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April 2, 2020

Forget logic at the door…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, soon to be quite stormy, windy and wild island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on another cool, windy, wet early Spring day here on Ocean Street in Historic Hyannis, awaiting that ocean storm to hit at any moment,

…sounds familiar eh?

It is the Second Day of April, 2020, Thursday, a little before nine a.m., with a nation on edge as she is dealt with the enormity of this COVID-19 virus that seems to have gotten a hold of the president to a certain degree, although one must beg the question,

“…what’s up with putting on a puppet show with military brass yesterday ahead of the virus itself?  Especially when we have doctors, nurses, first responders of all stripes begging for more protection?”

Mike Barnacle, of the Boston Herald, stated the obvious yesterday when he spoke of the Federal Budget being ’shrunk down to the size where one could drown it in a bathtub’ (credit: Grover Norquist).  Of course he was not speaking of the military budget, priority number one?, but discretionary monies designed to help the common man, woman and child in the Republic.

Especially in a crisis such as the one WE are facing.

There needs to be a Federal response to this, yet that does not appear to be on the horizon.  Governors across the country feel that they are truly on their own, with no direction home.  New York Governor Mario Cuomo revealed a startling chart in his press briefing yesterday, indicating that this could drag on through the Summer and into the Fall, where it most likely will, per the future folly of easing social distancing and the like, bring forth yet another wave of death to not only that region, but to many other municipalities from sea to shining sea.

Listening to the news 24/7 is depressing to say the least.  Akin to a ‘Chatty Kathy’ doll where one pulls the string and listens to said doll spew forth the same information from the day before, perhaps with more despair, depression and dampness in their collective voices;

and eyes.

Trump’s super genius, self described, logic put rogue drug smugglers and military cheerleaders ahead of nurses, doctors and first responders, the real soldiers in this strange new war, and real government, indeed putting this ‘war on drugs’ ahead of the aforementioned heroes plight.  Confusing the situation all that much more, perhaps the whole point, as it served as a nice distraction, or diversion from what will be a tough month for most Americans as they sit at home wondering;

… who is in charge? what’s next? how did we get here? why isn’t more being done? and where will we all be a year from now?

One thing remains crystal clear, the virus is knocking on your door! Protect yourself and your family, friends and neighbors from allowing ‘it’ to enter your lives by simply following common sense and the directives from men and women of science such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, the only Federal voice of reason in this fiasco.

“Forget logic at the door”.

(credit:  Nicholas Lambert; Light worker)

Have a nice day y’all!


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