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March 30, 2011

Lone Wolf

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning here in Osterville, the tiny, tiny seaside village on Cape Cod proper, only a mere football toss away from the home to the late, great thirty-fifth President of the United States of America, Jack Kennedy, his beautiful wife, Jackie and his brothers Teddy and Bobby, not to mention his sisters, such as Eunice, and his mother and father, Rose and Joe Senior. I wonder what their thoughts would be regarding what I am about to write on this tiny, tiny blog on the website, seacapecod.net… The “Mackinac Center”, a conservative ‘think’ tank is demanding private emails on anyone who may be an expert on the right wing, little covered, COUP, of our country, the same group who pulls the strings on their elected puppets in, especially the House of Representatives, just about every state in the union now, all while they promote the LIE of their number one sales pitch to said, ad nauseum, “the American people”, and that, of course, being ‘we believe in a small government’, except of course, if you are poor, disenfranchised, a minority, a woman, a ‘gay’, or one of those liberal communist tree huggin’ pinko’s who don’t believe in the shot heard ’round the world’, as expressed by head crazy Michelle Bachmann recently in the great state of New Hampshire, where she concluded that New Hampshire was not only the place where that famous shot was fired, but also contained the towns of Concord and Lexington, which are, of course, right here in my backyard of Massachusetts.  Bring it on a$$holes!  Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, and Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, all embody the same wave of fascism emanating from the perilously close, and very real, takeover of our liberties in this great nation founded on the principal of “WE THE PEOPLE”, opting instead for, “WE THE CORPORATIONS”…  Rick Snyder will be in today’s SPOTLIGHT, for his moves have prompted a tremendous outcry from that great state of Michigan, a state I once lived in, as his authoritarian rule over his constituents now includes the power to dissolve a whole town if it is deemed to be insolvent.  However, what is even more disturbing is the fact that the “Mackinac Center” has now begun targeting professors at prestigious universities such as the University of Wisconsin, at Madison, professors such as William Cronon–a history professor, who is the President of the American historical association, a MacArthur Genius Award recipient, and considered to be one of the most distinguished professors of history in the United States today–and, more specifically, go after his emails.  These emails have been ‘demanded’ by the Mackinac think tank, a, dare I say, Nazi organization, who are hell bent on propelling this nation backwards to the early 19th century.  These emails were demanded by this well funded group, more about that later, after he wrote an academic piece about conservative groups using model legislation to push conservative policies in the states.  The republican party in the state of Wisconsin filed an ‘open records request’ demanding to read professor Cronan’s emails–can you say, “1984?”, can you say George Orwell?, ’sure, I knew that you could…’ (credit the late, great Fred Rogers of PBS).  Here is a prominent professor of HISTORY being scrutinized by billionaires hiding behind a fake ‘think tank’ that is nothing more than a strong arm for the agenda of the coming PLUTOCRACY, whose academic writings put him on the wrong side of the ‘republican’ party, or rather, the insane creation of the ‘tea party’ which is nothing more than a rag tag group of muscle men who were launched into office on the wings of billionaire’ dollars who now own them, lock, stock and barrel, demanding, as in the possible government shut down on April 8th, (if the billionaires don’t get their way in cutting 61 billion dollars from the federal budget, not in the way of a fair tax code, but rather in cutting spending on things like the EPA, ‘meals on wheels’, for seniors, home heating for those same seniors and the poor, Planned Parenthood, but, of course, never touching defense or the tax rate for said billionaires) that they, these teabaggers, do exactly what they wish to be done, i.e. busting unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, not to mention just about every other state in the union, taking away the last voice the collective ‘American people’ have in fighting this coup of our country by rich, white men who care nothing for the poor, the Constitution, the environment or the elderly–effectively saying to anyone out there, not unlike myself, “you speak out, the government will use all of the leverage it can muster to pry open your life…” A quote by my FRIEND Rachel Maddow.  I say, bring it on!  I have nothing to hide Mr. Koch, do you?   The republicans, who double speak, incessantly, of a ’smaller, less intrusive government’ are out and out LIARS!  These newly elected puppets of big business are nothing more than used car dealers who bait the ‘American people’ into believing they are really all about ‘individual liberty’ and ‘freedom’, when in actuality they are all about controlling the minds and purse strings of every American who may try and bring the real TRUTH into the equation, exposing what these people really are, newly elected puppets, calling themselves ‘republican governors’ and ‘members of the House of Representatives’–again, puppets on a string that can dance and sing with the best of them, puppets on a string who do the bidding of the big multinational corporations out there, whose interests have nothing to do with black people, Hispanic people, poor people, the elderly, our children’s education, or the environment…in short, have nothing to do with anything the United States of America stands for, or has stood for in it’s 236 year old history.  When the pendulum began to swing back to the republican party after the democratic takeover in 2006 and 2008 national elections, again, favoring the democrats, it swung back to a particular kind of ‘conservatism’, an “authoritarian conservatism, or as Rachel Maddow put it, ‘really, really big intrusive government’–the polar opposite of their transparent hypocritical sales pitch to the “American People”, stating, congressman by congressman, Senator by Senator, they were all interested in a government that did not impede on everyday people’s lives, ’saying’ this, all while they launched a war against a woman’s right to choose, gay rights, minority rights, union rights, and well, any rights that they could wage a war on that did not involve the top one percent, whom they all work for.   The first state wide elections after the democratic win in 2008, taking back the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, was Virginia and it’s governors’ race, in November of 2009.  Virginia elected a man, Bob Macdonald, who said “…every level of government should statutorily and procedurally prefer married couples over cohabitors, homosexuals or fornicators.”  Well done, Bob!  You sir were the first to take that jump off the crazy cliff that you can never take back, you were the first to promote what all the other aforementioned governors, newly elected, in this fake tea party movement, are doing right now–you were the first to promote the ‘really, really big intrusive government’ culture war that is now being waged against women, minorities, gays, and the poor, working and indigent, along with the unions that gave us the week end, vacation, safe working conditions, and a voice in the American political system, or anyone who does not embrace the dangerous conservative christian coalition narrow mindset of what they ‘think’ America should be–a country specifically designed for billionaires to continue to rape and pillage, while holding the proverbial public’s head under water demanding an answer to the question posed in the classic film, “The Running Man”, starring Dustin Hoffman, “is it safe?” Macdonald going on demanding the emails from a Virginia science professor whose whole work on GLOBAL WARMING did not jive with the likes of a$$holes like David and Charles Koch, yes, Rachel, to use your words, “I can just smell the freedom…” ‘Talking Points Memo’ produced, recently, a new demand by the conservative movement whose headline reads, “Conservative think tank seeks Michigan professors emails about Wisconsin union battle and Maddow…” Huh?  This is a new demand from the right, to DEMAND PRIVATE EMAILS of people to whom are calling out the conservatives on their lie that they ‘really just want small government, to leave people alone…’  What a crock of $hit.  The Labor Studies faculty at Michigan State University, Wayne State University, and the University of Michigan, have all just had this DEMAND of surrendering their emails, by this right wing ‘think tank’, specifically demanding to see any email that includes, (but not limited to) the words, “Scott Walker”, “Wisconsin”, “Madison”, or “Maddow”.  This is, again, the Mackinac Center, a well funded, by the likes of the ‘brother’s koch’, among other billionaires, think tank, secret in nature, as they don’t disclose their funder’s.  However, Mother Jones Magazine came up with a list of those donors that include, but are not limited to, “Charles G. Koch Foundation” (polluting ‘frackers’), “the Walton Family” (the founders of Walmart and a recipient of a hopeful class action law suit brought against them, discrimination, by thousands of women employees of said company, going all the way to the Supreme Court) and Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation (parent’s to Eric Prince, the founder of the fine security firm called Blackwater, now known by it’s more feminine name, Xe), nice company eh?  So here it is, the Mackinac Center, or group of billionaires hell bent on hijacking this country and it’s core principals, who represent nothing more than the beginning of the end of true liberty, freedom of thought, and the right to pursue any kind of happiness in the United States of America, “no fun of any kind!”–this group represents everything OUR forefathers fought and died for in 1776, fighting against what we are up against today, a really, really BIG tyrannical RULE of one King George the third, coming now in the form of the BROTHERS KOCH. Good Luck with that one, Mackinac Group, we here at SEACAPECOD.NET will be happy to comply with your orders, just as soon as you take off those stuffed white shirts and reveal the Nazi uniform underneath.  BRING IT ON! The republican party’s bull$hit about small government is being exposed by excellent reporters and great citizens of this great country, people like Rachel Maddow, and it WILL continue–for your oligarchical days are numbered, trust me.  We have seen worse villains than you, and there is such a thing that will never die, and that is SOCIAL JUSTICE! God’s continued speed to the good people of Japan, may we learn from your tragedy here in this backwater, at the moment, called the United States of America.  Have a great day folks!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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