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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 29, 2021


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Greetings and high salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dim lit, gray, damp, gloomy, grateful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this foggy Thursday ‘morn, The Twenty-Ninth Day of April, 2021, a good day for some flap jacks at “The Pancake Man”, a sweet mom and pop anti-corporate greasy spoon, a football toss from seacapecod.net’s ‘global’ headquarters here in Bass River. Yep, plenty of red meat and pancakes in there boy! Chow down like a man and then go home to sit by the fire and read a good Dean Koontz novel, or take in a satanic offering from Los Gatos, California based “Netflix”, usually a predictive programming ‘flick’ about the coming zombie apocalypse, so that when said ‘fiction’ occurs in this dystopian horror show called ‘the new normal’, i.e. when the ‘vaccinated’ become said zombies, one will ‘adapt’ and ‘think’ it in sync with ‘it’s just the way things are these crazy days’, never taking the ‘time’ to reflect on just WHY ‘things’ are the way they are!


Menticide is an old crime against the human mind and spirit but systemized (high tech), anew.

It is an organized system of psychological invention (“CON”VID-19(84), and judicial perversion, through which the ruling class can imprint their own obtrusive thoughts upon the minds of those they (’the globalist cabal), plan to use and destroy (mass genocide via lethal injections).

Priming the populace for “Menticide” the Cabal use fear as it’s main weapon;  waves of ‘terror’ stagnated with periods of calm (easing of ‘outdoor mask wearing’, reopening of shops), followed by even more draconian lockdown, intense projections of manufactured, manipulated raw FEAR, to wit, each wave of terrorizing creates the Cabals’ desired effects more easily–after a brief SPELL–than the one that preceded it because people are still disturbed by their previous experience…

Once bitten, twice shy!

Oh Father, well fanged, Fauci please educate “US” as to why?

Immunologist, virologist, drifty little shill, creepy tiny little vampire you, practicing your virus voo-doo! Please tell US why we listen as we watch you drool when we act a fool?…

Morality becomes lower and lower and the psychological effects of each new propaganda campaign becomes stronger and stronger, thus is reaches a public already softened up…

In his book, “The Rape of the Mind”, author Joost Meelow states, “…propaganda drives this weapon of fear via the all powerful cabal corporate controlled, mass media megaphone, offering contradictory statements, declarations of faux/bogus/evil “S”cience, rendered down from on high by self anointed UN-holy water shill serving hor$e$hit spewing, wild, wild west gun slingers!

Or did I say that?

This new cancel culture/double speak nonsense serves to CONFUSE the MASSES and HERD them into COMPLIANCE, acquiesce;

willing, proud, stupid participants in their own demise.

Confusion slips, like political correctness into cancel culture, into dependence upon the STATE which has now morphed into Totalitarianism.

Meerloo goes on to say, “logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot. It confuses those who think straight. The BIG LIE and monotonously repeated NONSENSE have more conditioned appeal than logic and reason.”

While the people are still searching for a reasonable counter-argument to the first lie, the totalitarians can assault them with another LIE, i.e. the same shill W.H.O. penned the fictional book, “9/11 Commission Report”, now rewriting history again with his new fiction, “CON”VID-19(84) and the Stupid American People”, and the cycle of control and deception continues without ‘ner a whimper…

Modern technology teaches man to take for granted the world he is looking at.  He takes no time to retreat, to reflect, only REACT!

Technology and, say it with me, SCIENCE!, lures him on,  dropping him into it’s wheels and movements like a ‘time’ piece by Rolex.

No rest, no meditation, no reflection, no conversation, no love.

The five senses, forget about the sixth sense and beyond, are continually bombarded with useless information designed to ‘drive our imagination’, thanks Mick!, you little Bill Gates Shill YOU!, indeed, ever overloaded with stimuli that has become the new crack.

Man doesn’t learn to question his world anymore;

…the bloody ’screen’ offers him all the scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected, censored answers–

ready made!

When an individual is isolated, he/she may become susceptible to delusions.

First, they lose touch with that FORCE of the positive, God if you please.

For not everyone is tricked by the machinations of the UN-Holy ruling Elite.  Individuals W.H.O. SEA beyond their LIES and weak, yet powerful propaganda, can, as in Plato’s “Republic” help those blind, bond souls out of the proverbial and very real cave of darkness they have been cruelly duped into believing, hence suffering and in many cases, dying, dying from the grand delusion indeed, freeing them from this menticidal assault.

When those who don’t truly wake, not the same as ‘woke’, those W.H.O. stay asleep and ’safe’ in their cocoons, they will fall prey to those currently in power, become trainable like an animal, herded like sheep into a ‘new abbey normal’ way  of thinking and behaving…


Seig Heil!

A populace under a constant barrage of bull$hit, waves of terror, especially those alone and already in FEAR, chaos swirling outside them and within them, those dumbed down masses will crave, like they do now for them ‘Rona Jabs, that ‘return to normal’, the Hegelian Dialect of Thesis, Anti-thesis, SYNTHISIS! “Ore” Singularity. Indeed, this ingenious exercise of creating a problem, observing the reaction, then offering a solution, suddenly, everything becomes as clear as a bright, blue,  beautiful summer’s day, coming in the form of a sharp, deadly FINAL SOLUTION!

A programmable, DNA destroying, cloud compatible, mRNA experimental biological medical procedure the kids call ‘the jab’…

Bon Voyage!

Bon Chance!

Aur Revoir!

Totalitarianism is Man’s escape from the fearful realities of life and into the virtual womb of leaders and parties, ‘isms’.. The individual’s actions are directed from this womb, from the inner sanctum. Man need no longer assume responsibility for his own life.

The order and logic of the prenatal world reign.

There is peace and silence.

The peace and silence of utter submission.


But the order of the totalitarian world is a world that is pathological in nature, by enforcing a strict conformity, and requiring a blind submission from it’s citizenry, totalitarianism rids the world of spontaneity that provides many of life’s joys and the creativity that DRIVES society FORWARD!

The total control by this form of rule, no matter under what name it was branded, be it rule by ’scientists’, ‘doctors’, or politicians, bureaucrats, dictators, breeds stagnation, destruction, and death on a massive scale.

Carl Jung, a famous philosopher once said, “…it is not for nothing that our age cries out for the one who can emancipate himself from the grip of the collective (psychosis), and save at least his own soul. Who lights a beacon (like Jesse Watters of FOX the FIVE, with his new book “Jesse saves the World”), of hope for others, yes proclaiming there is indeed one man who has successfully succeeded in extricating himself from the fatal identity with the group psyche.”, or bee hive mentality most are suffering with today.

For the TRUTH is far more powerful than the worn, wicked, old, burnt out “Brothers’ Grimm’ fairy tales, the lies;

the modern day propaganda bull$hit slung by criminal ’scientists’ like “Fast Eddy” Father Fauci, Bill Gates and Co…

Therefore, their success is contingent upon their ability to CENSOR the free flow of credible information that would put them all behind BARS!

Using humor and ridicule to delegitimize these dark creatures from the Black Lagoon; we must learn to treat the demagogue and aspirant dictators in our midst…,

with the weapon of ridicule.

The demagogue himself (the Devil), is most incapable of humor, let alone laughing at himself, for after all one should not take oneself too seriously.  Indeed, the Lawless One is most incapable of humor, hence the lack of laughter these DAZE, thus, if we ALL begin to treat this Cabal with humor, it will begin to collapse.

Just like in that old Star Trek episode!

Beam me up Scotty!

Thomas Paine once stated, one of our Founding Fathers of this once proud, true Republic, “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered, yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the TRIUMPH!”

Keeping in mind what you just triumphed over;


Defined as, a phenomenon of total centralized STATE POWER coupled with the OBLITERATION of individual human rights;

in the totalitarian state, there are those in power and there are the objectified masses;

the victims.

Have a nice day!


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