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May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Meetings

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So great to be with you on this glorious Monday morning, the ninth day of May, 2011, you know, you don’t hear that word that often in the press these days, Glorious, and I, for one, think people should use the words afforded to them in the English language more often, with less inhibition, and more certitude and authority, for when you speak from the gut, the TRUTH, that resides therein, has a tendency to come out, and play for a while, as it was locked away and not allowed to see the light, let alone feel Justice again, and LOVE, that is often times stolen  from a victim when traumatized, and, like the survivor Pear tree in the area of Ground Zero in New York City, an area where a memorial park will be presented in September on the tenth anniversary of that horrible attack that took the lives of 3000 people on both the streets of New York, but in Washington D.C., as well as a field in the countryside of another state, Pennsylvania, as heroes on that plane, our own citizens, brought it to the ground, yes and so, like  the survivor Pear tree, that was the only living thing that survived when the towers fell bringing a wall of soot and ash, down the Avenues and streets, clogging not only lungs, but our lives with that gray fog of terror that cannot be named and does not have a face, for ten long years, yes again, and so, like that pear tree, as it was nursed back to health and then replanted in the area we have already known, bridging that gap, and closing the circle, and finally letting it go.  That, at least, is what I believe a memorial to be, a place where we feel connected to what we once knew, such as something as simple as a dining experience at a world class restaurant 110 stories in the air, called “Windows on the World”, to something as horrible as reliving the nightmare of losing a loved one, via the tortured logic of terrorizing innocent people, who never did anything to you personally.  Really true genocide, which is almost impossible to perceive unless you have been victimized yourself and can relate, or, you are a truly good person and has the capacity to show COMPASSION and reach out to those who are in NEED.  When one thinks of the horror that took place in World War II, the concentration camps in Germany and other parts of Europe, and what took place there is almost too much for words at this early morning hour, yet, it would equally be a bad time at perhaps, 9:30, or even a lunch…this afternoon is bad, say, how about drinks with the ghosts at Tavern on the Green at 4, 4:30?  Monday morning meetings indeed, there is, and there never will be a good time to talk about the horrors of mankind’s worst behaviour just during the 20th century alone, not to mention this past decades long ‘war on terror’, that was all built on bull$hit, that ended up costing over 6000 American lives, 4.1 trillion dollars and an even more unstable world.  Thanks George!  You want credit?  In the immortal words of OUR new President, “you ought to go and get your head examined.”  This country is so much worse off because of your major malfunction as a “President” in name only.  Finally, there is some accountability in the White House and some actual RESULTS.  Positive results, such as, well, everything, from Wall Street reform, at least a step in that general direction, to Health care AFFORDABLE reform, moving, eventually, away from the for profit model of the insurance industry to more of what the state of Vermont is adopting, a universal health care, for all it’s citizens, because health care is a right, not a privilege, given to those who already have, those in the top one tenth of one percent, everything, and are commanding more of the GDP everyday, health insurance, and if say, need a liver transplant, because they have money, go to the top of the list at say, the Mayo Clinic, that, although a great medical institution such as the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California, does not take American Express, let alone charity cases, so I think, although I should never assume, you get, or “catch” my drift.   This President is doing a hell of a job and we should thank our lucky stars he is in charge in stead of McCain, who would most likely have blown up the planet by now.   That concludes our Monday Morning Meeting, thank you for attending and I appreciate, truly, your patronage and comments, as I am just a simple historian, author, as well as photographer, who wants to get the world at large out to the world at large, to come together, as opposed to splitting apart, for that is the direction of the arc, an arc towards justice and peace, harmony and cooperation.  The complete and polar opposite of the past ten years of terror, war, and manufactured FEAR!  I blame one man and one man only for that, after the fact, for if he were still so gung ho to go after the villain with the bullhorn in the midst of the rubble, then why after only six months was he quoted as saying, “I’m just not that concerned about where he is…(referring to bin Laden, of course)”.  Nice.  Add to that the fact that the bin Laden ‘task force’, that was put together in the weeks right after invading Afghanistan in 2001, was $hit canned in 2005, “coincidentally” the exact same time that bin Laden’s McMansion was built in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  I would not go as far as to say that the Bush “team”, don’t you just love that Condi Rice?, set up the volleyball for bin Laden, but it sure did make it a whole lot easier for him to find a safe haven in a country that we, or I should say, his ‘leadership’ gave the corrupt Pakistani military/government  over 18 billion dollars in the past decade alone, all know is as corrupt as the next quasi military/corrupt dictatorship regime that has elements of terror groups within her own borders.  So, it is not surprising, that when Bush dropped the ball in 2005, Bin Laden was able to simply build a house and find some peace, right next to Pakistan’s version of West Point, with neighbors who are retired generals and the like–can someone say, Bingo?  So, that is, again, all for today, I guess I already said that, have a good one, don’t take any of those wooden nickels from the likes of FOX NEWS, please see SNL take on that one from this past week end’s LIVE show, and, if you get the chance, say a prayer for the people who live along the Mississippi, who are now inundated with record flood stage of 47 and a half feet above that “stage” where you are either in a flood or not in a flood.  I am just so grateful today that my home is not underwater.  God Bless US everyone! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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