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May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Message

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Memorial Day, the thirtieth day of May, 2011, a day in which we honor our brave men and women in uniform, both alive and dead, who have given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, in order to carry out the duties their have laid down for them, superiors who should be busy keeping this country safe from enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Of the roughly 310 million people living in this great land of ours today, only 1-2 percent of our population is really involved with the military in any meaningful way, and thus, as we travel down the road of a ten year long war, America’s longest, Afghanistan, we, eerily, are not really all that aware of it, save a brief mentioning on the NBC Nightly News, with anchor person Brian Williams, at the tail end of the twenty two minute broadcast.  We never see the coffins coming off the planes, per the order of then President Bush who demanded that veterans returning home for burial not be televised, as it would harm him politically.  America is at war in three different venues now, each one offering a different set of challenges and dangers.  Just this past week, nine American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, killed by some cheap IED, or “improvised Explosive device”, killed in a war that does not really mean anything any longer to most, if not all, typical Americans you might ask in the neighborhood shopping mall parking lots, from sea to shining sea…  Where would they get enough knowledge to offer up a real opinion any way?  No, where would they get the motivation to find the information, then digest the intelligence via critical thinking, thereby being in the position to render a valid opinion?  That is the overall problem.  We have a society that is told one thing on the national television idiot box, brought to you by Comcast, telling you what to think since 2010, when they took over the cable industry, as well as MSNBC, sorry Keith, yes, told US one thing regarding war and our ever present NEED for “it”, and on the other hand, could, for once tell quite another story on a day like today, “Memorial Day”, where we honor our fallen soldiers with a far off look into the unknown–thanking them for protecting our nation from harm, even if sometimes that story of the “threat” of harm was made up, it matters nonetheless, for that is the beauty of an American soldier, his care lies not with the policy makers in Washington D.C., nor in pundits who lay claim, guilty as charged, to the high road, a road we would ALL like to be on someday, no, his care lies with his brothers’ in arms, fighting for each and every LIFE of his platoon, above and beyond his own, until the bitter end, and when that bitter end does not come to fruition, that soldier is shipped “home” to a place where he once felt as though he belonged, yet somehow, today, he does not, it feels alien to him, and he feels alone, unable to communicate with his fellow man, as the assault of war carried with it a mighty blow to his soul, a soul in need of some tender loving care, for it is in the grip of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an invisible “dis” ease that keeps one in a constant state of alertness, a hyper-vigilance, having, as one radio show host, Jordan Rich of WBZ in Boston, put it, “having the volume on the ‘fight or flight’ response mechanism in the human brain turned all the way up.”  That is what many soldiers are facing on this Memorial Day, a day to remember what their brother’s are still going through, including them, as they struggle with the “memory” of that horrible day, every day, as if it were that day, over and over again. Please say a little prayer today for that veteran who suffers from this invisible debilitating disease called PTSD, and hope that more will seek treatment and receive it. Have a wonderful day folks.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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