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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 20, 2010

Love to the Sea

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  A pink and purple sunrise of extraordinary beauty greeted me this morning at Dowses Beach here in Osterville, with only a handful of people awake at this hour.  Spinning by “Our Lady of the Assumption”, the six a.m. Mass was getting under way, and another day on Cape begins in earnest…  “Where’s Harry?”, seems to be the battle cry of the republican nominee for Senate in the great state of Nevada when faced with reporters like Nathan Baca, of the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas.  Sharon “Angle” is that nominee and she is pitted against Harry Reid, the democratic Senator whose boxing abilities made the “theory” of Health Care in this country a reality for millions of folks who have slipped through the cracks of American society–a true man of the people.  Ms. “Angle” met her match a few days ago when this responsible journalist dared to ask the TRUTH regarding HER very vocal “wish list” of dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency (along with social security, medicare, the IRS, and a handful of other vital federal government agencies, designed to help our citizens), during the most devastating man made environmental disaster the world has ever seen–EVER. Baca asked “Angles” a direct question in regard to her desire to see the EPA go by the way of the Dodo bird.  He was greeted by, “where are you getting these questions?” and “where is Harry Reid, you will not put Harry’s words in my mouth, where is Harry?  where is Harry?  Where is Harry…”  To the reporter’s surprise, after he told her that those were actually her words, not Harry’s, she launched, or rather descended into, a psychological meltdown that propelled her to get the hell out, muttering under her breath, and making a b-line for the exit.  The reporter followed her and as he repeatedly asked “Angles” about her position and basic threat of the right wingnut “tea party”– a threat that borders, hell, crosses the line into the criminal, as she consistently employs the word–“remedy” in relation to the second amendment married to the p.o.h.n., “party of hell no,” or pawn if you will.  Stating very clearly that a “remedy” (of the second ammendment variety) will be employed upon Harry Ried if she is not elected in the fall.  To quote “Angles”, “we need to take Harry Reid out.” Let us look up that word, “remedy”, shall we.  Taking out my new Webster’s “pocket dictionary”, it is defined as thus–remedy n., pl.–dies  thing that corrects, etc. –v.–died, dying to cure, correct, etc.   To the common man, a remedy is a solution, but to the pawns of the world like Sharon Angle, it may mean something much more than that.  Again, I will use her words and you can draw your own conclusion, “we need to take Harry Reid out.” To some madman with a gun, with a sixth grade education, remedy is a ten dollar word, like mayonnaise, ending violently with a gun shot, or worse–another Oklahoma City.  Remember Oklahoma City?  Are we that thick as a nation that we cannot remember a little over a decade ago and look back at our own historical tragedies?  Do you not remember mourning as a nation, as to the senseless violence unleashed upon our own innocent citizens?  How we ALL cried those collective tears of shame and disbelief?  How we wondered how this could happen to our own brothers and sisters in this nation such as OURS?  Did we learn nothing?  To quote Jeff Bridges, a great actor and musician, friend to seacapecod.net, in the cult film classic, “The Big Lebowski”, “This aggression won’t stand, MAN!” So heads up oil men of the world, with your crazy puppets dancing on a string, you days of fear mongering are OVER!  We are on to you, and if you want to come and take my gun, you’re too late.  I left them in New York long ago.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the men and women who live there, and the beautiful sea creatures and marsh lands therein… Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday folks!  Peace~ M

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