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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 23, 2010

New Dawn

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On a very early morning down at Dowses Beach, here in Osterville, Massachusetts, I bid you a fair adieu.  The weather is turning stormy within a few hours on the Cape and Islands, with snow, sleet and rain expected in the region for the next few days.  With the upcoming health care forum on the 25th, taking place at the White House, I thought you might like to see the Light before the waters of Washington D.C. become even muddier than they already are.  Let’s be clear about a few things regarding this “summit”… First, the “party of NO” only agreed to meet with President Obama because to not do so would hurt their chances in the upcoming fall elections.  There is no desire to accomplish anything regarding substantial health care reform because the “party of NO” does not care about the masses, they only pretend to care during campaigns that will now be funded by shadow corporate sponsorships.  The “big government” that they are so opposed to and that their “grandchildren” will be victimized by, is a shell game designed to confuse the electorate, fueled by their anger, harnessed by the GOP, and if successful, will create an even bigger government that has nothing to do with health and human services, food programs or education, music and the arts…no, this new government will be designed to keep true government agency heroes at bay.  Such as the CFTC, Commodities Futures Trade Commission, a little known entity that brought to light the culprit of the financial meltdown of 2008 way back in 1999 when Brooksley Born, the commissioner of the CFTC, went toe-to-toe with the big guys at the time, Alan Greenspan (Fed Chairman), Mr. Ruben (CEO of Goldman Sachs) and the pit bull of the group and current Cabinet member Larry Summers.  Born called out the corruption that was occurring on Wall Street, via, the then, little known financial instruments known as derivatives.  LTCM, a hedge fund for all intents and purposes, was going under in 1999 and the banks bailed the company out to the tune of 3 billion dollars.  This was the writing on the wall, so to speak.  What Born did not know at that time, was the ferocity that these titans of industry would wield and it was not long before they shut her “nosiness” down.  Even now, we have made NO progress in regulating these practices on Wall Street and with the now limitless amount of monies that will pour into Washington campaign coffers (thanks to the true nature of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts), it seems the likelihood of bank reform in Washington D.C., much like the health care issue, will fall by the wayside.  The corruption in our nation’s Capitol is unprecedented, secretive, bought and paid for…  The only one who can save us now is Superman!  All kidding aside, it will take an act of providence to take back our democracy from the wolves.  Strike that analogy… Wolves are a far superior being than the men of Wall Street.  Have a nice Tuesday folks!  Peace~ M

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