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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 25, 2021

Mass March Madness!

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(click “above deck” to listen!)

Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, frolicking, fresh, muggy, mild, moist, magnificent island of Nantucket! Good to be with you, broadcasting LIVE from Bass River on The Twenty-Fifth Day of March, 2021, a dark start, but promises to clear out and bring that warming Spring sun and seventies to much of the inland portions of this great state of Massachusetts, one state that really has it’s act together with ‘vaccine’ distribution, you betcha!


“Krispy Kreme”, a demonic donut corporation, is on board (by giving away free donuts every day for life?, albeit a short one!, with a ‘Certificate of Vaccination ID“, or COVID!, “how about that?”… You bet America, all the kids are in on the free give away fun!  What, with the alluring, “Fatal Attraction” lethal, “SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS” on your eternal side, what could possibly go wrong?  HA!  These have been ‘proven safe and effective’ in killing off most of the human race in our quantum future projections, for it will be those W.H.O. get vaccinated that will spread the many ‘variants’ (created by design), because their bodies have, due to this experimental biological procedure straight from the pit of HELL, become virus manufacturing SITES, so as they are dying from their own bodies immune system attacking it’s own cells because they have produced the very spike proteins they are instructed, programmed to fight off, they are infecting those who wisely chose not to fall for this insane ruse, CONSPIRACY to wipe off 7 plus billion people in a few years ‘time’…

It’s monstrous!

Shame on every so called ‘movie star’ out there, all of them!  What, with famous celebrities, demon politicians, hell, even your own family members whom you love, all pushing for a ‘FINAL SOLUTION’ designed to KILL YOU and YOURS!

Mass March Madness!

“Hello, is this fucking thing on McFly? Are you a man or an amoebe? Again, Mc, fucking, Fly, is this thing fucking on?”

(credit: the film, circa 1985, “Back to the Future”, starring Michael J. FOX).

Many whom feel driven, called, compelled–mostly out of a deep sense of love for our fellow man, the wilderness and all the animals, forests, mountains, plains, deserts, the many varieties of trees, streams, rivers, oceans, lakes, ponds, bays, and harbors therein, and world at large–to speak out and EXPOSE this diabolical, death and dangers Agenda 21/30, UN ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ pose to mankind.

“It’s a big idea, this New World Order”, credit: U.S. President George H.W. Bush, ‘thousand points of LIGHT’, an unprecedented move to remove MAN from the picture.

The WEF’s Nazi ‘author’ of “COVID-19 & ZEE ‘Great Reset’ and “ZEE Fourth Industrial Revolution”, Herr Klaus Schwab and all the parasitic uber wealthy CABAL members meeting in Davos, Switzerland plotting mankind’s demise, are working hare on their end, for our end, and yet, there are still a many W.H.O. make a NOBLE action to blow the TRUMPET, the real TRUMPET for those too deaf to hear the TRUTH.

Lo, those many ‘messages in a bottle’ are falling on deaf ears, read by no one for most are blind and victims of sloth. Moreover, no one out there, because they all died of ‘the JAB’! (JAB HOLDINGS owns “Krispy Kreme”, coincidence?).

No one left in that mysterious, far off forest to hear a tree falling, negating any ’sound’ it may, or may not have made…

For HEAR we have a powerful, all SEA=ing EYE, the corporate CABAL media, run by Zionist banking Jews W.H.O want the white man (the Gentile), dead, yesterday because he poses a threat to their plans of world domination and cruel rule.  Moreover, they fool all by presenting to you and yours a sophisticated Hollywood production of a play where you have no say, day by day, by day…

This is how they succeed;

through your acquiescence constant, religious ATTENTION to their evil, propaganda FEED!

The crisis actors and hack false flag in Boulder proves just how low the bar and budget is for these psychological operations to strip America of it’s Second Amendment rights, not to mention it’s first, the right to say whatever the fuck you want to say!  Indeed, the First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, mostly 3 quarters way through the wood chipper, are the last bastion of HOPE between a free and sovereign human future, or a bleak, dark, “1984″ dystopian horror SHOW, ‘the greatest show on earth folks!’, step right up, get you free heart stopping donut with your DNA destroying, blood clotting pathogen delivery envelope designed to also kill you;

how delightful!

Indeed, a top down tyrannical rule by the Elite, a high tech/’science’ led/ruled Corporatocracy, where the many are kept in pens, vaccinated, tagged, chipped and fed bug (maggots) bars, “Soylent Green” (people), GMO ‘food’ like the cattle they most certainly ARE;

until they are finally,

wiped from the face of the earth…

And we just rolled over and are letting them kill US! For  we truly have no memory do we? A two second attention span is what they created and boy oh was it effective, collectively that is, for it was only a year ago, just one year ago where ‘all the experts’ said, it will just ‘two weeks to ‘flatten the curve’!

And over the cliff,

I mean over the curve we go?

isn’t that right Father, ‘Fast Eddy” Fauci?

(You dirty little midget criminally insane immunologist you!)

Sharp, scary needles all bright and shiny, with that Luciferian GLOW!


America bought it David Mule of ABC’s “World” News Tonight”!

Congratulations you super slutty shill!

Perhaps you will offer up some more hope, love. laughter and light in tonight’s broadcast, for you are a true JOY to watch!  I mean it!

“Come on Man!”,

…what, with your macabre “Adams Family” (American TV show from 1964-1966), wardrobe you stole from studio set 322 at Paramount, or perhaps you shop at “Morticians’ R US”, on the Upper East Side…  But, I assume you are too cheap to buy your own mortician digs, so watch your back, because them vampires are pissed and they plan to sue your boney ‘anchor’ sad little a$$!

But, fear not David, can I call you David, or do you prefer Mule?, because of your fine ‘reporting’ of our scripted Jewish propaganda, with a scary, dark, ominous, bass pounding ‘music’ playing loudly, lots of spinning, hypnotizing, swirling colors and noises in the background to reel one in, as you offer Americans that shining torch of TRUTH, keeping US all safe by telling US lies.  You are so kind to explain where to get that killer mRNA pathogen delivery envelope, concocted by a small group of well financed, warped, depraved lunatics, hiring front men, murderers like Bill Gates and Tony Fauci W.H.O. will eventually be brought up on charges of high crimes against HUMANITY!

Have a nice day!


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