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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 1, 2011

Morning White Out

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the first day of February, 2011, a very snowy one at that, as seen in the early morning image taken just a few moments ago.  Before “launching” into the rather obvious number one story about the crisis in Egypt, which today, reaches another milestone in it’s historic revolt of the PEOPLE who are demanding the removal of a dictator and friend to the United States–from a strategic and military standpoint, which did bring peace and stability to the Middle East for over thirty years since the 1979 peace treaty, that was brokered by then President Jimmy Carter, a deal that was then ratified by then President Anwar Sadat and Menacum Begin, of Egypt and Israel respectively–Hosni Mubarak, a man who was not really in touch with his people, so much as he was concerned about his legacy being passed down to his son, apparently mistaking the word Democracy for Sovereign Lord. Today, at this minute, there are reports of over a million people in the Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, and upon the promise from the military that they vowed to not take any violent action towards the protesters, men, women and children, the revolution that was sparked by a man setting himself on fire a month or so ago in Tunisia, has, with the aid of modern communication, launched a wave of true voices being heard loud and clear, some for the first time in their lives, crying out for FREEDOM from tyranny…unfettered voices, devoid of corporate spin and loud obnoxious bullhorns that we are so used to here in the United States, bullhorns that give out false information and fan the flames of discontent through the promotion of fear and hate, hinting, as always, at violence.  This is a monumental occasion and we should be celebrating the fact that for the first time, in a long time, we are witnessing something akin to what happened in this country 236 years ago, albeit the tyrannical “king” was in England and the New World was 3000 miles away.  However, the message is the same.  With virtually nothing standing in their way, we are seeing the voices of SOCIAL JUSTICE ring out without any FEAR. Think about that for a moment.  Is that not the way a true democracy SHOULD be?  Citizens living in a society where the TRUTH is the norm and lies are the exception. Perhaps we should take a lesson from our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters to see and, more importantly, to KNOW that our voices count, and they will not be silenced by the flood of corporate monies that will taint the upcoming elections in 2012, as already witnessed in the 2010 campaigns where, because of the Citizens United case decision by the Supreme Court where they virtually, and literally opened up the flood gates for special interests, i.e. companies such as “polluter extraordinaire”, and everybody’s favorite, please give it up for “THE KOCH BROTHERS”, polluting the rivers, streams, oceans and air right here in the United States for the past 30 years, to BUY elections, so that the corporations that bought said “Senator’s election win” could control them, and thus, United States current and future Legislation, much like how a puppeteer controls a puppet on a string.  They would own this country, it’s laws, and thus, it’s PEOPLE.  Is that pretty much the plan Mr. McConnell? Bueller, anyone, Bueller, anyone? Well, we shall see what today brings in the land of the Pharaohs.  May GOD be with you all. I wanted to take the time to thank Sarah Palin for her response to the President’s speech after this past “State of the Union” address to both bodies of congress as well as the country and world at large.  She is surely excelling after, like Michelle Bachman, graduating from Beck University, a fabulous online experience to attain that “special higher learning”, accent “special”, that you just can’t get anywhere else, “Just ask Wang, he’ll tell ya!, he just bought property on the GOOD side!” (credit Rodney Dangerfield and the classic film, circa 1979, “Caddyshack”, I figured that we were coming full circle from an historic standpoint) for she, again like Michelle Bachman, has become a scholar on the former Soviet Union, for, as she was contemplating her intellectual acumen, focusing like a laser on the subject regarding Obama’s comment about our “Sputnik” moment, referring of course to the Soviet’s launching of the first satellite into space, prompting a competitive “space race” between the Kennedy administration and the Russians, which we, of course, won, as President Jack Kennedy put a man on the moon, yes, as she gathered her “thoughts” and opened up her mouth, this basically came out–I’m paraphrasing here, but just slightly… AND ACTION! “You know, dat Obama character, whush, he’s really out ‘der, you know (heavy on the Midwestern like ‘twang) ’cause like he spoke about our “sputnik moment” and, you know, (again, heavy on the accent) he’s just dead wrong about ‘dat, ’cause, you know, ‘da ‘ting is, when the Soviets put ‘dat sputnik in the air, you know, way up ‘der, ‘dey spent alot of money, and ‘dats the real reason why the Soviets went broke, see, and when ‘dey went broke ‘da Soviet union fell.  And so, it was the “sputnik” all along ‘dat caused the whole communist red Russian, you know, community of pinkos to just fold up and go home, you know, it’s funny Katie, but I can still see Russia from my house, although, since ‘dat creepy writer guy moved in next door, you know ‘da one who has been harassing me as he is writing a book about me, can you believe the nerve of ‘dat guy?, anyhootski, is ‘dis thing still on? (suddenly the CBS producer signals to Sarah, and in a cold and agitated whisper, screams “wrap it up!”)  Yeah, I just want to say in closing ‘dat I think it’s irresponsible for ‘dis here “President” to tell ‘de American people ‘dat we should be spending money on any foreign made space ship ’cause we got to get a handle on all of ‘dis here “runaway spending” (talking point number 290012-fA)gf, copyright 2011) and ‘dats all I had to say, remember to watch me on my new reality show, although it’s not that new anymore, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, and follow me on Twitter where you’ll be sure to enrich yourself with the Knowledge of my treasure chest of wisdom that I attained from the Glenn Beck University school of higher learning, a real shot in the arm for my career, my future career as a hostess at Friendly’s.” Have nice day everybody and peace out to the world, we could all use a break from the military industrial complex.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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