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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 25, 2010

New England Cathedral

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On a beautiful foggy morning here on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, I bid you a fair adieu.  We are expecting some rain here, although not as severe as the storms that hit the south yesterday with tornadoes touching down across a wide swath.  It is only April, we should not be experiencing tornadoes this early in the year–can you say, “Global warming is a hoax?”…  On this Sunday, we have a whole host of issues, none more prominent in the short or long term than the very fabric of our nation–the right to BE.  In Arizona, a state that I have visited many times, the Governor decided Friday to sign into law the toughest “immigration” bill ever to see the light of day. The light of day it will see, through the eyes of the world.  Police have been given carte blanche to, dare I say, interrogate anyone who may “look” like an illegal immigrant.  LOOK LIKE AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, or as the “powers that be” like to put it, an illegal alien.  Yes, those dangerous illegal aliens!  Yes, by all means, let us put our “law enforcement” team together and stomp out the people who pick our food, pay taxes as consumers, and generally follow the letter of the law as they try, just like you and me, to raise their children in a better place from which they came from.  Law enforcement officers are not necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed, and to give them the authority to “look” for people who may not belong in the great state of Arizona is folly.  The good Governor was asked the simple question on Friday, “what does an illegal alien look like?”  She had no response to that question, other than to laugh out loud at the absurdity that she created–for no one in their right mind would have a real answer to that question.  It begs yet another question, if the “powers that be” do not know what an illegal alien looks like, then how can a dim witted municipal officer of the “law” know, and further, what will he do about it when his immense mental faculties decide that, yes, that grouping of men who are looking for work on the side of a street corner are indeed, dangerous illegal aliens?  This new absurdity, that has left yet another mark of intolerance on our national psyche, will offer more problems than solutions and act as a platform for which racism can become the norm once again, as opposed to an isolated problem of exception.  In the state of Arizona, 25 percent of the population is Hispanic.  25 percent!  The good Governor was quick to point out that racial profiling is illegal in the United States of America, and this new law is only designed to keep the true illegals out.  Bulls%$t!  This is another example of muddying the waters with lies and fear, mixed in with intrinsic hate and racism.  Battle lines are being drawn in this country at a time when we should be coming together in gratitude and grace, tackling the real problems that we face– climate change, real financial reform, creating new sources of energy (non-fossil fuel energy), true immigration reform, and re-booting the economy of our hobbled country.  The P.O.N.’s strategy is to bring down the United States as we know it today, limit speech to keep the masses in line, create a barter system (that may or may not involve chicken McNuggets), and most of all to keep the current trend towards corporate plutocracy alive and well.  Oligarchies come and go, as we saw with Russia in 1918 and the fall of the Russian Czars, who had created an oligarchy to themselves.  The very nature of an oligarchy was the premise for the Revolutionary War to begin with–the struggle against a foreign oppressor, the struggle against TYRANNY! In this instance, however, the oppressor is the very powerful “party of no”, who, along with their corporate masters, have designed smoke and mirrors, much like the “Wizard of Oz”, who shouted at Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion– “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” In the case of the United States of America in the year 2010, at least half of the electorate has complied with this wish, be it out of ignorant loyalty to a cause that does not exist for them in reality, or out of a general fear of these forces, or worse yet, out of a backwards way of thinking that has been passed down to them through their own genetic connections–ignorance breeding ignorance.  The way the P.O.N. has accomplished this is through the air waves, the corporate owed air waves, who censor anything that may look like the truth and thus, preserve the lies that are told on behalf of the corporate puppet masters.  The second, and perhaps, most sadistic method has been through the systematic take down of the financial sector, where fraud has become the “way of doing business”– with firms like Goldman Sachs getting in bed with scum bags like John Paulson (the “king” of hedge funds) and creating mortgage backed securities that were designed to fail.  This all happening while Goldman’s stooge rating agencies, like Moody’s (once a respected ratings agency), giving these dogs a triple A rating, thus, manipulating investors into a false sense of security about their investment, having no idea that the whole thing was a big scam, a deliberate scam–hence the word FRAUD! The Obama administration is not using the word fraud and that is unfortunate, for without repercussions for these acts of clear criminality, there will be further financial meltdowns that will affect not only this county, but the world.  It is not clear to me why so many of Bush’s point men in this area are still on the pay roll at the White House– is it to keep the current system of corruption in place?  More on that later, but for now, be assured that the only difference between a poor immigrant from the burros of Mexico and a top flight crook from Wall Street is smell–one smells of honesty and one smells of the devil himself.  Have a blessed Sunday everybody!  Peace~ M

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