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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 7, 2020

“Masking America Great Again!”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the milky sun streaked, cool, light breezed, bouncy, bountiful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Seventh Day of May, 2020, a quiet Thursday morning here on Ocean Street, save the abundant, diverse, delightful bird life in my front (ocean) and back (marsh) yard, proven by the fact I just witnessed a magnificent White Swan flying over my home a few moments ago, listening intently to her giant white wings powerfully beating the air as she flew fifty feet above, making a “softer, kinder, gentler” goose like honk as she sped towards her destination of who knows where?

Save her of course.

No masks needed on Cape Cod and Islands wildlife, or any wild lands therein…, although some quack governor, little men and women with a little power, what could go wrong?, might come up with a ‘theory’ of how this tricky dickey ‘pandemic’ is being spread by not only seemingly innocent water fowl, but by those ‘hippy’ like peace lovers who take it on themselves to dare question ‘authority’ and the nationally approved, by the Elite, narrative to be digested by the masses.  Whether they like it or not.

“You must wear a mask”,

say Republican Governor Charlie Baker of the great state of this here Massachusetts, pay no attention to “President” Trump or VP Mike Pence, they don’t have to, they’re VIP you know.

. Yeee haw!  Put that mask on boy or yous’ gonna pay a 300 dollar fine!  Plus, you be going in the black book to be entered into the new ’social crediting score’ soon to be one with your personage.  Just like China!  We got US a herd mentality to go along with the herd itself.  We never knew the power of “TV” until we made network anchors, lo, the ‘news’ itself to be the end all and be all of human existence.  Bending minds and wills via carefully scripted, designed and perfectly aligned propaganda.  Agenda 21/30 blasted mandates, statutes, directives and ’new normal’ socially accepted laws into living rooms/bedrooms/guest rooms/pool rooms/and the like, even outdoors, indeed poisoning the citizenry like a virus. And with the advent of 5G, deadly cousin to 4G, a radiated reflecting selfie soup, will take control.  “Space X” satellites beaming said radiation, via weaponized, militarized millimeter waves, wreaking havoc on an otherwise unsuspecting, dumb downed world population, exposing these dangerous, low (ELF)frequencies everywhere; channeled into billions of these hand held, “must have”, devilish, devious, deceptive, highly radiated and addictive devices,

“…for your convenience.”

Yesterday it became mandatory for all Massachusetts residents to dawn a cloth mask if one was to, god forbid, cross that six foot distancing line in the SAND, crossing the magic threshold according to “Fast Eddie Fauci”, of being close to another fellow human being, where one is surely to contract a ‘disease’ that really has not been quantified, queried, or ‘quarantined’, yet plenty of quacks are taking their best shot at trying to ‘tame’ it, or ‘kill it’, while herding your mind this way and that… For ‘it’ being the ‘enemy’, when in reality, the ‘enemy’ is you and me.

Dare not say I, ’stand so close to me’, unless he or she  covers, lest they flee from the sight of WE!  It all comes down to control, for only a few weeks ago, most credible doctors said that wearing one of these quite inhuman face shields makes not a lick of difference when it comes to contracting “COVID-19′. A man made, planted by the CIA, via direct orders from ‘on high’, introducing the contagious virus in China, one of the NWO’s best profit center, due mainly to the authoritative nature of the Xi regime…. Creating yet another enemy for Trump to confuse the public with.  “Master of the shell game” should have been the title to your ‘Eighties” book, which was a self serving, sophomoric, ghost written piece of crap, yes “New York Times Best seller” of a so called ‘book’, entitled “The Art of the Deal”, indeed, your long con is on brother!

There is a good chance the Elite will once again select this former failed game show host for yet another term as the country goes down the toilet. A virus designed to bring the ‘global’ economy down ushering in nother Great Depression, leading to a One World Order, a ‘new normal one world order’ if you please.  With the transition into transhumanism well under way and under budge!

Yes, if that should happen, and for God’s sakes man, let’s hope it does or you go on report, capich! Yes, if one was to occur, not only will you be drawn and quartered, but you will go under “…double secret probation” (credit: “Dean Wormer” of “Faber University”, in the classic film, circa 1978, via late, great hilarious 1970’s cult movie/magazine, “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, starring, amongst many other greats, Mr. John Belushi), and,

“…there will be no fun of any kind!”

Let’s give it up for ‘Da Donald’! Da, da, da da-da-da, due to popular demand, his tedious, ill informed, finger nail scratching on chalk board excruciating painful five hour puppet show parading as a press conference will nauseatingly carry on–“it’s a beautiful ‘ting dese here press gigs, eh oooh!, ratings I tell ‘yous!”, ratings like a nice a$$!! right Joe Biden?, am I right or am I right?”–with game show participants being the poor mostly helpless reporters, “socially distanced” in a body odor augmented, cramped ”COVID” filled room, yes, let us praise our ‘dear leader’ from ARK Angels above, praise him for his God like greatness!

Eternal choirs in Heaven ever singing to his lore, his legend, his glory, his honor, his brilliance, his dedication, his arrogance, his ego, his lack of judgment, his lack of character, his lack of insight, his lack of humanity, his lack of humility, his lack of courage, his lack of grace, his lack of Divinity, his lack of morality, his lack of empathy, his lack of compassion, his lack of love for anyone but himself, his lack of oration, his lack of creativity, his lack of what it takes to be the real Commander-in-Chief of this here US of A!

Indeed, you fool, vote Trump come November!

“Pride comes before the Fall!”

Have a super duper Thursday folks;

stay tuned, ’same bat time, same bat channel’,

“…no more bat soup dag nabbit!”

’cause we will be busy,’

“Masking America Great Again!”


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