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September 7, 2010

Man’s Best Friend

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Good to be with you on this late Tuesday morning here in Osterville, Massachusetts, home to many Osprey, harbor seals, Great Blue Heron and seagulls of all kinds…As we ease on to this week ahead, let me take a moment to say, I hope you all had a safe and happy Labor Day week end, as we all here on Cape and the islands truly appreciated the concern for our well being, with the passing of hurricane Earl at the start of the long holiday, everything turned out just fine.  The Senate and Congress will be back in full force, back from their August break, with a full 180 degree turn being forecasted by pundits on both sides of the aisle, as Senate minority leader, Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell, friend to the ‘everyday man’ everywhere, and his cohort and partner in crime, John, “no, really, George Hamilton literally just called me and WANTS his fake tan back,” Boehner, the fine “congressman” from the great state of Ohio and soon to be the leader of the House of Representatives, GOD HELP US, as they have just confessed their sins to Glenn Beck who had an “awakening”, over the week end, and realized what a horse’s ass he has been for, roughly, the past 45 years–thus, they will be getting behind every Obama agenda from here on out and will hold a special press conference this week to give a full testimonial as to the nature of their bad attitude and action towards their fellow man, world and God.  The true meaning of the word “the American People” will come home to roost when these two clowns gain power in both the House and possibly the Senate.  Joe, “I’d sell my mother to exonerate bp”, Barton (R-TX) will become the leader of the Energy committee, that’s right, the man who apologized to bp for the President’s “behavior” in cornering the crooked, destroyer of planet earth, bp, into paying it’s fair share, which has not done so yet, to the poor people of the Gulf region, not to mention paying for the complete cover-up of the oil spill itself, the subsequent dumping of huge amounts of Corexit 3500, to the tune of millions of gallons still in the Gulf, a highly toxic, banned (last ten years in the U.K.) substance that was used to cover up the oil, by breaking it down to the point that it was virtually invisible to the naked eye, and what it will do, ultimately, to our food chain–affecting every form of life on planet earth to some degree or another.  Moreover, this man, the shrewd, little weasel of a “man”, would then break down the MMS (mineral management services) even more than it was during the Bush administration, making the job of the 65 inspectors now employed by our “big, bad, communist government”, inspecting over 3500 wells in the Gulf region alone, that much more difficult, while he erases any moratorium designed to prevent another disaster like Deep Water Horizon from ever happening again creating those pesky “safety systems” that would keep people alive as well as protect our most fragile and precious environment!  This, coupled with the “fracking” that is NOW going on in 37 states, where the drinking water in New York City WILL be affected by over 596 chemicals that are used in the “hydraulic fracturing” of shale rock–a combination of the high pressure water and 596 chemicals forced into the rock, releasing the “prize” of “natural gas”.  Again, the “fracking” process, combined with the 596 chemicals, is then left over after the “natural gas” is retrieved, and thus, “it”, the dirty water, then seeps into any nearby stream or brook, or river, and then flows into bigger rivers and inlets, say, like, the Hudson River, the main water source for over 18 million people in the greater New York City area.  Yes, upstate New York is the site of hundreds, perhaps thousands of newly planned “natural gas” well set ups, that, if approved, and why wouldn’t they be if Barton is in charge with Boehner watching his back, will cause such significant damage to the environment, we may never fully recover.  We will be in a severe crisis mode, as millions of people are forced to literally light their sinks on fire in protest of the sick, egregious, inhuman and monstrous policies and practices of companies like Halliburton, who surgically removed the Environmental Protection Agency’s teeth in 2005, by way of the “Halliburton Loophole”.  Don’t believe me, just ask “DICK” Cheney, he will fill you in on all the gory details, for his work, and the work of other corporate “titans”, like David and Charles Koch, of Koch Industries, bringing “fracking” to a neighborhood near you soon, is the work of people who will stop at nothing to get what they want and do not care who they step on, i.e., THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, her wildlife, and lands therein, to get it.  Again, that is what this country can look forward to if the p.o.h.n./tea party puppet show is elected back into power in Washington D.C., a sequel, if you like, such as the crappy movies that are coming out in Hollywood these days; you know, movies that sell at the box office/DVD/overseas.  Movies like “Transformers 5–the return of the Ronald Reagan and the ethical conduct and practices of the early 19th century,” and, “How Stella got her groove back after losing it somewhere in lower Manhattan,”  to the disastrous policies of one George W. Bush and his handlers, “Dick” Cheney, his father, George Mitchell, Donald Rumsfeld, and a whole host of others, like strategists, Karl Rove, who acted, as the great book implies (Bush’s Brain), as Bush’s “brain” for 8 long years, bringing this country into two wars, huge unfunded tax breaks for the wealthy (800 billion dollars added to the deficit, bringing NO jobs, if the 2001, 2003 Bush tax cuts are extended from a very temporary status–as it was designed that way ten years ago), deregulation of important government agencies like the EPA, NOAA, MMS and the SEC, which became a running joke to Wall Street executives, who took advantage of free money from the FED, the subsequent blind eye to derivative practices and hedge funds, default swaps, basically, that built a house of cards on the now infamous casino of the world, WALL STREET. These “banks” then made a fortune on both investors and consumers alike, both of whom they defrauded, with the invention of intricate financial devices built in to the sub-prime mortgage shark fest, and when the bubble burst, who were the ones the, “the American People” bailed out, with their tax money?  You guessed it, the investment banks and moreover, the executives themselves, who ALL awarded each other, in the insider trading/board room/country club locker room/bar area/yacht/Grand Cayman island offshore bank account place of business, billions upon billions of dollars…where there are no cameras, no information as to what was and still IS really going on, business done in an out of the way place, a quiet kind of place, where the executives of Wall Street call the shots, suddenly, the “man behind the curtain appears”, he makes a phone call, and poof, a bill is signed into law because it fit a certain investment “angle” for a certain investor, all this done on a grand scale and intentionally done not caring one iota for the common man, “the American People.” I can just hear them now– “please, dear sir, you are becoming tiresome, we give to the poor, but, I’m afraid, they don’t normally offer a receipt…am I right?”  The sad truth of the matter was just summed up in that one sentence, the wealthy are not all bad, nor are the poor all good.  That is not what is at question here.  What is at question, is the very definition of the fabric of our country, the Constitution of the United States, the bedrock, the defining compass of which the founding fathers left us, our heritage, and our beliefs of what is right and KNOWING what is WRONG, i.e., the corporate takeover of the federal government, with regressive and dangerous backwards steps in national policy, it’s real life, working policies and it’s practices–if that does not scare you, you might want to consult a doctor.  The very reason we went to war with Germany a little under 70 years ago–a hostile country who took over other counties and demanded they become what they were–was to fight naked aggression and tyranny, coming to the aid of our allies, such as Britain and France, and protecting the world’s civilization from a mad man bent on creating a “master race”, by way of genocide.  I don’t know about you, but if you took one of those polls and asked the more relevant questions, such as, “do you think the whole system is rigged and therefore corrupt? and moreover, do you think the republicans made it so, or the democrats (minus a few rotten apples)?  With Knowledge behind any reasonably intelligent American adult, assuming he or she has not been brainwashed with poisonous lies and innuendo, and given ample time to make a logical, rational and therefore heartfelt decision, devoid of fear, hate or anger, weighing ALL of the pro’s and con’s, I would imagine that the old saying would prove to be right, “the American people are the best people on the face of the planet– they are resilient and trusting, and have great horse sense, and they don’t deserve any more lies from the grand old party of hell no.”  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the good people of the Bayou, the SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein…may the grace of GOD be with you and yours always… Have a wonderful Tuesday folks!   Peace~M

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