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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 6, 2010


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Greetings from Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a beautiful morning here in Osterville, I bid you a fair adieu.  George W. Bush once said, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice… well, we just can’t get fooled again…”  Was he taking a line from Roger Daltry and the 60’s rock band, “The Who”?  Or was it just code for “I don’t even know how to parrot a tired old cliche”?  The world may never know.  One thing we do know, however, is that FOX News and the strategists who work for the corporate wanna be plutocracy and indeed the man behind the curtain, all have one goal in mind–to fool the American electorate.  If we were HONEST about the whole dirty game, we might be able to get the P.O.N. to admit they have no desire whatsoever to bring about a level playing field, envisioned by the Founders of this great country of ours, thereby bringing about social justice.  What does social justice look like?  Let’s take a look shall we?  First, the banking system in this country would be broken down into small bite size pieces, with no bank being “to big to fail” and thus, destroying the casino like atmosphere that Wall Street has become.  Second, the energy problem and thus, the global warming “issue”, would be tackled with extreme urgency, for that is what is truly required if we are to save the planet, forcing the whole of our infrastructure to transform into cleaner alternatives–in short, re-vamping the entire country’s perspective on how we should use energy, from the new “gas pumps” of tomorrow (electric/hydrogen pit stops) to solar, wind and geo-thermal, etc.  Third, health care in this country will no longer be a “for profit” enterprise.  Adopting a more intelligent method of health care delivery in the form of a single payer system, as they have in the U.K, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Germany and most of the progressive, industrialized power nations on planet earth.  Fourth, the bridge between the have’s and have nots in this country would be crossed, bringing about an inclusion of attitude about one of Christianity’s central messages, “I am my brother’s keeper”.  This may all sound like Utopia and you may be right.  But, when I think back to a classic movie called “Men in Black”, starring Tommy Lee Jones (room mate of Al Gore at Harvard) and Will Smith, I think of the sequel to the first film.  In that film, Will Smith’s character is forced to go in search of his old partner (Tommy Lee Jones) who has taken retirement to a new level, as the new post office chief in a little town on Cape Cod–North Truro.  When Smith confronts Jones at the very same post office that you see above you, the exchange is unpleasant and frank.  “Look at you in that outfit,” Smith says as he looks at Jones dressed in a post man’s uniform.  “You were once a lead agent with the most secretive and powerful organization in the world.”  After ample prodding, Smith is able to convince Jones that he must come back to the organization, M.I.B., and help save planet earth from forces unknown.  And so it is with us.  Are we going to lay down and just take the lies that the “powers that be (at the moment)” spew forth, like hot carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?  Or are WE collectively going to take that stand, that we all know is right, and disengage from the idiot “leaders” that almost took the United States down forever.  The Bush administration did almost that.  We tend to forget, as a nation that boasts an attention span of about 2 minutes, that George W. Bush and more to the point, his henchman Dick Cheney, took this country in 2000 from a surplus to a 5 trillion dollar deficit–via, two unfunded wars, a giant tax break for the wealthy, a prescription drug bill and continued blindness to Wall Street and the bets that they make, knowing all the while that the poor American public would bail them out in the end.  This is what our current President inherited.  It is a miracle that a new health care LAW was passed.  A true miracle.  However, there is so much that needs to be done and we are running out of time to solve even the most pressing issues of our day, such as hunger, clean water and basic human needs issues across our globe.  With the globalization of our economy, WE (the American people) must become a part of that and demand a say in what these mega-corporate entities are really doing to planet earth and all of the people, animals and plants that live here.  Why are so many afraid to ROCK THE BOAT? Are you afraid you might offend a junior high school bully like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh?  Don’t be, for bullies are more afraid than you are.  They live in fear and are miserable human barely beings, and they wish for you to not only feel the fear they have, but wish you to fall in line with their illusions.  Thus, becoming an appendage of the lies that they have long ago agreed to.  Misery loves company, and taking a hard look at the ratings lately, FOX News, the “voice” for 50 percent or more of the roughly 300 million people living in this great country of ours, has taken advantage of people’s naivete and created an army of disillusioned, angry, and hypnotized people…  That is a frightening reality and literal statistic.  150 plus million people tune in to listen to the rantings of a mad man, explaining how President Obama is a Marxist, Nazi.  It is ludicrous.  It is Tommy Lee Jones as the post master in the little town of North Truro, representing the 150 million people in this country completely asleep at the switch, brainwashed into believing the lies told by outlets like FOX News–becoming robots before their time.  It was not until Will Smith WOKE him up, that the world was saved in the film, and with any luck life will someday imitate art.  Let us hope so– for our sake, our children’s sake, and every living creature’s sake.  We ALL have a voice, don’t let it be drowned out by a bully bull horn called “FOX News”…  Have a wonderful day folks.  Peace~ M

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