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March 11, 2011

Nature’s Power

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Very good to be with you on this Friday morning here in Osterville, a foggy morning at that, as it has been quite a busy 24 hour period in the world.  We have witnessed the rat race taking a turn for the worse, with “Governor” Scott Walker pulling that SCAM on the people of Wisconsin, or rather his employers, the Koch brothers and their friends, that, like the Tsunami that just hit northern Japan at 2:46 p.m. Tokyo time yesterday, the middle of the night for us here on the east coast of America, a 8.9 quake, will spread pain and suffering (”shared sacrifice”) to 98 percent of the “American People”, exactly what the republican puppets wanted all along–to strip common Americans of their basic human rights, bringing them one step closer to slavery.  It is so sickening that I don’t have the stomach for it this morning.  The quake that struck Japan however, is something that will grasp the world’s attention today.  Footage from the air revealed Sendai airport inundated with a wall of water that looked as if someone filled up a bathtub and forgot to pull the plug.  Other disturbing images were of cars, boats, houses and anything you can think of being swept away under the enormous pressure of the wall of water, estimates of 10 meters high, that struck the coast directly after the quake hit.  Reports of 44 people losing their lives is the current death toll, with those numbers expected to rise as the towns and villages to the north of Tokyo are assessed, for that is where the worst of the Tsunami’s power was felt.  Smaller pacific islands to the east of Japan are bracing for the worst, as their coast line is already at risk due to rising sea levels, due to global warming, or climate change if you are one of those idiots who don’t believe in SCIENCE, or the bloody truth, as they will most likely be swept away into the sea.  May GOD be with all of our brothers and sisters of Japan and the region, with the hope that the rest of humanity on this little blue rock called earth step up to the plate and provide some relief and comfort.  I will say this about all of the greed and horror REPUBLICORP and it’s key members have wrought on this land, our land, the United States of America–there is a reckoning coming, and it won’t be pretty.  The days of plundering the earth and enslaving it’s people by corrupt and evil multinational corporations will end, maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon, and those who, and you know who you are, those who have destroyed this EARTH, it’s people, it’s animal kingdom and the rich plant life that sustains LIFE itself on this planet, not to mention our all important atmosphere, will be JUDGED accordingly–mark my words, or better yet, read your BIBLE, especially the words of Jesus Christ himself…MARK HIS–the man you all seem to have a real good beat on, a “personal relationship” with.  Your hypocrisy, like the cars and boats being tossed around like toys in the sea of Japan, will be useless against what is to come and your lying lips will feel a sting of JUSTICE that you, or your kind, have never felt before….it is written and it is SO. Have a nice week end folks and may GOD’S continued speed be offered to those brave souls coined “The WISCONSIN 14!”, along with the rest of the good people of Wisconsin, perhaps the only good that has come out of your struggle is the fact that middle America, along with the rest of the nation and world, now KNOWS who the republican party stands with and who it does not–namely, the corporations and the people respectively.   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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