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March 10, 2020

Mirror, mirror; on the water…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, mild, magical, marvelous island of Nantucket! It is the Tenth Day of March, 2020, a quiet Tuesday morning, honored to be broadcasting LIVE from Ocean Street, nestled here at the Historic Hyannis Waterfront;

where Osprey’s fly high and tourists do sigh…


Good to be with you on this bright, beautiful, blue day about to unfold.  It’s difficult to tune into ye ‘ole “TV” these days, for it is not necessarily good for your health, as Joe Scarborough, co-anchor of the great morning show called “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, stated just this morning, speaking directly to ‘The Donald’ who is apparently leaving Fox and Friends for greener pastures…

This is the only morning cable news show worth it’s salt.

In regard to the major story of 2020 and beyond, ‘COVID-19′, has overtaken the global narrative.  The only person who doesn’t understand this is OUR fine U.S. President Donald, “The Joker”, Trump, whose focus is not on the American people, indeed, throwing them under a bus’s tress, but on himself, nothing more, nothing less.

50 million people died in 1918 due to a pandemic, and yet, this idiot-in-charge is more focused on said cable morning television show via his viral “Tweets” than providing real leadership in stemming the spread of this current deadly pandemic that could rival historical events that took so many lives so many moons ago…

In the immortal words of Mr. Scarborough,

“…stop watching “Morning Joe” Mr. President, it’s bad for your health.”

This humble reporter begs the question, does Mr. Trump have a magical mirror on his ‘Wall’, and if so, does he wake in the morning, after watching Mika, Joe, Willie and the rest of the crew, indeed, does he ask his faithful friend;

“…Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the game show host with it all?  I may be president yes, but I say I’m a genius, and I do not jest.  Will I be a one term guy at the top, or will I prove them ALL wrong by going to shop?

Is this virus plotting against me, and my political future hanging in eternal limbo?

A recession taking me out, like so much garbage, in the muddy waters of human innuendo?”

Please let me know via Tweet,

and, for the Love of God, say something Sweet.”

:Love and Kisses Donald, you old SEA dog you!

Scallywag, swindler, sad, sorry, suck up,

whose only goal is to maintain and contain his giant, over bloated, obtuse, and ever overriding,


Have a nice day y’all!


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