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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 12, 2020

Man about town

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, dark, sultry, surprised and sensuous island of Nantucket! Great to be with you at this seven a.m. hour, a quiet Saturday morning on famous Ocean Street in lovely, historic Hyannis, this Twelfth Day of December, 2020, ‘ner a sound outside this humble reporter’s window, save one loudly chirping Chickadee, and all his feathered friends, patiently awaiting his/their,

‘daily bread’…


Below ‘deck’ is, and has been for decades now, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF), technocratic game plan for what “Colonel Klink”, (Davos, Switzerland’s ‘man about town’, give it up for Satan Klaus Schwab!), “Hogan! Hogan! Hogan!”, (please credit the outstanding “TV” sitcom, 1965-1971, “Hogan’s Heroes”, moreover, the good Nazi, pardon the oxymoron, Colonel Klink, head prisoner of war goof ball who is consistently outwitted by “Hogan”, an American, who enjoys running circles around his daft, deluded, bald, monocle wearing Kraut, whose obvious love for “The Fuhrer” made for great entertainment and distraction for a nation stalled in the racket that is WAR;

Vietnam’s endless money machine…


the great distractor, deceiver, divider–designed with programs to brainwash thee…

Research what has already been accomplished by the controllers.

First, control fully the media and political parties in all 193 UN nations.


Second, release a lab produced virus, that has never been isolated, slightly below or on par with the seasonal flu.


Third, bombard the World with 24/7 COVID propaganda, bring on the ‘Rona baby!


Fourth, mandate masks world wide,

via W.H.O.?


Fifth, develop AI algorithms that can ID masked people.


Roll out Agenda 2030…


Conflate COVID with Agenda 2030 as an opportunity to Reset the World (Google Nazi author Klaus Schwab’s book, “COVID-19 & The Great Reset” for more information from the pig’s mouth).


Systematically destroy the economy and as many jobs as possible, using repeated, illogical, illegal, immoral lockdown strategy.


Use PCR (creator Kary Mullis, who died mysteriously in 2019, a month before “Event 201″ took place, a table top exercise in October 2019 on how to handle a ‘pandemic’…, made it a point to explain this test was not created to detect infectious diseases of any kind, it was not designed to do that, plus, he thought ‘Dr.’ Anthony “Father Fast Eddy” Fauci was a fraud and a shyster, who was only in it for the money), high amplifications to justify lockdowns with high numbers of “cases”.


Report all deaths as “COVID-19″ deaths, explain away the dramatic drops in deaths due to cardiovascular disease, cancers, heart attacks, pneumonia, common flu, car accidents, medical error, hello!, thus, justifying coming mandatory vaccine, as these misnamed natural deaths by natural causes go unnoticed by the general public.  There has been, in 2020, no overall increase in the average death rate when compared to death rates in years gone by…


Roll out first placebo vaccine.


Use PCR low amplifications to “prove” that the vaccine worked.

WE are here.

Allow people to feel ‘normality’ is returning.

Introduce digital currency, vaccination pass and social scores.

Introduce basic universal living wage for millions now out of work.

Monitor population using 5G to detect dissent, electronically fine or detain.

Introduce permanent legislation ordering permanent social distancing and mask use.

Roll out mutated new strain of the virus (COVID-21), or terror attack related bio-virus.

If needed, “and it will be…” (credit: 41st U.S. President George H.W. Bush), use PCR high amplifications to justify new lockdowns…

Decide who is worthy of reproducing.

Reduce population to under 500 million.

EL-ites Enjoy the complete CONTROL of a ’sustainable’ and ORDERED “humanity”.

Agenda 2030 complete.



‘And as Santa looked over his list, of W.H.O. has been naughty and who has been nice, he realized at once it’s certainly not Bill Gates, just ask the vaccinated lab mice!

No, this was quite serious;

thus gave it some thought,

“Satan” Klaus really is a sorry, sick, sad, old sot!

Occult plans already in play for such a diabolical plot!

Did he receive evil emails from the dirty old Grinch?

It seems my dear friends, that we are all in quite a pinch!’

Have a nice Saturday folks!


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