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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 15, 2021

man made madness!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the misting, mild, mysterious, magnificent, magnanimous island of Nantucket! Great to be broadcasting LIVE from famous Ocean Street here in historic, quiet, quaint Hyannis, where there is plenty of room for ’social distancing’ save a few seagulls or Humpback whales here or there…


It is The Fifteenth Day of February, 2021, Monday by all accounts, and if you didn’t SEA it, a few days ago on ‘TV’, our fearless, ancient alien ‘leader’, this fraudulently (s)elected ‘president’ “tay”, presiding over the “People’s Republic of Washington DC”, indeed, sitting there looking like the tin man in need of some oil, in front of a fireplace with presumably a real plastic mask on, for this ‘humble’ reporter has yet to see an almost 80 year old man with no wrinkles, black eyes and said face mask that doesn’t fit too good!

“Bring in Zee Double!”

Yes, it seems ‘ole slow, sleepy, sad, pedo Joe Beijing Biden and his wife, some PhD very forgettable ‘what’s her face’, are big fans of the Asian “Lunar New Year”, 2021 being the ‘Year of the Ox’; attributes include having an honest nature, reflect traditional conservative traditions, character includes due diligence, determination, dependability and strength, also hard working, active, always busy, and popular among friends…lucky colors include yellow, white and green.

Blue is unlucky.

Sorry Joe, looks like it’s not your year now is it?

When the American people discover all of the filth under the surface of what is really going down in Washington D.C., nothing will be ’sacred’ any longer.

It’s a JOKE!

This deep state has taken our right to worship, to gather with friends and family, pushed us to take a ‘vaccine’ that is killing people as these words are written, they have locked us in our homes like prisoners, taken away our God given right to walk freely without an illuminate mask that damages one’s health and well being, it has restricted travel and quarantined it’s citizens world wide, destroying global mom and pop economies while the big corporate monsters get bigger and bigger.., all in lei of a pandemic that never was…

It has created this ingenious smokescreen to conflate with FAKE climate change (H.A.A.R.P. weather warfare, i.e. ice storms, wild weather nationwide/today’s weather in Texas), in order to usher in Herr Klaus Schwab’s (Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland), “Great Reset”, which will dovetail with UN ’sustainable development goals’ where you, my dear reader, listener, will OWN NOTHING and be happy about it!

Seig Heil!

This highly secretive “GLOBAL” CABAL, highly efficient, effective and powerful, AI omniscient/omnipresent/omnipotent? consists of an elite group of finite players and passions, Illuminate led industries, witches and warlocks, devils and dukes, pedophiles and high priests, with only one goal in mind;


“Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

(credit: “RC Christ?” and “The Georgia Guidestones”, Elbert County, Georgia, USA!, USA! USA!)

Any questions?

Have a powerful, pioneering, pampering, protected, lucky, laughing, loving, luxurious, wilderness/animal filled week ahead folks, and if you need a break from all of this man made madness, even if it is part of the system, tune into to spend a few moments of your day with some real humans on ‘TV’, yes, this ‘reporter’ is speaking of FOX News “The Five” at five p.m. eastern, even if they spend a whole ‘C’ block on Brittany Spears, I love Brittany Spears! Yes, you have your fashionable, turtle neck wearing, philosopher fit, funny Greg Gutfeld, ‘animals best friend’, you got your former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, intelligent, sweet Colorado girl, my home state… You got your Republic white hat wearing warrior of truth and that still breathing, even if through a mask, “American Way”, Jesse Watters, “Oh Juan!” Williams, where’s “Emily?”, and of course that fiery red head, who can forget Degan MacDowell? Whose candid flare for southern hot justice and that pesky little thing called truth is not loved in vain. I only wished ALL of that truth could be revealed on such a heart felt, oddly human feeling talk show, something a cold, ALIEN soul less AI could never replace…

Staying close keeps US together!

Music is one of those, so a big shout out and thanks to that ‘crew’ of said ‘five’, “Free Bird”!

Thank you FOX!


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