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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 23, 2009

Maine Coon in the moonlight

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On a starry dawn here in Osterville, I bid you a good morning.  It is hard to tell what is going to happen next in Washington D.C., as the pressure to get something meaningful done in regard to something as critical as health care rages on, it may be wise to allow the American public to get up to speed with the truth.  The truth is a funny thing, as it shines light indiscriminately on everything and anything.  “The truth shall set you free”, Shakespeare wrote over 500 years ago and those words could not be more accurate than right here, right NOW.  Is it true that the “Blue Dog” democrats have destroyed any possiblity of a public option, that is the only viable answer to curbing inflationary premiums that are bankrupting the working class in this country?  YES.  Is it true that a government mandate will insure new business for said insurance companies, increasing premiums, say robbing Peter to pay Paul? YES.  Is it true that this system is broken and is hurting the very fabric of our nation, i.e. the American public?  YES.  Can it be rectified?  YES.  Is there a little magic left in the moonlight for this great nation?  YES!  Have a great Wednesday!  Peace M

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