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January 29, 2010

Lone Bird

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Studying the recent “State of the Union” speech by President Obama, that he gave to the joint session of the United States Senate, the United States Congress, and the American people, I have to give him high marks for content and extra credit for humor.  For who could not add some “tongue in cheek” to the avenues afforded him by an unprecedented right wing obstructionist philosophy?  There is little doubt in my mind to the intentions of men, or mice as it were, like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and John McCain who sat in their comfortable seats for this historic speech by the first African-American to hold the title of President of the United States.  Feeling confident that the ruling the Supreme Court recently gave on “corporate campaign donations unlimited”, these men of little to no moral code sat on their hands while the President outlined a path out of the destructiveness that has become Washington D.C..  Lip readers read aloud McCain’s grumpy attitude for us all to hear loud and clear, “Blame it on Bush”, as President Obama stated the obvious fact that he was handed a financial crisis created by the former administration– wars that were unfunded to the tune of 1.5 trillion dollars, a “health care” cartel that is holding the citizens of this country hostage, a corrupt banking system that is literally stealing money from the American tax payer, a legislative body that is blind to satellite views that show one’s eyes the fact that Greenland, as well as the Polar ice cap, are almost 50 percent gone all due to human activity and the emitting of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and, if left unchecked, will doom the world as we now know it, devious and derelict lobbyists who are like cock roaches in our collective kitchens, and the corporate owned media, that has deceived 50 percent of the American public into believing everything they read, hear, or think via mice like Limbaugh, Beck and O’Reilly…not to mention record unemployment that has no real end in sight, as the “jobs” of the past were built upon systems, like the automobile industry, that are going the way of the Dodo bird.  This does not begin to touch on “Peak Oil”, the phenomenon where oil will reach it’s peak supply and begin it’s descent, while demand for the most efficient of all energy (or at least the way our infrastructure is set up now) oil, continues to go up, as developing countries like China and India demand more and more fuel.  These monumental problems facing the United States of America are daunting, and as the President asked the simple question, “if you have a better solution to issues like health care, please let me know, let me know, let me know,” you could see the cynicism, cruelty, and dare I say hatred in the eyes of the party that just says NO.  These are not leaders.  They represent a small minority of wealthy, white men who live in secret fraternity houses like “C Street” in Washington D.C., and think that sex scandals are a big joke.  They are a group of politicians who hide behind the word of God (not being anywhere near the Creator) and manipulate the words of Christ himself in order to scare people into a line that they set up themselves.  One representative said this of the poor, “don’t feed stray animals”…the poor are now animals?  Jesus said many moons ago, “what you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me.“  Can it be any clearer than that?  Or do they take the St. James version of the Bible and manipulate the words to fit into their short term, narcissistic grand plan for man kind? (25% unemployment, a barter economy, no regulation and a strong military)  What do these so called leaders know of God?  What do these men of “power” Know of generosity, kindness and love of your fellow man?  Nothing.  And that is what they amount to–NOTHING.  If a member of congress or the United States Supreme Court are elected or appointed via the new bribery system that the afore mentioned “court” just put into place, then they should be forced to wear the company logo, such as ADM or Exxon Mobile, on their $5000 dollar suits and admit, in public, who and what they really represent–GREED.  Have a nice week end!  Peace~ M

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