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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 30, 2010

New England Beauty

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket!  The sun rise this morning at Dowses Beach was pure, without any influence from moisture suspended in the sky, with temperatures expected in the upper 50’s to near 60 today…book your tickets NOW!  I’m so grateful, sometimes, that I am not a Senator in Washington D.C. these days, as the ugliness continues with two major influences showing their ugly heads on this Friday, the thirtieth day of April, 2010–namely, greed and hate.  When you boil it down to these two of the lowest emotional states the human being endures on this little blue rock called earth, everything becomes perfectly clear and manageable.  Wall Street has become a cliche for the former, as business as it once was done has now become a wild west show, where the quickest survive and the hell with the rest.  It has become so hard wired, the system has taken over most minds and hearts who work on that dark street.  The pressure from the industry, peers and the bosses that control the gambling, forces unsuspecting pawns to fall prey to the will of the master, thus, continuing the fleecing of the American tax payer.  The latter emotion, hate, is represented in the successful campaign of the strategists, who work for the P.O.N. and Casino bosses, to employ the downturn in the economy as a weapon against anyone who disagrees with their positions.  This is embodied quite well in the state of Arizona, and soon to be Utah, Ohio and Texas, where an outrageous law has been implemented that is nothing short of racial profiling, regardless of what the mentally challenged P.O.N. dresses it up as…  These two strong emotions of greed and hate have been employed throughout mankind’s existence on planet earth and the sad thing is, that the people who are the most worked up about it are angry at the wrong people– exactly as the Republican strategists planned.  Like a chess game, the evil geniuses at work here are at least 5 steps ahead of the “talking points” of both the right and the left, although the talking points on the left are merely mirrors to the truth on the ground, and, thus, “banking” on the short attention span of the electorate.  Their ability to manipulate the angriest of mobs much better than their “socialist” counterparts, the P.O.N. has placed themselves in a position to solidify these emotions for at least the short term, with the ultimate prize being the destruction of the real America and replacing it with a poultry barter system, steeped in the tradition of plutocracy and modeled after the Oligarchies of old.  Don’t believe me?  Take a hard look at the amount of money that funnels into the coffers of the P.O.N., not directly, but through carefully set up channels that the general public would be hard pressed to see the inherent CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Make no mistake, the P.O.N. is not of the spirit of the United States of America, rather a virus that has infected it…  Stay tuned, a distant light will shine on the horizon…  Have a wonderful week end folks!         Peace~ M

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