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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 10, 2014

“Morning in America…?”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, calm and cloudy island of Nantucket! Great to be aboard with you today, this 10th day of September, 2014, another ‘Morning in America’ as former President Ronald Reagan uttered so famously some thirty-five odd years ago.  It’s eight a.m. here in Hyannis/Hyannis Port.  What time is it in Washington D.C.?  Or better yet, on the streets and rural roads of this great land WE ALL claim to love so…?

That matters little on this Autumn like ‘morn, for almost half of this nations’ populace now want (47%) the U.S. to become more involved in a fight against yet another terrorist organization–ISIL. Born out of the Syrian drought that began in earnest in 2010, this band of roughly 10,000 vicious fighters is well financed by oil rich individuals in the area, upset about this or that, nothing to do with the United States whatsoever, except ‘our interests’ of course.  Therefore, the corporate owned TV and radio stations all across the land are beating the drum of war once more.  Bringing into fruition, again, what another former President, Dwight D. Eisenhower said way back in the year 1960, “…we have to guard against the growing threat of the Industrial Military Complex”.

Indeed a complex that now extends to our local police forces who are now armed to the teeth to take on those hoodlums (the poor, minorities, the young, women, gays, the elderly) that are getting in ‘their way’…  You know who THEY are don’t you?  They are the same people, the corrupt ‘powers that be’–can someone say Citizens United? Sure, I knew that you could!–that want to restrict the vote come November. Why?  Because anyone armed with KNOWLEDGE about what people like the Koch Brothers are up to (the rising tide of plutocrats who are buying OUR democracy), and therefore their ‘representatives in Washington’, would not vote for them even if it were snowing in HELL!  Knowledge coming in the form of new INFORMATION (by way of two NEW witnesses, unattached construction workers who saw the whole thing–that horrible police officer’s decision to gun down a young black teen in broad daylight). Not in Syria, but in places like Ferguson, Missouri that will be suppressed as yet another ‘peace officer’ kill is overlooked. Who is the enemy? Where is the enemy?   Why is their an enemy?

President Barack Obama will address the nation tonight at 9 p.m., eastern and it will be a real fun time for all to be sure.  This new self proclaimed ‘Islamic State’, as they like to be called, is going to be almost impossible to ferret out unless there is a coalition of forces who have the same WILL as does ISIL. Of course most Republicans, back from their well deserved vacations, claim that ‘we’ have to cut off the head of the snake, Mr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , the so called “Prince” of yet another crazy Muslim Caliphate ordered ‘by God’ to convert the world to whatever people like that do through terror, while launching slick social media enticements aimed at the recruitment of disillusioned and dispossessed young men all over the world, including in Senator Al Franken’s Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Leaving many scratching their heads and wondering out loud, “…wasn’t that the aim with Bin Laden?”, or better yet,  “…did we learn anything from the insanity of 11 years ago?”. Dick Cheney IS insane and anyone who listens to him or Donald Rumsfeld or any of the other ugly actors in that FOLLY should get their head examined along with our former Vice President. Do not kid yourselves folks, there are plenty of covert operations going on in Iraq as we speak and thus, keeping a pretty good lid on what these killers are up to.  President Obama is RIGHT when he states tonight on national TV that not only do we need a coalition of willing partners on this one, but we MUST consult Congress for not only a review of Bush’s initial authorization to use force in Iraq (still valid), but also to tread carefully when authorizing new money and actions, i.e. 500 million to arm the Kurds in northern Iraq, making sure those monies and men are not ‘lost’, e.g., like with our ‘pal’, you know the old curmudgeon  Dick Cheney and his private ATM, Halliburton Corporation, who raked in billions in that horrible illegal war that killed over 4400 Americans and well over 100,000 Iraqis, many civilians…stay tuned folks, or, conversely, you can close your eyes, and more importantly your ears–seacapecod.net will fill you in later if you please…

Have a great Thursday folks, remembering that all of this war talk and FEAR mongering, constant it seems in the media, must be BALANCED with more of the things we go to war for in the first place–stuff like walking in the Wilderness, laughing with a friend, or holding on a little longer to a loved one.  For ‘at the end of the day’ that is what this whole experience of LIVING is all about–LOVE.    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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