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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 15, 2010

Lush Beauty

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The flowers at Armstrong-Kelly park in Osterville shine bright on this April day, no matter what the pundits say…  Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.  Sun and calm seas are expected on the Cape and islands today, with temperatures in the mid 50’s–a perfect day to celebrate “Daffodil Day” on Nantucket!  The Fugawi sailboat race kicks off the summer sailing season as well, and I pray that Sir Lion, Teddy Kennedy, is watching from a luxury box in the sky, perhaps pondering what a miracle it is that we passed health care into law only a short few weeks ago…  My city of Boston received one of my favorite game show hosts, Sarah, “give me a helicopter, a thirty odd six and some innocent wolves”, Palin, for her most recent assault on honesty, good will and the working poor.  Her “speech” at the Boston Common, only a few short steps from where I used to live on Spruce Place, tucked away in the narrow gas lamp streets of Beacon Hill, commanded about 5000 people who listened to her squeaky voice screeching, “How’s that , hopey, changey thing goin’ for ya?”…  The deep wells of compassion and grace filled the Boston air, as Sarah explained the conspiracy of the Obama administration–how constantly stating the word, “reload”, is not a call for violence.  Her eloquence, as always, was only outmatched by her wisdom and kindness.  I was moved to tears when she had to leave, for I would not know when she was to return.  I count the days.  After her speech, it was reported that she took in a visit at the New England Aquarium, one of my favorite places in Boston next to Faneuil Hall.  While there she asked if she could bring her gun in and rid the aquarium of any unwanted fish.  For, and I quote her, “only dead fish go with the tide…”  According to A.P. reports, she was escorted from the property and banned for life.  The clarity and horse sense of the republicans is so clear and right as rain– the good folks at FOX News see this, why can’t you?  The era of great men like Teddy Kennedy seems to be waning in politics these days, as the five minute attention span of Americans tends to favor the game show host variety as the world slowly melts.  I pray that the trend is reversed.  Have a wonderful day folks, you betcha!  Peace~ M

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