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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 27, 2021

‘lawyers, guns and money.’ (2.0)

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, mild, calm, soon to be raining cats and dogs island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a pigeon grey Saturday morning, those cool Cape skies hinting at rain outside this ‘humble’ ‘reporter’s’ window on The Twenty-Seventh Day of February, 2021, where even the seagulls are querying over man’s folly once again, this ‘time’ coming in the form of a deadly synthetic mRNA pathogen delivery system that is killing people in the tens of thousands world wide, but you won’t hear that on ‘ole David, “shots in arms”, Muir, God awful propaganda mill, posing as a good, wholesome source for real, honest, interesting, truthful journalism, an oxymoron these DAZE. David “MULE” is a true tool. Fuck you PETA! Indeed, this devil’s advocate is a satanic shill for the Cabal. A slick, sickening, sycophant, a highly paid actor/participant in crimes against humanity by pushing these high tech virus manufacturing sites, i.e. your own cells, via a highly experimental mRNA ‘vaccine’ for “CON”VID 19(84). Add him with all the other ‘journalists’, shills on ‘national TV’, (save decent souls from FOX’ ‘the FIVE’, i.e., Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, “Oh Juan” Williams and that great, fiery red head Degan MacDowell), for their willful ‘ignorance’ of crimes against humanity.

Get out your popcorn when the Nuremberg 2.0 trials for those horrible high crimes against humanity begins in earnest;

…when this whole EVIL murderous plot, a very real and deadly conspiracy, is exposed for ALL to bloody well SEA!

And it’s going to happen,

trust me!

Mark these words;

ALL will be revealed in the END!

W.H.O. ever is responsible for forcing nursing home residents to take this killer death ‘jab’ will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Universal LAW.


They want to kill you and yours!

Make no mistake about it folks, powerful individuals like Bill Gates and his business partner in crimes against humanity, Tony, Father Fast Eddy Fauci, and all involved in this hidden hand Illuminate CABAL, who’s child trafficking, sacrifice, pedophilia is being brought forth into the LIGHT as these words are written in love, yes, these monsters will be found out for what this whole scam has been all about;

money and control.

Only 1% of ADR’s (adverse drug reactions) have been reported to the CDC, a sinister for-profit corporation, and of those well over a thousand otherwise healthy human beings who have died as of the beginning of February, what’s the REAL NUMBER?

I mean “Come on Man”, W.H.O. doesn’t TRUST that ‘Center for Disease’ creation, I mean ‘Control’? With many, many more suffering from the long list of horrible ailments caused directly by this nefarious Frankenstein injection.

David Mule, the little vampire that he is, will not respond to Count Dracula’s repeated phone calls begging for the timely, no questions asked, return of ‘The Adams Family” TV wardrobe of the 19dark, morbid, mortician like suits and ties, he stole the entire wardrobe, and they want it back God Dammit!

Yes, ‘ole David Muir, from ABC’s “World News” Tonight has a new toy on this dreadful ‘news’ show every night at 6:30, eastern, 666, if you are paying attention, great insight if one has the EYE to SEA, yes, he now displays what looks to be one of those charity thermometers that indicate the percentage of dopes who have gotten ‘the jab’, and it’s disappointing the Elite that it’s only at 13%!

‘We want all Americans vaccinated by July!”

“Happy July 4th Everybody!”

Hey where is everybody?

A cute little goal oriented ‘carrot’ so we can all feel and ‘be safe’ by getting ‘vaccinated’, ‘…don’t be selfish’ (credit: Queen of England), thus, if we are ‘patriotic’ to a corrupt, bankrupt, rotten corporation posing as a Republic, according to infamous, immunologist, Cardinal sin and Arch criminal Father Anthony Fauci,

“…we will attain ‘herd’ ‘immunity’ for a virus that has NEVER BEEN ISOLATED by July when we have over 400 billion doses, indeed, lethally injected to protect you and yours from,

a pandemic that never was…”

W.H.O. fucking RAY!

While David, Tony, Bill and all the other accomplices in this mass genocidal experiment ‘think’ they are going to get away with this, I will simply point to “The Book of Revelation”. But, then again, they, unlike the IGNORANT sheep of this world, KNOW the Bible and everything in it being true, knowing that their ‘time’ is short…

So take heart good people of the world!

The LIGHT already WON.

The devil may be ‘in charge now’, but believe you me, there’s a reckoning a comin’.

“There is nothing new under the sun.”

“Maybe this is the cam before the storm.”

“…what storm Mr. President?”

:”You’ll find out.”

(credit: 45th U.S. President Donald J. Trump)

“…send lawyers, guns and money, cause the $hit has hit the fan!”

(credit: Warren Zevon)


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