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December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas America!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rainy, raw island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Friday morning, a wet one on Cape as well as the islands, with the rains coming down in bucket form, a cold, clammy rain that makes one feel as though one is on a boat this six a.m. hour on this twenty-third day of December, 2011, two days before Christmas, the most celebrated day of the year for most Christians around the world. To those people who may be reading this little commentary by seacapecod.net around this beautiful planet of OURS, may you find peace, joy and above all LOVE during this season of light, hope and charity, for it is within these eternal gifts that we discover the truism that when we give, we truly receive. Happy Holidays and thank you for reading seacapecod.net, may you have a joyous and prosperous New Year!  Today is a good day for 160 million Americans, for yesterday, the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, finally abandoned madness for reason,  agreeing to extending the payroll tax cut for said millions of Americans for at least two more months, as well as extending unemployment benefits, thus, insuring the U.S. economy will continue to grow at the forecasted 2 percent, as opposed to a 1.5 percent growth, if that tax cut lapsed.  We see a giant rift in the ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ as two, perhaps three camps have broken forth to claim the mantle of ‘who is more to the right of Jesus Christ himself’, eh? did he evoke our Lord and Savior?  Heathen!, Darn tree huggin’, filthy liberal hippy! On the one hand, you have Mitt, “corporations are people too”, Romney, the Irish betting odds on favorite to win the nomination to face Obama in the fall, and on the other, you have said madness, with establishment types like Karl Rove, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, George Will, you get the picture, begging the ‘crazies’ on the fringes to stop hurting the republican brand with all of this talk (prompted by Paul and Gingrinch) about ending Medicare as we know it, as in the Paul Ryan bill, or destroying Social Security by privatizing it, or the general tone of ‘you’re all on your own’, yes, we don’t need to ’scare the straights’ (credit Bill Murray and the classic film, once again, “Ghostbusters!”), rather, we need to validate their fears (republican talking point number 2099, “I get it”), while simultaneously encouraging them to vote AGAINST their own best interests, here, let me help you, I have a clip from an interview with George Snuffleupagus from ABC NEWS just a few days ago that should clear this whole thing up…’just like I did at Bain Capital, hey, you aren’t going to print any of this are you?, good, I was afraid you were one of those MSNBC people, or worse, someone from Current TV, you know, someone who watches “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, that thought provoking news hour bringing the TRUTH every week night at 8 p.m., eastern standard, and again at 11 p.m., 2 a.m., 7, noon and three the next day, again, only on Current TV, those progressives scare the $hit out of me, what were we talking about?…’ Ah, Mitt, we hear you loud and clear, ‘my friend’, if only the ‘American People’, wink wink, nudge, nudge, only knew you like I know you, as I was in the same game, corporate high finance, working in the same glass towers, knowing the same people, colleagues in the same state!!  Your corporate double speak is NONSENSE and will be called out as such, for you must know, deep down inside of that cleaned, scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected (credit Ted Knight and the movie Caddyshack) soul of yours that the current(v)ly status quo of business as usual in the United States of America cannot continue for very much longer, if we are to remain a true democracy and a respected leader in the world.  Ohhhhhh, how droll!  “I get it” Mitt, you are right, how many world powers have produced such dismal scores for reading and math, why is it REALLY that our children are scoring so pitifully low?  Very shrewd Mitt, dumb down America!  Brilliant~ Education, conservation and common sense solutions for the COMMON GOOD are the only answers to our looming problems, not more of the same crap from the past forty plus years, the same old Washington cronyism/insider trading/ponzi scheme/casino-like financial institutions of insanity/real estate house of cards/bubble/politician/lobbyist/revolving door horse$hit everyone can see directly through NOW!  You are the epitome of what IS wrong with Washington and the country right NOW MITT old buddy!  Don’t you get it? I thought you and your buddies said you ‘did’?  You lied to me Mitt!  Shame on you!  What does the Mormon faith say about liars?  My, my, my, I guess that two year missionary stint in that Paris mansion did you no good whatsoever.  You are a bad Mormon!  Bad!  I, of course, kid Mitt, as you are probably one hell of nice guy, a good businessman and family man, I respect that, you know, a pure capitalist, but stick with buying companies like you did at Bain Capital in Massachusetts, breaking them up and selling them for parts to make a cool 22 mil, OK?, and leave the hard work of governance to people who actually give a $hit about the AMERICAN PEOPLE!  Have a nice day folks, a blessed one, and keep on dodgin’ those lying sleigh bells over on FOX “NEWS”, they ‘ain’t sellin’ any alibis, as you stare into the collective vacuum of those nutty, madcap, Kooky, zany eyes over at Fox & Friends! To quote, one more time this holiday season, my good friend Bill Murray, from that classic film Ghostbusters!, in regards to my holiday shopping plans for the rest of today, I’m looking at you Steve Ducey!, “I’m gonna buy that guy a nice fruit basket!”… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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