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December 22, 2014

Melekaliki Maka!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the partly sunny, showery, mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Monday morning, the 22nd day of December, 2014.  A bright early morning here on Cape, the calm before the storm as it were, and I just thought I might just add a little holiday cheer (or maybe not) to your hopefully shortened work week, seeing that it is Christmas on Thursday after all–I’m looking at you Walmart! Walmart, “always slave wages” who make our employees work every holiday known to mankind!  Blessings to all the Walton Family!  Cheers!

That’s right folks, it’s America’s favorite family, ‘The Waltons’? If only it were that TV family of yesteryear (1970’s), as opposed to the richest family in America today and most scrooge like corporation this world may have ever seen, save ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, Chevron, IBM, ah, the list is as long as the hundreds of college bowl games named after these ‘kind’ and ‘generous‘ organizations that are hell bent on making as much money as they can, giving very little back to the community of employees they that nickle and dime to death everyday…

“Hey Michael, where’s the Christmas spirit?  You had yesterday, filled with love and compassion?”  I don’t know, if you find it let me know.  I suppose I am sad that one of my favorite people on the planet earth, entertainer that is, Craig Ferguson, former host of the “Late, Late, Show” (on CBS), had his last show on Friday night, well at least it aired on Friday, with a great song sung by his many friends in the Hollywood scene.  “Beat you own drum” was the theme as my favorite “fake” horse, robot and Rhino, band (that exists only on a digital board) and a host that reminds me of my days living in Great Britain, where I spent a lot my time in Edinburgh. where as we all know by now, “…if it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!” It is the year of the horse, and good luck to that whole cast and crew and I hope that horse of Craig’s is put on to pasture with some really nice looking fillies in say Kentucky; stocked to the brim with premium oats, fertile blue grass and clean drinking water.  Far, far away from any of mankind’s folly of fracking our way into destroying God’s green earth–namely our vital, precious and irreplaceable WATER supply!

This new 114th Congress that will roll on into Washington D.C. in a few weeks will most likely be a JOKE, just like the 113th.  And why wouldn’t it be?  Nothing has changed in this coming plutocratic takeover of OUR democracy with that little letter ‘d’! Republicans (who work for billionaires vowing to become Oligarchs like those living in Vladimir Country(s)), have no plans in helping out the nearly 315 million people now living in this torn country.  A country that has seemingly lost it’s way, for the word Capitalism has overtaken most people’s souls, i.e. black Friday and the like, never understanding that rampant GREED and EGO have no place in public service–many with those with an “R” next to their name, no good in the slightest.

The only time one truly receives LOVE is when it is given freely—without some political ‘Angle’.

The Grinch will rear his ugly head in this new U.S. Congress come January 2015, mark my words, and without the help of great U.S. Senators’ like Massachusetts Senator extraordinaire, Elizabeth Warren to break us out of our collective stupor, such as allowing big banks to do the same thing again (using YOUR money to bet against you on risky ventures called ‘credit default swaps”--still going on like gang busters on Wall Street– ‘derivatives’ some call them (the REASON for the big crash that hurt so many people–to the tune of trillions lost in American family 401(k)’s)–big banks will now KNOWINGLY (because they know they will be bailed out again because they are deemed ‘too big to fail’), continue to gamble with YOUR money and, like they did in 2000?-2008, perhaps once again CRASH the whole of the U.S. and world economies. Hurting them not in the slightest, not at all, only billions of the ‘little’ people (the 99 percent!), while they make billions, lo, trillions of dollars from your misfortune of TRUSTING a Republican in this 21st Century America.  It’s your choice people, not mine, but do you really want to see them get away with it again?

If that happened again, taking this country back to those dark days of Bush and Cheney, taking us back to fear mongering and blatant financial criminality to wit NO bank executive went to jail!  Holding America hostage once again almost to the point of no return if the American tax payer did not bail them all out. When that happens again, WE, the ‘little people’, will once again be on the hook for their GREED, and like Dr. Seuss’ the “Grinch”, could not give a rats ass about it.  Laughing all the way to the bank they OWN, getting 0 percent interest to ‘rebuild the house of cards once again’, while giving Mr. and Mrs. America a loan at say 20 percent?  Sounds like a loan shark deal to me old Mitt buddy.  “…old pal of mine from the ‘Bailey Savings and Loan’, I mean BANE Capital! (not misspelling by the way)…  I just love this Corporation that hurts the little people so much, while it touts itself as a person…I’m giving the BANE some of my plasma for Christmas, how ‘about you?

As the now all white, I mean all Republican and mostly male U.S. Congress attempts to bully our very fine President Barack Obama, in the coming year–who is presently enjoying a well DESERVED vacation in Hawaii–I hope they take a good long look in the mirror and ask the question, “…what do I really stand for?”. Or, better yet, am I really a Christian or just a big, fat hypocrite of the highest order?  A vacation from this grouping of men and women (puppets with strings), will be a blessing and I pray he gets some R&R by gosh, by golly!  I mean come on!  A break from these tiny minded wipers of other people’s bottoms’, men and women who work for U.S. plutocrats at present.  Mental patients some, or what they like to be called, ‘members of Congress’, ladies and gentlemen of the U.S. Senate who have gone out of their way to make sure the wealthiest among US, the top .001 percent, the only reason for their job and/or existence on planet earth.  Lying to themselves and their constituents of the 80’s voodoo economics of the ghost of former President Ronald Reagan’s trickle down theory that was nonsense to begin with save some of that ‘trickling down’ to the top say 10 percent if they’re lucky and really good at kissing someone’s behind.  Yes, as the President enjoys some golf, surfing, hiking, and perhaps reading a good book or viewing some great movies that Hollywood does not seem to make any more, such as Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”, starring the late, greats, Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart, I hope he and his family find some peace and serenity in  world that has seemingly gone quite mad indeed…

Yes, perhaps this very good man–history books, the real ones, will prove–may just take a break from Sony Pictures for a while and let the rats handle this one… For although their lawyers took a rather mouse like approach because of $ fears, perhaps losing billions in now far more important markets of China and the like, always about the bottom line in America eh?, so who really cares?  If they take out the Kennedy Memorial (God Forbid) let me know, I will sign up and fight in a heart beat!

So take a break from said Republican a$$holes in D.C., you know who you are deep down in your bones!, they’ll be there when you get back! Take a break from the fence jumpers, and a Secret Service that needs a big overhaul.  Take a break from Vladimir Putin and his giant EGO.  Take a break from the well, let’s just say the INSANITY that now defines Washington, D.C., where it is now all too clear that we live in two separate countries.  One that caters to mostly white, affluent Americans, and one that does not.  I mean that, so much so they are not even invited into that previous sentence.  Nor will most of them ever know that TRUTH because many don’t even have water (see Detroit), let alone broadband Internet access.  The big providers attempting to keep America as much in the dark as possible, so there is not a revolution or a transfer of wealth like there is right now in the U.S. with the deregulation of the energy sector…i.e. ‘natural gas’ and other drilling practices that are wiping out species after species!!!  SHAME on YOU ALL!

My only wish for Christmas besides world peace, is a world awakened to the fact we are all in this together. Waking up to the FACT the planet is melting at an exponential pace all due to our own ignorance/stupidity/GREED, as we allow these monstrous oil and gas international conglomerates to destroy planet earth for their PROFIT!  Not only in this next generation, but for every future generation that comes after it.  A corporate takeover resulting in greed even Jesus would blush at.  A ‘mission statement’ from hell that Alfred Hitchcock could not have written any better.  A corporate agenda of all out greed, coupled with a political coup that will kill every living creature in it’s path (it already is as 50 percent of plant/animal species have gone extinct in the past 40 years due only to MAN), before all is said and done.


“…I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…”, so am I Bing Crosby, so am I!  God Bless you all and have a nice Christmas if I don’t SEA you before that.  And even if you don’t believe in some supreme intelligence, GOD if you will;  he may just believe in you! We will all miss you Craig Ferguson, you drunken donkey! and most of all, I will miss the horse! God Bless US EVERYONE!  Even you Charles and David Koch!

May you think long and hard about what your grand kids world (environment) will look like fifty years from this Christmas DAY!….


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