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October 26, 2011

Nantucket’s Sound…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the twenty-sixth day of October, 2011, another beauty, as evidenced by the image you see above you, the glorious Nantucket Sound that buffers the southern coast of Cape Cod from the sometimes brutal force of the open Atlantic, whose angry seas can batter the shore and the people that live there from ‘time’ to ‘time’… It is day 40 of “Occupy Wall Street”, the TRUE grass roots movement that–not unlike the fruit vendor fed up with being pushed around, setting himself on fire therein starting the ‘Arab Spring’ that sparked major social changes throughout the Middle East–has erupted into an honest to gosh calling out of the tiny, tiny minority of people (.01%) who have a stranglehold on our democracy, taking everything and leaving the majority to scrape by like a junk yard dog.  Yesterday afternoon, I turned on the ‘Charlie Rose Show’ on PBS, and on it, were two distinguished guests who had a few thoughtful insights, the best I have heard thus far, regarding this amazing revolt against naked aggression and runaway greed, a powerful combination that has bankrupted our nation and left it’s people, again, to be kicked around like a beaten animal, right Rick, “you can take this gun from my cold dead hands”, Perry?  The guests on Charlie’s show were Chris Hedges (Googletruthdig‘) and Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!), who spoke to what is really going on with this movement, why it has not received any REAL attention from the corporate owned airwaves, not much of a mystery there, such as the comment that, if, 2000 ‘tea party’ protesters were out in New York’s Zuccotti Park, there would be 2000 ‘journalists’ covering it, and what they think will happen next.  As we all know, this movement, a collective soul, if you will, or mass human conscience that is just now waking up to reality, has gone viral, spreading to over 1000 locations world wide, thus far, and it’s central theme is to call out ‘corporate capitalism’, a thirty, some would say 59 year process, that has turned sovereign countries into feudal states, with ‘management’ (corporate CEO’s, the rest of the pyramid scheme, local, state and federal politicians, etc) and ’slaves’ (the 99 percenters, i.e. most likely YOU) making up an Orwellian like society, a mass grouping of fairly ignorant and suppressed people, who must bend to the will of the plutocrats who OWN our government and CALL the shots as to what passes mustard and what goes by the way side.  In this case, the ‘way side’, say it with me Mitch (McConnell, a republican ‘Senator’ from the great state of Kentucky, but in reality, a small rodent, similar to a field mouse), IS ‘the American People’ and if you want any proof, simply look at the fact that the top one percent in this country OWNS 40 percent of the wealth, with that number only rising steadily.  The feudal lords have spoken, and they wish ‘the American slave’, I mean ‘worker’ to be more productive if he/she wishes to retain employment at XYZ corporation, be willing to ‘take one for the team’, by way of pay cuts, pay cuts that will keep said corporation competitive with the likes of ‘a Chinese prison camp’ (credit Chris Hedges).  This IS the reality folks and don’t you doubt it for a moment.  If the crushing grip of this ‘corporate capitalism‘ continues unabated, capitalism that is ironically juxtaposed to ‘penny capitalism’, or ’small (real, not hedge fund or law firms) business capitalism’, as puppets like McConnell open their puppet like mouths one more time in front of the corporate owned cameras, regurgitating the same old tired republican talking points from the days of yesteryear, revived like Ronald Reagan’s ghost, this country, as WE know it, and hopefully our children and grandchildren WILL know it, ALL of them, will know it again, will become much like the nation depicted in the chilling George Orwell book and film, ‘1984′, where people were subjected to, as Rachel Maddow put it so well, “really, really, really BIG government”, where the surfs, or, in this case, ‘the American People’, will be subjected to the treatment most Chinese laborers FEEL right now, for these corporations, that hover over countries, raping and pillaging their resources, leaving the toxic waste dump of their activity behind, ‘freeing’ the people they raped and pillaged with nothing, save their puppet leaders, who, of course, act in accordance with the will of the plutocrats who put them in charge to begin with, yes, if the people’s voices do not come together and fashion a response to this MADNESS, I fear that scenario of Orwell’s frightening vision is quite possible right here in the good ‘ole US of A. The ‘time’ is NOW, for the present is all we have anyway, to read and educate our friends, our family, our colleagues, and our world at large that our voices and spirits are JUST as powerful as ‘theirs’ are, and even though, at present, there does not seem to be an outlet for those voices, think again, for “Occupy” is not going away, it can’t, for their WILL be JUSTICE, it JUST IS… It is time to read articles and listen to people like Chris Hedges and Amy Goodman, for they have no ‘Angle’ here, no, their mission is to speak to the TRUTH and to WAKE people UP, as to their role in this mess, for that role is not a passive one, and if history is any guide, a loaded question, sorry, it has taught US this–protests in the 1960’s, many led by prominent, intelligent, compassionate, real leaders, like Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bobby Kennedy, brought an end to the Vietnam War, and opened up our eyes to racial prejudice, raw bigotry and the oppression of women’s rights.  None of that would have taken place if WE all sat by idly and watched ‘them’ rape and pillage US, our land, air and water. Forcing so many into the mind set offered up by what is known as a Stockholm Syndrome, where they keep them masses hostage through fear and intimidation, and, in some cases, literally psychologically tricking victims into ‘feeling sorry’ for their captors, staying ‘out of their way’, for ‘they’ must know best somehow because ‘they’ have lots of dough, all while WE apologize for letting our collective faces get in the way of their collective FIST.  The rampant, clear greed, the ABUSE of power, the cover ups, the rigged financial ‘too big to fail’ system that has hijacked our blessed government ‘of, by and for the People’, and a well defined military industrial complex, not to mention the corporate welfare systems in place for the health insurance industry, the farming industry, the ‘natural gas industry, and the coal industry, along with the nuclear industry, cannot, clearly, go on forever, and so we say to our friends, the ‘brother’s KOCH’, ‘the party is over, and it is only a matter of ‘time’ before the majority in this country ‘takes the T-Bird away’… Have a nice day folks and remember to tune out FOX NEWS and tune in to Current TV, for Sean Hannity “ain’t sellin’ no alibis, as you stare into the vacuum of his eyes”, while Keith Olbermann will give you the straight deal on “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, airing every weeknight at 8 p.m., EDT, only on CURRENT TV, one of the best stations on television today, and re-airing that night at 11 p.m., 2 a.m., 7 a.m., noon, and three the next day, I offer this suggestion as an independent reporter and citizen of the United States of America, whose only real journalism credentials include a PhD in Monty Python movies (but don’t hold that against Keith by any stretch of the imagination) and the fact that, upon graduating from the University of Vermont as a history major in 1987, I once served a drink to Walter Cronkite at the Edgartown Yacht Club in gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard, where I was, without a doubt, ‘the world’s worst waiter!’, and ‘that’s (my dear friends) the way it IS’…  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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