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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 20, 2010

Nantucket Winter

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Perhaps the only thing I can say today, on a rather gloomy Wednesday morning here on Cape Cod and the Islands, is this–congratulations to the corporate strategists who put this election together here in the state of Massachusetts.  Scott Brown was elected to the United States Senate yesterday in a special election that took everyone by surprise.  This victory for the republican party is a loss for the country as a whole, with the super majority being literally destroyed by the one vote that will give the republican party 41 votes in the Senate, thereby setting health care reform back a few centuries, unless reconciliation can come back into it’s constitutional form…it is a very sad day indeed.  Only a few months ago, Martha Coakley (D), had a substantial lead, roughly 20 points, over the former Cosmopolitan nude model, Scott, “I wish I had a dime for every time someone said I was good looking”, Brown, and that lead disappeared via the large amounts of corporate money that flowed into the Bay state, as members of elite corporate money machines began to “help” the truck drivin’, “man’s man”, Brown to slip under the radar and gain this crucial vote in the United States Senate.  What can Brown do for you?  Let me spell it out for the whole world to understand… First, Brown will kill health care reform for a country that is working off a system that rewards the insurance cartel.  Second, Brown will fight for tax breaks for the wealthiest of Americans.  Third, he will oppose any real regulation to change the oligarchy that IS banking in the United States of America.  Fourth, he will shoot down any legislation put forth to curb carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere that is destroying planet earth. Fifth, he will endorse the “fear policy” of Cheney/Bush regarding terrorism and conflict around the globe, keeping the military industrial complex alive and well, ringing in record profits for defense contractors while children in West Virginia die of malnutrition.  Sixth, he will be the stooge, that we all know he is, for whatever special interests of the day are feeding his arrogant face.  He is a James, “I know I’m a mountain”, Inhofe, what-to-be, entering a chamber that has done nothing to better this struggling country of ours, and to his shame has advocated violence against women.  His win, here in this beautiful state of Massachusetts, has proven that with money and enough bull____, anyone can win a seat in the U.S. Senate.  It is a sad day for this country on so many different levels.  Teddy Kennedy’s passing has seemingly taken the heart out of our elected officials, who act more as servants to the ever growing corporate interests around the world, while this country goes for a ride in a broken down truck owned by Scott Brown, who is driving it straight to New York City, where he will park it in front of the New York Stock Exchange, rob a homeless man on the street for a quarter, feed the meter, walk inside and ring that “victory bell”, just like “they” always wanted to… Make no mistake, this is a huge step backwards for the greatest country on earth, at least in concept, a concept that is being sold, bit by bit, to the highest bidder.  Perhaps Brown and Rush, “I’m not a Nazi” , Limbaugh can get together for an oxycontin, a shot of whiskey and a cigar down at the South Street Seaport in New York and have a good laugh at all of our expense…because that is exactly what they are doing right now.  So, congratulations to the man they call Brown–what can Brown do for you?  He can rob you at fiscal gun point and somehow in his pea size brain, legislate it into your fault.  Have a nice Wednesday everybody.  Peace~ M

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