creepy music, sexual innuendo and just a touch of COPD to ‘make you think’.  Honey, could you turn the TV off for a moment?  I think I am going to throw up.  I feel really nauseous, in fact, I haven’t felt this bad since I watched that Ronald Reagan film (credit the classic film, circa 1980, “Airplane”, starring the late, great Lloyd Bridges).  Horrible chemical Ads, mostly about erectile dysfunction and pain relievers, enough to make the movie, circa 1971, “Clockwork Orange” blush.  “Turn it off!  Turn it off!  I can’t take any more!!“…

Back to the ’show’, Diane is now speaking of that ugly protesting going on in Ferguson, Missouri, but now that Attorney General Eric Holder is on the case, I am sure St. Louis prosecutor Robert McCulloch will do the right thing and recuse himself from the Michael Brown murder trial.  I am sure the Larry Hagman double–who recently acquitted some of Ferguson’s ‘finest’ (Ferguson Police Department shot two men to death in a park recently, killing them, with McCulloch dismissing the whole thing because they were, in his words, ‘bums’), not to mention he is tied in, with blood, to the police department–will take this case on and muck it up.  But that is good news for ABC, CBC and NBC, plus PBS, FOX, BBC, AJ, CNN and even RT, ’cause everyone likes a good RIOT when they acquit this officer who shot and brutally killed an unarmed 18 year old African-American boy, one pleading for his life with his hands in the air.  Shooting him in the light of DAY to death, some would say, in cold blood…  And here’s Tom with the (new normal segment on extreme) weather!

Well, at least it’s Friday and this is not Russia, is this Russia Danny?  I hope you and yours have a great week end, and remember the good things in life!   Like Diane telling that wonderful story about a dog who surfs, makes his owner breakfast in bed, does the dishes, and the laundry, you betcha!  That’s right, he takes the kids to school and still has time to volunteer down at ‘the old folks home’, offering solace and deep mediation in a crazy, insane, madcap world we all share.  Woof! Knowing that in REALITY the world really is my family and maybe if we all knew that, we would not treat each other so poorly.  But then again, have you ever met some of these Irish families in South Boston?  They don’t seem like they like each other any more than do the Israelis and Palestinians…  Stay safe and get out there–Cape Cod and the Islands! Smell the Rugosa Roses! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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