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February 20, 2011

Morning Star

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, the twentieth day of February, 2011, a rather cold one here in the little, tiny, tiny seaside village of Osterville, as we experienced quite a windy day yesterday, with some wind gusts on the eastern seaboard reaching top speeds of 74 miles per hour.  Looking ahead to the Sunday morning talk shows scheduled to begin in roughly two hours, I anticipate the punditry and politicians alike to voice their starkly opposing opinions loudly and clearly, especially regarding what has been transpiring all week, spilling over into the President’s week end, in the great state of Wisconsin, where an estimated 70,000 public union employees, along with their friends and family, state a public outcry to republican Governor Scott Walker’s demand, as ordered by the “men behind the curtain,” to break apart unions forever, by taking away collective bargaining rights of said workers to keep working conditions humane, work hours reasonable, health benefits to remain in tact,  wages remain fair and balanced, and last, but certainly not least, for this is the real reason for this exercise to begin with–to stop unions from organizing fund raising and organizing efforts for upcoming elections, thus, supporting the candidates of their choice, i.e. democrats, for people in Wisconsin are waking up to the fact that corporations don’t have feelings, nor do they care if your kids go hungry.  This, as I mentioned quite emphatically yesterday, is the beginning, “ground zero”, if you will, for the systematic destruction of unions all over this great nation, starting, ironically, in the very state where unions began, in the later part of the nineteenth century.  The question we are all asking ourselves this morning is the same question Teddy Kennedy, the last LION of the Senate, asked his fellow colleagues on the Senate floor years ago, “when does the GREED stop?” Of course, Teddy was screaming it, face flush, bright red, with his eyes flashing that Kennedy Light, as if to say, “you want a piece of me?, I will eat you for breakfast!” Unfortunately, at the moment, we have no Senator on the team that will stand up to these corporate monsters, such as KOCH INDUSTRIES, or their architects, David and Charles Koch, no one, at the moment, to stand up to this corporate hijacking of real American rights, fought and paid for over the decades, and it is emblematic of the real dilemma this nation is facing–the literal destruction of the American way of life.  How much more does the one percent want? Would it make them happy if all of the poor children died of malnutrition?  Would it warm their heart to know that poor seniors are freezing to death due to the fact that republican spending cuts took away affordable heating oil?  Would it make them happy to know that our educational system is falling to third world country levels?  Would it bring them joy to know that the environment is being destroyed every day, via “natural gas” wells that, by using the “fracking” fluids that contain 596 deadly chemicals, are seeping poisons into the fresh water drinking sources in over 37 states now, making people sick, children sick, animals sick and plant life sick, all in the name of the Almighty dollar?  In the immortal words of Charles Grodin in the classic film, “Midnight Run”, also starring Robert De Niro, as he (Grodin) is about to be handed over to a gangster from Chicago (by De Niro), the same gangster that De Niro dealt with in that same city, a gangster who ran him out of the Chicago police force, effectively taking away his family, his home and his way of life–“I hope it’s a nice coffee shop Jack.” Eventually the “American People” will wake up and see what the republican party, now a joke, truly represents and who they really are.  They represent a FRONT for fraudulent and scandalous corporations that care nothing for the little children, the elderly, the poor, the sick, the disenfranchised, the weak, the hungry, the homeless, and the ever growing members of our society that are slipping through the cracks.  They are puppets of a larger cause who are gifted in window dressing, armed with the wizards of Madison avenue and the strategists who would sell their grandmother down the river, just to make a deal and, moreover, ever ready to make an appearance on “Meet the Press”.  I pray every day for this country, although sometimes I feel that no one is listening.  The right wing philosophy does not have a monopoly on GOD and I can assure you that the man who is at the center of the Evangelical movement, a politically tainted movement, if and when he comes back, will have a few words for the few, very rich men who are destroying this nation–”men” who threw their brothers and sisters, fellow Christians and countrymen, under the bus, while collecting very large sums of money along the way, spouting their praises of Jesus himself, while children, grandmothers, grandfathers, men, women, animals and plants are dying in order to keep that never ending void of theirs filled to the brim.  What they fail to realize is this–it will never be filled with worldly things, only the HOLY SPIRIT can do that job.  Have a nice day and don’t take any wooden nickles, should you care to watch, “This Week”, “Meet the Press”, “Face the Nation”, or god forbid, anything on FOX NEWS. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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