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February 3, 2010

Mind Set

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After President Obama unveiled his 2010 budget, the true nature of the obstructionist party took hold… If you wish to understand why this country is the way it is right now, all you have to do is look at the fine print written by men, mice, like Frank Luntz.  Mr. Luntz is a far right wingnut republican strategist who makes his living by creating documents, or “talking points”, that the puppets in Washington D.C., men like James, “I’m a molehill that I pretend is a mountain”, Inhofe (R-OK), Mitch, “I’m really not a mouse”, McConnell (leader of the “minority” party), Eric “the weasel” Cantor, and John, “orange juice”, Boehner (R-OH), must adhere to– as they are simply property of the wealthiest men in this country.  These “talking” points are blatant lies meant to muddy the waters, thereby deceiving the American public as to the issues, dire issues, that are facing our country today.  Looking at an internal memo sent to said republican “leaders”, Mr. Luntz has put forth the manifesto of lies that he clearly defines by his own words, “Lie to the American people”... Folks, you cannot get any clearer than that.  As President Obama continues his self deception of believing these men of deceit will change their tune, the well oiled right wingnut machine has made a decision to oppose anything that the President tries from this moment on for pure political reasons.  Making concessions is nothing new in Washington.  However, this goes far beyond that and is infinitely more sinister.  From other mice like John, “what’s my last name?”, McCain who contradicted his own words regarding campaign finance reform, to the amnesia that the entire republican caucus has been diagnosed with in regard to who signed the 800 Billion dollar stimulus bill, designed primarily to bail out the crooked banks, a crisis that they themselves created (George Bush 2008), thereby creating a 1.2 Trillion dollar deficit that our current President is being blamed for.  Further, the debt of 5 Trillion dollars was ALL due to former President Bush’s policies abroad, as well as the tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, the back door deals with insurance cartels, and a blind eye to the tremendous risks that Wall Street has taken with our money.  Mr. Luntz, as well as several others in the “strategy business”, have put abominations like Roger Ailes and Fox News on the front line of bull____, claiming “most trusted news” and “Fair and Balanced”, laughable I know, and created the “talking points” that no one in their lair dare question.  Anyone who has any power, be it on Capitol Hill or in the studios of deceit in New York City, will continue to stick to these machiavellian principals, creating confusion and discontent in the land we all love and cherish.  They will play on people’s fear, in fact they literally bank on it, and shamelessly call themselves patriots who will lead us all out of, as Glen Beck would say, the slaughter that Obama has planned for us all.  These “men of power” are nothing more than junior high school bullies who deserve what will surely happen to them when they meet their maker.  The mind set created by vermin, rats, like Luntz has given rise to a cancer in this country called the republican party.  And that is exactly what they are, vermin–destroying hope for men and women who simply want to feed their children, have a decent job, affordable housing, health care and a government that is “Of the People, By the People and FOR THE PEOPLE”… What part of the Constitution don’t you dummies understand?  Oh yeah, that document has already been shredded at the “house of worship” called “C street” where you can get all the talking points and tail you want and the mighty arm of the diseased right wingnut brotherhood will save you from any of those “liberal media types”…  The mind set that these creeps want the rather ignorant American electorate to swallow is one of insanity and hate, the likes of which we have not seen since the days of Hitler himself.  God Save the United States of America!  Peace~ M

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