whale morning melt | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 27, 2009

morning melt

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Fear is not real.  Just as the ice in this picture is no longer real, as it has melted away and become water again, liquid.  Fear is like that, it freezes up and paralyzes my actions and with the power of thought, comes the overwhelming feelings, usually “bad”.  This is a cycle that can be broken with the knowledge of reality–that fear based thoughts are not real, cannot hurt you and have no basis in the “illusion” that we are all living in.  Someone separate  thoughts and the feelings associated with them are often shared and sometimes expected to be agreed with and “felt” just as intensely as the other feels them.  In fact, if it is not, often the person afflicted with the negative emotions will feel offended that more “outrage” is not being shown by the recipient of the thoughts that created the phantom fear in the first place.  We are so often times governed by our emotions, and tied to the addictive thinking that is so rampant in this country, adding to the stress and seeming discontent that you see on the faces of the people who are discouraged by our leaders in Washington, who have effectively lied for profit for  the past 30 years at least, that we all “feel” weary from the constant fight of a negative thought system.  The cumulative effect this has on a society can be devastating.  The best thing is to look at the thought pattern that perhaps has been getting in your way, adjusting it and realizing that fear, your fear, his fear, her fear, “their” fear, is all really just an illusion and not a part of God.  God does not punish.  Man does.  Man’s ego does.  Man’s ego many times proclaims itself above God and his plan.  The past administration did a fine job of illustrating that point.  I have always had to literally give the fear thought away to a power that cannot be named but most call him or her God.  Fear thoughts can culminate into a mountain that is seemingly impossible to get over.  I assure you that once you are over the mountain, you will see with “real eyes”, as the author Michael Brown puts it in his book the “Presence Process”, that the fear that seemed so real yesterday, is only a distant memory that might even get a chuckle if you are honest enought with yourself about the origin of the fear to begin with.     Peace M

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