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May 24, 2012

Man’s Best Friend

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again spooky, foggy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Thursday, May 24th, 2012, another dark and ominous morning here on Cape, that is, of course, if you are spooked by the sight of great fog banks that tend to surround that far away island of Nantucket from ‘time to time’ (Fog Happens)…  But of course you’re not!  This is America damn it!  Land of the free and home of the brave!  True enough, yet there is much to fear regarding this warped version of a democratic election in this late year of 2012, don’t ya think? For those of US who do, here are some FACTS regarding Mitt Romney’s claims regarding his powerful opponent in this upcoming November 6th election, an election for the ages as it were, for simultaneously we are seeing the death of the birthplace of democracy, Greece, happening right in front of our very eyes, as the bond vigilantes scrape over the carcass of a once great civilization, some would also say the birthplace of said notion, and as the politicians make up more LIES regarding this fake problem of the massive debt we have incurred, all due to the Cheney/Bush administration, the merry-go-round keeps US spinning around and around in the echo chambers of modern day corporate media outlets that rarely, if ever, bring the whole story, but indeed Cory Booker, making US all real sick to the stomach.  Yes sir, always giving that other viewpoint (as if it were FACT) equal weight, such as in comparing Jeremiah Wright with Bain Capital for starters. This is just one of the top ten LIES, distortions, untruths, whatever you want to call something that just plain does not hold any water, like a hole in a boat, and seacapecod.net is more than happy to oblige on behalf of those who may be fooled by that ever elusive ‘man about town’ (credit the great Gene Wilder and the 1974 classic film, “Young Frankenstein”), I mean the MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN.  For WE have been ordered, by whom no one is quite sure, isn’t that right republican congressman Mike Coffman of the great state of Colorado? where you stated over and over again five times in fact to a reporter from Denver’s great Channel 9 News, “take me to your leader, take me to your leader, take me to your leader…”, well done sir, well done indeed, hilarious in fact!  Author! Author!, yes we have been asked not pay attention to that man, or men, who are holding this country hostage (please Google Stockholm Syndrome, more on that later on in the week), or will be come the end of the year, holding not the wealthy in bondage, no sir, the poorest of the poor, the elderly, the students, the minorities across the board, and the rest of the dying middle class, just ask Cardinal Dolan, Arch Bishop of New York, who has stated he will take services away from those poorest of the poor if the ever dangerous health care drug called ‘the pill’ is made available to those who work under the “Catholic Charities” umbrella, or any Catholic organization such as Notre Dame University, that’s right, contraception, a concept not brought up in the Bible because it had not been invented yet, and was never, save some quack letter from the 1930’s, a problem before, pity that, for that truly IS folly my friend, especially in your business!  But I digress.  For by uncovering the bugs underneath the log, exposing them to the best disinfectant of all, SUNLIGHT, WE shall SEA what WE shall SEA. So without further adieu, here is that list, a partial list to be sure, but I believe WE all will eventually get the point, ’cause, to quote our pal, former President George “W” Bush, “…fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, well, huh, you just can’t get fooled again.” AND ACTION! ‘The lies some presidential candidate once told me on Fox “News”‘… 10.  If “Obamacare” (a concept originally thought up at the republican ‘think’ tank, “The Heritage Foundation” back in the early 90’s), is allowed to continue unabated it will take over half of the government.  9. The President (Obama) is an “appeaser” and an “apologist” to the world and our ‘enemies’ (for the record Obama has never apologized to anyone, and to quote our great President recently, “…ask members of al Qaeda if I am an appeaser or not, they’ll tell you.”) 8. Obama’s experience as a ‘community organizer’ (somehow a bad thing) does not qualify him for the job of President of the United States, only I, Mitt Romney, have been in the “private sector” and know how to pull us out of this recession (by using the same methods as the Cheney/Bush administration, where his proposed budget would increase our debt more than Obama’s proposed Federal spending over the next four years and beyond, by a whole lot!), and having never been in the political arena (of course, you will have that sense of taste you are so famous for to keep quite about the whole Massachusetts governorship of the early part of this twenty-first century won’t you?  Especially that part about me being 47th out of 50 states in JOB CREATION and saw the Bay State’s manufacturing sector shrink by 14 percent…never happened, OK? Got it?  Thank you so much!), and thus, am above the fray of Washington “insider” politics, being able to serve the ‘public’ much better than the man who is plunging us into more debt… 7. Obama’s spending “inferno” during his tenure (credit Mitt Romney) as Commander-in-Chief has dwarfed previous administrations and… (Market Watch.com tells US a much different tale, as they expose real numbers, that don’t LIE, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama’s spending inferno is more akin to a pancake, as it has been a level 3.5 trillion over the course of the past 3 and a half years, but what do numbers know, right Mitt?).  6.  Obama’s strict regulations are strangling business in this country, not allowing it to “get back on track”, such as environmental, banking, insurance, you name it, and, that guy  just doesn’t seem “American” enough to me, what about you?  Truth is, regulations contribute at most a .05 percent increase in the price of say a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas, and it, among so many others to choose from is just another red herring the plutocrats of America are trying to force down the throat of the American public.  5.  Mitt Romney would have done a better job of bailing out the auto industry, Detroit, (“Let Detroit go bankrupt”, Mitt Romney), yet, astonishingly and simultaneously, takes credit, saying, and I quote, “I can take a lot of credit for ’saving’ the auto industry”. WOW. Fact is, after the crash of 2008, no one had any money to lend ANYONE, certainly not a failing industry, at the time, such as Detroit, as ‘private equity’ had dried up completely, with the ‘titans’ of Wall Street huddling back in their caves like so many hermit crabs… 4.  Mitt Romney deserves to be President because he ‘created’ jobs at Bain Capital, a vicious private equity firm that stinks to high heaven. Truth stings, does it not? 3.  Romney is a better leader than Obama and will reduce the overall debt, HA! (by, again, I assume his own projected budget, where he will increase defense, cut taxes for those who don’t need their taxes cut, cutting them even more than “NOW”, with every bipartisan, independent analyst stating unequivocally, ‘Romney’s plan would explode the debt by several ‘lengths’ over Obama’s, begging the question, did you understand math when an exec at Bain, and a follow up, if affirmative, can you say fuzzy math for US, please?).  Another question would be, regarding him (Romney) being a better leader and the great ‘reducer’ of our national debt, what the heck fire are you basing all of this nonsense on exactly?  We can’t talk about your Mormon faith, we can’t talk about your dog, we can’t talk about your family or friends, we can’t talk about Bain Capital, we can’t talk about your leadership as the Governor of the great state of Massachusetts, and we can’t talk about the fact you are as transparent as Casper the Ghost, so how do WE know you are a better leader than our great current President Barack Obama?  Where is your true core?  Like the famous tootsie pop sucker, you know, ‘how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?…the world may never know. 2.  Mitt Romney will lead us out of this great recession faster than Obama can, who has ‘failed’ US miserably.  Really?  How?  By increasing defense spending as proposed, while you cut basic social safety nets, creating less economic activity, thereby making it so people don’t have the money any longer to buy basic goods and services, driving down demand, all while creating more wealth, like you did at BAIN, for the uber wealthy?  Any economist worth his or her salt, such as the great Robert Reich of UC Berkeley states on a daily basis–”what we need is more stimulus, not less right now, more revenue SHARING, a fairer tax CODE and less drama over the debt ceiling, a ceiling that was raised dozens of times by then President Ronald Reagan.  Moreover, your lies about US becoming Greece are ludicrous, for WE have the most stable sovereign currency in the world, the best bond bet, and thus, can print as much as we need to boost the economy in the short term, while thinking with logic about the long term debt and our entitlement programs, making spending over austerity the way to go, not the other way around as you would have it, Mitt old buddy, remember a thriving middle class lifts all boats, rich and poor alike, FACT is WE don’t know if that is what you and your handlers really want, a thriving America for ALL.  The big question my friend. 1.  Mitt Romney relates better to the real American people, as he kneels at the alter of Wyoming’s favorite son? Dick Cheney, whose ‘wisdom’ and ‘knowledge’ is something WE really need right now.  Yes, that’s right Mitt, WE need more of that kind of Raging Bull mentality (credit the film and the great Robert De Niro), that will solve this mess we got here in the good ‘ole US of A!  Back to the Future it IS!  (God Forbid).  and cut, print, wrap. I hope y’all enjoyed that installment of Midnight Theater.  If Alfred Hitchcock were alive today, he would most likely say this is going to be one hell of a summer!  Have a nice day! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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