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March 25, 2011

Nantucket Greetings!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this twenty fifth day of March, 2011, my birthday, from the beautiful shores of the little, tiny, tiny seaside village of Osterville.  A stunningly gorgeous day out here in the sand bar created by the Last Great Ice Age, and I wish you and yours a very fine and fair adieu.  “Freedom Packages”, ala John Stewart’s, of “The Daily Show, with John Stewart”, only on Comedy Central, indentured servant, just kidding, the very funny, and quite British correspondent of said show, John Oliver, has provided a solution to the needs of say a Sudan, Egypt, or Libya, revealing that epic solution to the LIGHT.  Bringing freedom to your doorstep in the Middle East for over 75 years now.  Mr. Oliver, God Bless his English soul, brought forth, to wit, the concept of the “Platinum Package”, that, not unlike the illegal invasion and subsequent bloody war in Iraq, resulting in over 4400 American casualties, as well as over 70,000 Iraqi civilians, affords one the luxury of bathing in the false premise of “freeing” the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator who, regardless of what you may think of him, at least gave the citizens of Iraq a constant stream of electricity, yes, not unlike Iraq, brings the great people of Libya, the effervescent glow of Tomahawk missiles reigning down from the sky, adding a dose of gasoline to an already out of control fire, a fire that is way over the heads of a country that is having a hard time living up to it’s 236 year history of DEMOCRACY, as compared to the 5000 year old cradle of civilization, represented in the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers, Babylonia, that is in the same neighborhood of the Holy Land of Israel and the rock where Muhammad was purportedly raised into Heaven.  Peace be upon his name.  Here’s a thought about our retarded republican party, and I use that word in the literal sense of what the word means, not directed towards anyone with a mental challenge such as retardation.  That word would not be strong enough for these republican puppets ‘gone wild’.  The National Nuclear Safety Administration, or the NNSA, is, along with home heating oil assistance for the poor and elderly in this very RICH nation, on the chopping block in the never ending mission to eliminate ALL social programs in this country, because, “we’re broke”.   Programs that were built years ago by men far greater than these CLOWNS, designed to HELP our citizens in their greatest time of need.  This agency, paramount in keeping loose nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists, is up for recall, as it’s budget to collect and protect said nuclear materials has been slashed, promising to effectively take away their ability to prevent that, and I quote our former President George W. Bush, “smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.”  Well done, you Idiots! Retired Lt. General Robert Gard, placed an advertisement out targeting my pals and yours–Speaker of the House of Representatives, John, “billy bob”, Boehner, Senate minority ‘leader’ and head of the Mickey Mouse club, no offense to the late, great Walt Disney, Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY) along with Eric, “you go girl”, Cantor, House whip, congressional representative and aspiring Hitler youth, Paul Ryan, and two others–aimed at calling out these again, CLOWNS, cowardly clowns at that, on their short sighted stupidity in cutting a program of PARAMOUNT importance to our national security and the security of our friends all over the world.  Just another example of this epic hijacking of America via the corporate overlords that are raping our environment for their short term profit models, while they continue to make the idea of ‘one man, one vote’, a literal joke, as the coming PLUTOCRACY takes whatever it wishes, while it takes a big dump on the, say it with me McConnell, you MOUSE!, “The American People”, the majority of 99 percent of said, real American people, whom you have no vested interest in and never, ever will.  Take it away General! AND ACTION! “Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans cut hundreds of millions of dollars from a successful U.S. program to secure dangerous weapons-grade nuclear material all around the world.  Terrorists can make nuclear weapons with it.  John Boehner’s reckless cut to our nuclear security budget goes WAY too far.  We want congress to cut the budget, but do so responsibly.“  Well, it being my birthday and all, that is really all I had to say today, other than to continue to wish the good people of Japan GOD’S SPEED, especially those poor fishermen and their families in the northwestern part of that island nation, where stunning images keep coming in from the BBC, as we witness first hand the few survivors attempting to keep warm as the snow continues to fly, while they sit and wait for help, surrounded by the complete and utter devastation wrought by the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that occurred on March 11, 2011, only two weeks ago today.  Have a wonderful day folks and even better week end.  May the FORCE be with you!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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