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January 10, 2012

May the Force be with you!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rainy, raw island of Nantucket! Shiver me timbers, it’s great to be with you on this tenth day of January, 2012, a grey, rainy affair on Cape, with some light snow expected in the Granite State of New Hampshire this eight a.m. hour, as the nation’s eyes look towards the “Live Free or Die” state of fierce independent voters who have changed the course of this nation’s history via the ballot box many times in the past.  This ‘race to the bottom’, i.e. the ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ presidential nomination process has become quite the side show, with the world of art and entertainment, much like science and religion in this day and age, colliding with politics right before our very eyes.  When a writer goes to a movie exec to pitch a script in Hollywood, many times they will analogize their movie with some other movie or movies, or a combination therein, thus, making it more apt to be picked up by that movie exec and made into a great film.  In this case, the case of the never ending campaign to see who is more to the right of the ghost of Ronald Reagan, we have “Pretty Woman” meeting “Office Space”, for who can deny, Mr. “I enjoy firing people” (taken slightly out of context, as Romney was speaking to insurance companies, but who really says the word, ‘fired’ on a national stage like that, and with such glee?), or Mr. “one percent”, or Mr. “corporations are people too”, Romney, the front runner and most likely winner of today’s New Hampshire primary taking place right NOW, yes, who can deny that like Richard Gere’s character in the former film mentioned above, a man much like “Mitt” was (and still may be), a corporate raider, Mitt Romney’s core ‘job’, unless he was running for office somewhere at sometime, has been to fire people and make money off of their PAIN?  Now it all makes sense. Taking a break as an ‘outsider’ politician in Massachusetts, where he served as governor, as well as other times when he was in mourning for his various political losses (Teddy Kennedy in 1994, and his failed 2008 presidential bid to John McCain), Mitt Romney was hailed as the successful CEO of Bain Capital, no one can deny that, a corporate raider that buys companies, breaks them up for profit, leaving thousands without jobs, while the principals (Mitt Romney, estimated worth 250 million) make out like bandits…bandits who meet up with their brethren in the hilarious film about the corporate world of which this reporter was part of for far too long, a MUST see film called “Office Space”, where a two man group of ‘consultants’, hired by a Mitt Romney type, or hell, it’s your movie, why not make it Mitt Romney himself, come into some Silicon Valley company and have people ‘interview’ for their jobs, calling themselves, ‘efficiency experts’, with those experts asking some naive, scared employee just barely holding on, “tell us, what is it exactly that you do do around here?”… That is what a, god forbid, President Romney would bring to the table, a wealth of KNOWLEDGE on how to FIRE people, for real, not like some clown on a television ‘reality’ show, no, firing real people who work for the departments’ of labor, the environment, education, transportation…until, like Grover Norquist stated so maniacally, “we shrink government (of, by, and for the people) down to the size where we could drown it in a bathtub.” I believe the PEOPLE of this great land are beginning to WAKE UP to the reality of just how greedy, shady and corrupt most politicians are, ’serving’ in a system oozing with slimy lobbyists who only have their corporate CEO’s best interests in mind–CEO’s just like good ‘ole Mitt, a man truly ‘of, by, and for the corporation.’ Have a good day voting New Hampshire, and WE here and seacapecod.net will see ya’ll next time, same bat time, same bat station, not to be confused with the bat $hit station of FOX, serving up that steamy pile of horse$hit since 1996–isn’t that right Rupert? arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh matie!’PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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