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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 7, 2012

New Hampshire’s Ocean Neighbor

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rather warm, sunny, calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Saturday morning, the seventh day of January, 2012, another beautiful one on Cape, experiencing a sunrise only moments ago as the stars faded away for another day, giving way to the clarity of the sun rising over Cotuit Bay, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’… Of course, this image, as with most of life, is only partially ‘real’, for today, in early January, there will be no snow of any kind, nor temperatures to warrant it, and as the Antarctic ice sheets continue to disappear from the face of planet earth, popping the cork as it were, allowing for the ancient glaciers to pass on into the relatively warm open ocean, a process that is being repeated all over the planet, from Greenland to the Polar Ice Caps, with every glacier now slipping away into oblivion, even in the high Himalayas, as the world’s natural air conditioner, ICE, is melting faster than Frosty the Snowman in a hot house, begging the question, ‘what are these clowns going to be talking about tonight at the next’, number 47 I believe, ‘republican nationally televised debate anyhow?’.  When Rick Santorum wants to get real about Jesus and his teachings, he can pick up a copy of “A Course in Miracles” and get to work (although he may want to quit his day job of being a rodeo clown puppet for the plutocratic cause of PROFIT OVER PEOPLE, because to read and apply that KNOWLEDGE might put a crimp in his political aspirations), short of that, why don’t you shut it! Put a lid on your empty hor$eshit rhetoric as you take Jesus’ words out of context for political gain–it is sickening, as you spit on the poor and promote evil plutocratic intentions DESIGNED to exploit the very people JESUS would have you SAVE Rick!  Yes, as they all jockey over one another to see who is more to the right of the ghost of Ronald Reagan himself, for that ghost is a fiction of what Reagan would have stood for in this ‘day and age’, thus, like the Bible itself, his words, or ‘our’ assumption of what he would or would not have done in any number of hypothetical situations…, are manipulated to meet the political need, political expedience at it’s best, therefore newly reinterpreted and used as a weapon of sorts, a weapon of the mind, used by the ‘powers that be’, at this moment in ‘time’, using as they (the one percent) see fit, thus govern accordingly.  In this example of 2012, the ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ wishes to take back the country to the year 1888, the gilded age, where women had next to no rights, slavery was abolished but we still had Jim Crow, sexual orientation was not even on the radar screen, and older Americans were “left, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt put it, or rather put an end to ‘it’, “out in the cold”… Is that what this country really wants?  Rather, do 99 percent of ‘the American People’ want that?  (credit republican talking point #4007 to our friend in the Senate, Mitch, “I just gotta be me”, McConnell, hailing from the great state of Kentucky).  The power of the corporate owned airwaves, coupled with massive amounts of cash/capital coming into the election cycle from anonymous sources, via ’super pacs’, or ‘political action committees’, thanks to the 2010 Citizens United case, could spell doom for the United States of America as we know it today.  For it will be making those corporations as powerful as people, strike that, much, much, much more powerful than one mere mortal, as they can wield these vast fortunes far and wide, influencing as they go, spreading their lies and saturating what people see, hear, and feel on televisions and radios that they are engaged with, not to mention other wireless devices, seemingly 24/7, giving the republican strategists, and the plutocrats who hire them, I’m lookin’ at you David Koch!, a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE to mold in any way they desire, creating an ignorant, fearful, broke, hungry, unhealthy, overweight, angry, misinformed, and much maligned general electorate, who are, ‘mad as hell’ (at somebody, to whom ‘Crossroads/GPS’, ironically named I know, will tell them who to be ‘mad at’, and ‘who to vote for’, closing the loop) brainwashing their audiences on say a Fox News to take it out on the Kenyan born, socialist who wishes to put US all in Sharia law or some other such NONSENSE–yes, the power of those corporate owned airwaves is no laughing matter and should be closely examined in the near future, should this country wish to remain a democracy.  Par for the course, really, a few wrinkles here, a few wrinkles there, but truly still on course for putting perhaps the greatest ‘rep’ corporate America has ever seen in the Oval Office in 2012 (God Forbid), next to Ronald Reagan of course.  Yes, that’s right folks, don’t be shy, let’s give it up tonight, and tomorrow morning on MSNBC, good luck stormin’ the castle boys!, (credit Billy Crystal and the classic film, ‘The Princess Bride), for the man of the hour, Mr. One Percent himself (to wit he takes great pride in, modestly stating ‘he is not Mr. One percent, he’s unemployed!’ What a nut! Kooky kid!), the man who needs no introduction, the man without a country, so to speak, or at least the man without a permanent mailing address because he can’t find the keys to the winter house in Maui, let’s give a warm granite state welcome as we give it up for, Mitt, “corporations are people too, my friend”, Romney!  The new front runner (odds on Irish betting darling to win the nomination, but lose the general) is well hated by Newt, Perry, Santorum, Huntsman (I thought he said they were friends on Facebook?, awkward!) and most of the red meat tea party crowd out there, so we will all be watching, simultaneously wondering where we could purchase a groovy polo plaid, like that smock you have been sporting all year now… like the concept of you being President, that shirt don’t fit, nor does it even look good on you!  Go back to what you are comfortable with, $5000 dollar suits and buying companies so as to break them up for profit–pure capitalism. Have a nice day folks and keep on duckin’ those wooden nickles being flung around by that old scallywag Rupert, arrrrrgggghhhhhh matie!, Murdoch and the screwy crew over at FOX ‘NEWS’ (cameramen, lighting, union guys excluded of course)… Hey Rupurt!  Blackbeard called and needs not only his eye patch back, but also wishes to dissolve the contract you and he had, also, he wants his chest of treasure back as well.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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