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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 1, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  It is good to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the day after Memorial Day week end, I hope yours was peaceful and restful.  On a cloudy start to the day here on Cape, with a little rain expected after an incredible stretch of summer like weather, come on down and visit us!–again, we will leave the LIGHT on for you… Like any good corporation, bp is already busy at work strengthening their liability situation in the great state of Texas, yes, even before the gaping hole in the ocean floor is capped.  As the company attempts yet another acrobatic move 5000 plus feet under the surface of the sea, sawing off the top of the oil riser and then placing a pipe inside the damaged appendages of the rig, bp hopes to stop the 25,000 barrels of oil spewing out into the Gulf daily–as you read these words right NOW…  Most do not believe this will work any better than the methods employed in the past, with the only remaining hope being in the relief well(s) that will be completed in August!  Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad that bp had a plan all along to prevent such a tragedy from occurring to begin with–hell, it was written in their manifesto.  Not only was it written, but approved by the Bush appointed MMS/Oil tycoon partnership designed to maximize profits and minimize all that fancy paperwork called regulatory responsibility.  Obama was just an observer with little knowledge of the insidious nature of this business, as will be reflected in the upcoming law suits that have already been brought forth by victims of this major corporate f#$k $p.  Thus far, over 100 law suits have been brought forth in seven different courts, in five different states, with bp asking that ALL of these cases be put in the hands of one man– a judge by the name of Lynn N. Hughes, serving in the United States District Court in Houston, Texas–a position he has held since 1985.  This “judge” was recently seen at a conference and exhibition for the AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists), with the Miami Herald reporting that in the past few years, the petroleum industry has sent Judge Hughes to events all over the world (13 different events to places like Cape Town, South Africa).  A week before the explosion on the Deep Water Horizon rig, the judge attended a conference for said rig–to discuss possible problems with the blow out preventer perhaps?  It has also been reported that this judge, that bp wants as its “decider” in all of the upcoming cases against the criminal acts of said company, has many ties to the oil and gas industry.  He is personally invested in the industry.  Let me repeat that so that I am clear–he is personally invested in the INDUSTRY! He has leased the mineral rights on 11 different parcels to a number of different oil and gas exploration firms.  Since when did a conflict of interest become so obvious and outrageous?  Let me see if I have all of the facts here.  We see bp and Transocean cut corners on safety, allowing for one of their deep water rigs to blow up, sink and then begin spilling millions of barrels of oil into one of the most pristine wildlife areas in the world, with millions of people depending on the fishing industry for their very existence.  Then we see the Executive in this country almost drag their feet in response to the disaster, allowing bp to run the show and limit both the access of independent scientific researchers to the site, as well as qualified animal experts to clean the birds, turtles and dolphins who are dying because of the toxicity of the spill.  Then we watch bp lie about the amount of oil being spewed into the ocean every day because it wishes to limit its exposure to liability.  Finally, we are now watching bp literally hand pick it’s own judge who is friendly, and most likely in bed with, the oil and gas industry.  Is that about right?  This is not only a slap in the face to all of the people who live in and around the Gulf region, but to all of us.  How can we allow a corporation like bp, who is not even an American corporation, (although that does not really seem to matter anymore with the corrupt angle of global corporate mandates), to destroy the very fabric of our nation and then give them the right to pick the judge who will exonerate them for their criminal negligence and limit their liability to the 75 million dollars they are on the hook for at present moment, (this combined with the fact that bp and the “Swiss based” Transocean have their American corporate offices in Houston, with Dick Cheney’s Halliburton world corporate headquarters also based in, you guessed it, HOUSTON!)–Houston, I think we have a problem… The people, the animals and the marsh lands of the south land deserve more than this bulls#$t!  May GOD be with all of the good, and may he eliminate the bad.  Have a nice day folks!   Peace~ M

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