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August 23, 2011

MV Ahoy 2.0!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the twenty-third day of August, 2011, a calm, quite day here in Osterville, with no storms on the horizon as of yet, however, by this upcoming labor day week end, we here on the east coast of the United States will be feeling the effects of Hurricane Irene, as it edges closer to the American south coast, with computer models suggesting it may hit either northern Florida, South Carolina, or North Carolina as it steams up the eastern seaboard with torrential downpours, heavy winds and, well, you know the rest.  I am assured, however, by the likes of Presidential hopeful Rick Perry that not only is global warming a hoax produced by those factual science ‘guys’, but that Texas does not take a likin’ to them tree huggin liberal elites and treats ‘em real bad down in the Lone Star state, you know, takin’ behind the woodshed and all, presumably to discuss graphs and changing ocean currents, rising levels of carbon dioxide, the melting of almost every glacier on planet earth, along the the melting of both polar ice caps and Greenland itself, causing more water to be in the atmosphere and creating stronger and stronger storms that are not only reeking havoc on farming, with the subsequent droughts that go hand in hand with extreme weather pattern shifts, but literally displacing millions of people in places where the water levels are taking over entire villages…yes, ‘ole Rick might just want to ask GOD what his real thoughts are on this one, for if he is going to be his ‘representative’ and ‘lead’ his people into the ‘promised land’, he better get on board with REALITY, but quick, because he will be laughed out of this race as quickly as a Michelle Bachmann most assuredly will.  As our current, the 44th President of the United States continues vacationing on MV, the crisis in Libya is winding down at this hour, with the whereabouts of Moammar Ghadafy still unknown, and, by the looks of things, will see the Capital city of Tripoli, the center of power for the 42 year long terrorist/dictatorship, fall into the hands of the rebels who were helped by OUR President’s extraordinary international leadership, despite what sour republican Senators Graham and McCain said yesterday, along with the help of our N.A.T.O. partners, France, Italy and the U.K., and thus, may be able to completely take over that country forever.  What that means, of course, is a whole other matter, as Shell Oil, Bp, amongst others, scramble to gain a foothold into Libya’s vast oil supplies, holding 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves.  Hmmmm, what was that mission anyway?  Regardless of the REAL answer, at least the blind killing of innocent civilians by a ruthless dictator is over for now, and may just spill over into Syria that opens up a whole other can of worms.  If I were Obama today, I would go for a swim at South Beach in Edgartown, the town where the film “Jaws” was shot, (movie’s town called “Amityville”), where the beaches are golden, white sand and offer nothing in the way of danger that is expressed by the sharks in D.C. who are gathering their strength to come up with more hor$eshit to make sure that Obama is a one term President, a Presidency that he inherited from a very LOST decade indeed, a decade of greed, war, fear, intimidation and rampant criminality on the part of our highest financial institutions.  Yes, I would say those sharks, coming in the form of the ‘Brother’s KOCH’, Halliburton, and other big polluters who wish to abolish the EPA for their own PROFIT model, are far more dangerous than the Great Whites that frequent our Cape Cod waters from time to time.  Have a wonderful Tuesday folks and remember to not take any wooden nickles that were made in China, nickles offered up by Rupert Murdoch’s (aarrrrrgghhhhh matie!) FOX NEWS here in the U.S., they were never meant for human consumption or consideration.  Also, again, please donate, if you can, to the women and children of Somalia, those 3.5 million refugees, pouring into Kenya from the north, as they face yet another day of no water, no food, no medical and seemingly no hope.  To donate please visit savethechildren.org or care.org. Thank you!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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