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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 29, 2009

Liam’s Love

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Armstrong-Kelly Park in Osterville is an extraordinary place.  The boardwalks that wind like a river around the park, filled with trees that had been planted here from exotic places such as Norway and Japan, each have a person’s name or sentiment written on them.  In one spot, as you can make out from the image I took yesterday, is “Liam’s Train”.  There is a poem that is on a placard that sits above the wooden choo choo where children from all ages play, or sit and drink their coffee.  The poem is called “The song of the track”, and it goes something like this, clickety clack, clickety clack everyone hears the sound of the track, over the split and over the crack, clickety clickety clickety clack…everyone hears the sound of the track.”  There is another placard honoring Liam’s memory, as he must have been a much loved man who gave as much love as he also must have assuredly received, for it reads, “To Liam, for his love of laughter and play”.  A wooden teddy bear sits guard over the words that were so carefully placed at this shine of love.  In a world that is full of hate and fear, this park has no place or desire to be any part of that.  For fear and Love cannot coexist, and if love and joy are indeed one and, moreover, is the natural state of the human being, i.e. all of us, then it would stand to reason that we could all take a ride on Liam’s train and listen, if only for a moment, to the sound of the track and just enjoy the ride.  Peace is sometimes more than just a word that I put at the end of my blogs, it is also a board on the far end of one of the walks in this enchanted place.    Peace and Joy  Michael

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