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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 26, 2011

Maine Coon

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Saturday morning, the twenty sixth day of March, 2011, coming to you LIVE from the shores of Osterville, the little seaside village a football toss from Hyannis Port, former home to the late, great thirty fifth President of the United States, Jack Kennedy, and his beautiful wife Jackie.  Although the calendar says spring, the weather this morning would indicate that winter is still in charge, offering a cold start to the week end here in the mid Cape region.  The two main stories that are haunting the 24/7 news cycle today still center on the unrest in the Middle East (Libya and Syria in particular) and the difficult job of containing the cracks, sending and spilling dangerous amounts of radiation into the atmosphere, in the reactors, that have sent three of the brave ‘Fukushima 50′, the firemen and other workers in Japan who are risking their own lives to somehow ‘fix’ damaged or completely broken reactors, to hospital–as they have been busy putting water on ’spent’ fuel rods that need to be kept cool in order to prevent more radiation escaping into the Japanese county side and beyond, an heroic effort to prevent more lives being lost.  If you have a moment today, please consider a prayer for these good and resilient brothers and sisters of ours in that island nation, for their plight could well be ours if our own ‘nuclear regulatory commission’ does not get it’s act together, namely by acting like a regulatory commission instead of a two dollar hooker–truly inspecting the 104 plants in this country that are all coming up for their license renewals, renewing many plants that are badly in need of repairs and updates, as many sit on active fault lines, not to mention many more that have already gone way past their INTENDED life span as a nuclear facility, while the ‘NRC’ offers ‘power up grades’…pure insanity.  It is shameful and a disgrace that any politician would use the people of this country as political footballs, when there is so much at stake here.  Add to that regulatory nightmare, the independent study that recently came out regarding the ‘autopsy’ of the ‘blowout preventer’, the chief cause for the Deep Water Horizon disaster with bp’s name on it in the Gulf of Mexico eleven and a half months ago.  According to a Norwegian firm, the blowout preventer IS the culprit, as test after exhaustive INDEPENDENT tests prove, 45 percent of the time these blowout ‘preventers’ of oil spills cannot stop the destructive pressure offered in the very dangerous game of deep water oil drilling, a sport that the federal government, namely the Department of Interior, has stepped up a notch, recently granting five more permits to drill in even deeper water, such as the recent Chevron pass, to drill in 7000 feet in the Gulf of Mexico–2000 more feet than the ‘deep water horizon’.  According to Bob Cavnar, an ex-oil guy, the same safety procedures that were set to stone in the form of a ‘plan’ in 2009, the ‘emergency response plane’, are still in place, it’s the same plan, with the same ’safety’ measures, offering no concrete changes.  Therefore, we are playing russian roulette with this nonsensical drilling in waters where we should be more concerned about the fact that hundred mile long plumes of ’sheen’ are re-appearing off the coast of Louisiana, marking the FACT that because of that disastrous oil spill in 2010, the ocean now has giant ‘dead zones’ where the basic building blocks of our food chain cannot live, because the oil and Corexit dispersant have effectively coated hundreds of square miles, at the  bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, with a gooey mixture, an oil/corexit mixture, highly toxic, 5 inches deep, cutting off oxygen and, thus, vital nutrition for said one cell animals that fish and other animals up the food chain eat, going all the way, you guessed it, up to man himself, man who now wants to continue to drill with equipment that has now been proved will not work if pressure gets out of control, which always will in this deep water exercise of profit and greed–profit and greed to the detriment of our planet, it’s people and it’s animal and plant kingdoms–a real lose-lose for us all.  Sweet dreams Tony, ‘gone sailin’” Hayward, former bp CEO!–you and your kind will be duly noted for all to see in the coming years.  Have a wonderful day everybody and remember to tip you waitresses!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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