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May 9, 2014

Let there be LIGHT!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, cool and rather raw island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on this 9th day of May, 2014, a day featuring some rain on Cape, with the middle part of the country looking to the skies once again for the tornadoes that will eventually touch down…our prayers are with them! As are prayers for the hijacked school girls in Nigeria, may the forces of good be with them now, as well as all women hurt by evil men world wide–WE are watching you.

Of course, all the prayers in the world will probably not wake up this mentally, physically and spiritually challenged 21st century GOP, who have gone back to the insanity of retrying old cases, i.e. the tragic death of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, or the IRS ’scandal’ of Crossroads/GPS tax status (501(c)(4)) victim-hood along with other right wing groups who felt they were unfairly targeted, and of course ‘Fast and Furious’, yes, reopening the red herrings because attacking “Obamacare” in order to stoke the crazy tea party base just ‘ain’t working no more, ’cause dag nabbit, it, the Affordable CARE ACT of 2010, now the LAW of the land, is working for millions of Americans–imagine that Mitt?

This U.S. right wing noise machine, fueled by the Gerbil like station of FOX ‘News’ and other right wing talk show haters such as Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, is really quite a piece of work.  If you were an undereducated person living in this country right now, never really knowing much about politics and power in the good ‘ole US of A, nor knew any real history of this nation or the world for that matter, you may, with your Comcast subscription, truly believe global warming is a hoax, the President is a treasonous imposter from Kenya, a secret Muslim communist who wants your guns and first born child, yes, sir, you would believe that the republican party has every right to be in a woman’s bedroom, telling her what she can and cannot do with her own body, absolutely you would.  Yet on that same note, these same folks hypocritically claim that government has no right to infringe on our ’sacred’ second amendment rights by golly, rights that somehow dictate–now law in Georgia, God help them!–that all kinds of bloody guns belong in churches, schools, libraries, bars, airports, hospitals, maternity wards especially, did I say churches, hell yes I did!  Yes even Christ would be brainwashed into thinking a far left wing conspiracy is here to take away your ‘freedom’ via healthy food choices and a fair living wage mandated by that ‘evil out of control spending big government’ that wants to ‘enslave’ you by giving you food stamps so you don’t starve to death working your slave job at Walmart.  You would not be aware that your situation is only getting worse, for the deck is stacked against you and your kind, even though you continue to vote these guys in, these fake and phony grass root tea party types into office, ’cause they be against and his tyrannical ways. Yet you would be wrong.  Very wrong.

The republican party is a group of men who are clamoring around the plutocrats attempting to buy this country–via voter restrictions/ID and gerrymandered districts that favor the now party of the one percent–candidates with a little ‘r’ in upcoming local, state and federal elections coming up in November.  Billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers will spend hundreds of millions more soon– thanks to the fatally flawed SCOTUS‘ 2010 “Citizens United” decision to allow big corporations to dump UNLIMITED amounts of monies into elections in those now gerrymandered districts from sea to shining sea, electing puppets, with the help of many a dumb American republican male, who do not have your best interests in mind.  NO SIR!  These ‘men’ only have the interest of their investors and themselves in mind, PROFIT over People, while they FRACK their way into your air and water, poisoning it forever while making you beat your chest ever in their favor–blindly chanting USA! USA! USA!  “We’re number one in pulling ‘natural gas’ out of the ground, using those 596 deadly chemicals to do so, chemicals made by Koch Industires who have bound and gagged the EPA from doing a damn thing about it”… (let alone the “Clean Water Act” of 1973)

President Obama (please vote NO on the Keystone pipeline sir!), to his credit, and his overall administration’s, looks to the new “National Climate Assessment” for some clues as to what this country and world will experience ‘weather wise’ next–a report that should make your jaw drop.  Yet, the republican party wants you to keep your blinders on, or like an Ostrich’s head in the proverbial sand, and just be good little boys and girls, listening intently, if you can do such as thing, to the gang on FOX & Friends, my personal favorite, next to the genius Sean Hannity and “Papa Bear” O’Reilly of course, who will tell you all you need to know, literally spinning LIE after LIE (brought to you by Rupert, “Arrrrghhhhh matie”, Murdoch; owner and ‘creator’ of the horrible news and entertainment medium from hell), in order to keep you locked into what I have been referring to all these years at seacapecod.netTHE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME! This is psychological warfare that attempts to force it’s victims, or the hostages, i.e. 90 percent of the American people, to somehow feel sorry for their captors, e.g. the Koch brothers.  Greedy and powerful Oligarchs, rather Oligarchs’ in waiting, want you to believe that trickle down voodoo economics is beneficial to the middle and working classes, hell even the poor.   Screaming about the liberal, elite drive by media over at say, MSNBC, who are constantly attacking the defenseless 100 billion dollar brother’s ‘freedom’ to rape and pillage the land, air and water for their PROFIT–and thus, by the virtue of being part of the “Benghazi watchdog team” (sheep, I mean Fox viewers actually donating money to these grifter’s campaigns via the tragedy)–it seems that ‘your’ freedom is under attack as well.  All in what a Megan Kelly from FOX would call a ’slippery slope’.  Injustices done to the poor, old rich white guys by taxing them too much, regulating them too much, or talking the truth about them too much.   Yes, by doing all of that they fear we WILL pull the curtain back so WE can ALL see the wizard(s) behind the curtain– you know, the one pulling the congressman’, governors’, senators’ collective strings...We couldn’t have that now could we?

The word is war.  The answer is peace. But the right wing nut jobs did not get the memo and that is why we have a dysfunctional Congress that will only be made worse if, God Forbid, the republicans win back the Senate in the Fall.  It is hard to imagine what kind of austerity measures they would like to impose on the poor ‘American People’ next   .  .  .   Paul Ryan’s 2015 republican vision for the future, the “Pathway to Prosperity” is a cruel joke that tragically does not make people laugh all that much.  Well, at least 99 percent of them.  Much like the traffic on the George Washington bridge, on another September 11th day, this one in 2013, the country ‘ain’t going no where because some people are just vindictive a$$holes!  Just ask New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, he’ll tell ya!  Although it would probably come in a million dollar white washed report from his overpriced lawyer.  Perhaps Bridgett Anne Kelly will speak truth to power, or David Wildstein… Maybe he could gain immunity and tell all, for they are both a perfect example of Stockholm Syndrome in the microcosm.  Just imagine the macro and what a powerful tool it IS on 315 million unsuspecting Americans?  Well, at least half of them.  Shine the LIGHT on these jokers!  Educate OUR people before it’s too late!  They don’t have a leg to stand on when the truth is digested without any processed or chemically altered additives! Have a great week end folks and pray for peace all over the world–the Ukraine especially. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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